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WWE goes with clip show for Raw's 20th Anniversary over big surprise returns

Instead of surprising its fans with a bunch of big returns on the 20th Anniversary edition of Monday Night Raw, WWE chose to go with a modified clip show.

Monday Night Raw quietly celebrated its 20th anniversary last night (Jan. 14, 2013) in Houston, Texas, with a show that was hardly promoted for the milestone occasion.

Perhaps that's why it was such a disappointment.

For those of us who pay attention to the details and follow the ins and outs of the business, the backstage gossip and rumors had a few big names returning on the show for surprise appearances. That included but was not limited to retired wrestlers like Shawn Michaels and Stone Cold Steve Austin, and part timers like Undertaker, Ric Flair and Mick Foley.

In the end, only Flair and Foley returned.

It was a curious decision on WWE's part but one that makes sense in hindsight. After all, there are only so many times you can have a big blowout show and maintain that blowout status.

So the powers that be decided a modified clip show was in order. Nothing too in-your-face, nothing over the top, no old legends to take away from current storylines building to the Royal Rumble. Just a series of clips scattered throughout the show.

How did you feel about that decision?

Here are the clips shown in one playlist:

- Most outrageous gimmicks
- Best vehicular moments
- Celebrity moments
- Most memorable catchphrases
- Famous weddings

For complete results and reactions from last night's episode of Raw click here and here.

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