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Bob Backlund to be inducted into WWE Hall of Fame 2013 class

Bob Backlund has officially been announced as the next wrestler to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame 2013 class on tonight's (Jan. 21, 2013) episode of Monday Night Raw.

Mick Foley has some company in the WWE Hall of Fame class of 2013.

As announced on tonight's (Jan. 21, 2013) episode of Monday Night Raw, Bob Backlund will be inducted at this year's ceremony to be held on April 6 at Madison Square Garden in New York the night before WrestleMania 29.

This one has been a long time coming but Backlund had always said he didn't want to be inducted until he felt like he was truly retired from the industry. Either he softened his stance or he's legitimately done wrestling. Either way, he absolutely deserves this spot.

Backlund was champion for six years from 1978 to 1983, where he first won the title at the Garden. There is a week long absence in there but that's surrounded by controversy and not usually recognized by WWE. Outside of Bruno Sammartino, no one was champion for as many consecutive days and only Sammartino and Hulk Hogan held it for as many days combined.

What's more, after leaving the business from 1984 to 1992, he returned and completely reinvented himself as a crazed maniac who would slap on his crossface chickenwing and annihilate his opponents before coming to and getting upset about it. He played the part brilliantly and gave himself every credential he needed to earn this distinction.

The Hall of Fame class 2013 now consists of Mick Foley and Bob Backlund. Not bad, eh?

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