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The Rock vs. CM Punk match preview video at Royal Rumble sells better than Raw go home show

Although the interactions between the two have left a little something to be desired leading into their match at Royal Rumble on Jan. 27 in Phoenix, this promo for The Rock vs. CM Punk should get you sufficiently hyped.

The Rock returned to WWE on the Jan. 7, 2013, episode of Monday Night Raw, the first of the new year. That meant he and WWE Champion CM Punk had three editions of the flagship show to sell fans on their pending title match at the Royal Rumble pay-per-view this coming Sun., Jan. 27 in Phoenix, Arizona.

It started relatively strong with a few good one-liners, notably Punk's "box with god" line, but it seemed to fizzle a bit. That's likely because it became nearly impossible for the program to live up to the absurd expectations placed on it by the WWE fan base at large.

Still, the last few weeks have led to enough goodies for the WWE production team to come up with yet another amazing promo video to preview the match. And while the past three weeks may have fallen a bit flat, this should get you sufficiently hyped for what will be one of the biggest matches of the entire year.

Check this out:

That ain't not bad, folks.

Now we wait for the Rumble, just days away, to see if Rock will win the title like he said he would, or if Punk will continue his now historic reign in the modern era. Answering that question alone is intriguing enough to want to pay to see it.


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