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WWE working on big surprise returns for 20th Anniversary of Monday Night Raw on Jan. 14

WWE will celebrate its 20th Anniversary of Monday Night Raw on Jan. 14, 2013, and, not surprisingly, the company is getting in contact with some folks to come back for a surprise on the big night.

Could Stone Cold Steve Austin be one of the big surprise returns?
Could Stone Cold Steve Austin be one of the big surprise returns?
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Tonight's (Jan. 7, 2013) episode of Monday Night Raw will feature the return of The Rock and a major WWE championship match between CM Punk and Ryback. It's a big show, the first of the new year and one WWE hopes can compete with the BCS National Championship Game, even if that's a pipe dream.

However, next week's show is even more important, as it's not only the first night Raw will have no major sporting competition in months but it also marks the 20th Anniversary of the program that started all the way back in 1993. Naturally, that means the company wants all hands on deck to make it special and calls are reportedly being made for a few special returns.

The Wrestling Observer has the word:

WWE is contacting people for next week's Raw 20th anniversary show and WrestleMania. The idea for next week is besides the usuals, they want to bring in some big names that haven't been appearing at the reunion shows they've done.

The list of "big" names who haven't appeared at recent reunion shows isn't exactly long. The one that jumps off the page is Stone Cold Steve Austin, who couldn't appear at Raw 1000 in July of last year due to a knee surgery that had him on crutches. He refused to appear in that state and the show went on without him.

Now, though, he's healthy enough to come back in a much bigger capacity, if that's what everyone wants.

But who else could be showing up outside of the usual suspects? Can you Cagesiders think of any big names who aren't a part of the typical cast and crew that might be showing up for a surprise?

Let's hear 'em.

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