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Video: Eve quits WWE at Monday Night Raw last night (Jan. 14) in Houston

Here's the video of Eve Torres kayfabe quitting WWE at Monday Night Raw last night (Jan. 14, 2013) in Houston, Texas, after losing the Diva's title to Kaitlyn.

It appears we may very well have seen the last of Eve Torres, one of the few remaining women who are actually over, relatively speaking, on the WWE roster.

She quit the company at Monday Night Raw in Houston, Texas, just last night (Jan. 14, 2013) at the 20th Anniversary show in a WWE App exclusive. The video of her doing so has since been released and you can watch it above.

Her final words (for now):

"This is completely unfair. Booker can not add a stipulation last minute like this. He needs to be removed from his position as SmackDown General Manager. I knew it this whole time, it's completely unfair.
"What, you agree with him? With Booker? That's exactly it. This is just like when Zack Ryder was stalking me, when John Cena humiliated me, and when Kaitlyn tried to accuse me of hurting her ankle. I'm the victim here. I'm the victim. The crowd should be cheering for me. I don't need this place. I don't need you, I don't need WWE. I won a reality show, okay? That's right.

"I QUIT. Because of people like you and them!"

And so she walked out of our lives, never to return ... probably.

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