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Dolph Ziggler tweets at The Rock, John Cena: Old-School Comedy

WWE's Dolph Ziggler tweets @therock and @johncena. What did The Show Off have to say? Find out, right here!


Tonight (Mon., Jan. 7) The Rock returns to Monday Night Raw. And WWE's Show Off has been tweeting his best Rodney Dangerfield impressions this afternoon. Guess who was the object of his Comedy Roast via tweets?

None other than The People's Champion, oh and SuperCena, too:

(tweet tweet - 1)

(tweet tweet - 2)

(tweet tweet - 3)

(tweet tweet - 4)

Any guesses as to how, or if, any of this stand up routine of Dolph's will play into the WWE storyline in the near future? And, if not tonight on Raw; then perhaps sometime on the road to WrestleMania?

What do you think, Cagesiders? Post all your best theories in the comments. Get on it!

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