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Video: Emotional Eve Torres says thank you and goodbye to WWE

Eve Torres releases a video message of her own, apart from WWE, to say thank you and goodbye after her five year run with the company before she moves on to future endeavors.

We saw the video of her kayfabe quitting WWE and got her final on-screen words there. This after losing the Divas championship to Kaitlyn on the 20th Anniversary edition of Monday Night Raw last night in Houston, Texas. Now, it's time to watch Eve Torres deliver one final message of thanks and a fond farewell as she leaves the pro wrestling business, seemingly for good.

From the above video:

"Hey everyone. It is Jan. 14, 2013, and today was my last match in the WWE. I really just wanted a way to be able to send a message to all the people who have supported me over the years, who I call my Believers, and I just thought this was the best way to do. I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for being there from the beginning, for watching me grow from somebody who had no idea what I was doing to eventually becoming a three time Divas champion. But because of people like you, I got to learn the true value of having fun and the value of entertainment and you really helped me accomplish things that I never thought I could do in a million years. So I guess you helped teach me the value of really believing in yourself. And I just really want to thank you for that.

"Of course, I am such a sap and I'm getting emotional.

"Just know that I've had some of the most amazing years of my life in the WWE and I'm so glad I got to share those moments with you. And really now it's just time for me to apply all the things that I've learned, all the lessons that I've learned, the skills that I've acquired, and just apply them in a different area of my life.

"So it won't be the last you see of me but I really just wanted to, from the bottom of my heart, be able to thank you for your support."

So long, Eve Torres.

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