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WWE Royal Rumble 2013: Updated list of confirmed entrants

Here's your updated list of confirmed entrants in this year's Royal Rumble match this Sun., Jan. 27, 2013, in Phoenix, Arizona, following the go home episode of Monday Night Raw.


Heading into last night's (Jan. 21, 2013) episode of Monday Night Raw, there were nine confirmed entrants into the Royal Rumble match, set to take place this coming Sunday night at the US Airways Center in Phoenix, Arizona.

But if you thought we would get much more than that last night, you would be wrong ... kind of.

WWE went the confusing route and seemed to throw everyone into the match. Ryback confirmed he was in and The Miz did as well, through his participation in the "Beat the Clock" challenge. Beyond that, though, it's hard to tell who else is in who isn't listed on

In the closing segment, the Prime Time Players and Team Hell No got mic time claiming they will win before a huge melee ensued that included the likes of The Rhodes Scholars, Brodus Clay, Great Khali, Alex Riley, Curt Hawkins, The Usos, Michael McGillicutty, Justin Gabriel, Primo, Epico, JTG, and Kofi Kingston.

Those are all unconfirmed names. Here are those who are confirmed:

- John Cena
- Sheamus
- Randy Orton
- Dolph Ziggler
- Heath Slater
- Jinder Mahal
- Drew McIntyre
- Antonio Cesaro
- Wade Barrett
- Ryback
- The Miz

If every wrestler who entered the ring last night at the end of the show as the preview to the Rumble itself is going to enter the match, that would bring the total up to 29. I'm assuming I'm either missing one guy and WWE just wanted to get to 30 names to make it like the actual Rumble match or those are all the legit names entering and they held back one for a big surprise.

With WWE, you can never know.

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