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Dolph Ziggler thinks three hour episodes of Monday Night Raw are good for WWE

Don't like three hour episodes of Monday Night Raw every week? Dolph Ziggler has something to tell you about that.

Shamsuddin Muhammad

Three hours is a long time to do any activity but how many of you are able to sit through an entire episode of Monday Night Raw after it made its permanent move to that length back on July 23, 2012?

The ratings say there are a number of folks who show up for the first two hours but don't last through the third. Despite that, the three hour era has its supporters and in a recent interview with NOVA FM in Australia, Dolph Ziggler talked about why it's a good thing:

"We have so many Superstars who aren't even on TV every week, or at all. We have so many great guys that we have that are fighting for 30 seconds on TV or to be in a backstage shot for a couple of seconds. I think with three hours, it's going to be that much better to start establishing new Superstars... I think in the long run, that's a much better idea for WWE so you can start having kids relate to different characters."

Ziggler was also asked if it's harder to keep the audience engaged for the entire show:

"I don't think so. If you're good at what you do, they're going to enjoy it no matter what. Whether I'm in the first segment or the last segment, or the middle - wherever I am in the show - I really want the spotlight, I want to steal the show, I want to be the main event. And, you make it a point to do that. But, it depends. It is a longer show for the crowd - I'm not going to pretend it's not an extra hour of wrestling for the crowd. That's a lot. But, if you make it entertaining, if you make it good, it's going to blow by."

All of that makes sense and all but the cumulative effect may be the most damaging. It's not just that one episode is three hours, it's that every episode is three hours and after six months of it, it's easy to get worn.

Cagesiders, do you agree with Ziggler or think the three hour era needs to end?

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