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WWE Hall of Fame 2013: Trish Stratus latest inductee named on Monday Night Raw

Quite possibly the greatest woman to ever come through the world of professional wrestling, Trish Stratus, has been announced by WWE as the latest inductee into the Hall of Fame class 2013 on tonight's (Jan. 28) episode of Monday Night Raw.


During last night's (Jan. 28, 2013) episode of Monday Night Raw in Las Vegas, WWE announced the latest inductee into the Hall of Fame class 2013.

None other than Trish Stratus, quite possibly the greatest and most successful "Diva" of all time. From the article on her pending induction:

One of the ring's most beautiful women and among the more iconic Divas of The Attitude Era, Trish paved a trailblazing career throughout WWE's most cutthroat period, working her way up the ranks from a manager to a seven-time Women's Champion (and one-time Hardcore Champion to boot). After pre-ring success as a fitness model, Trish debuted in WWE as the manager of Superstars such as Test, Albert and Val Venis. She soon broke through as a singles competitor in 2001, though, when she won her first Women's Championship in a Six-Pack Challenge at Survivor Series. For the following five years, Trish would continue her streak of in-ring dominance until Unforgiven 2006, when she defeated Lita in her final match to claim the Women's Title a final time.

Trish joins Mick Foley and Bob Backlund for what is shaping up to be a class full of incredible performers who may not have ever been as appreciated as they should have been during their time.

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