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WWE Raw results and live blog for Jan. 14: The 20th Anniversary Show

Complete results and the running live blog for tonight's (Jan. 14, 2013) episode of WWE Monday Night Raw, featuring the 20th Anniversary of the long running program on USA.


WWE Monday Night Raw comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (Jan. 14, 2013) from Houston, Texas, featuring yet another big milestone show.

It's the 20th Anniversary!

The Rock is all set to play another concert, CM Punk is probably going to crash it, the build to the Royal Rumble will continue and we can even expect a surprise appearance or two.

All that and more.

Come right back here at 8 p.m. ET when the Raw live blog kicks off once the show starts on USA. It will be below this line here.



Rex here and we are live.

Let's mark out with our snark out.


We start thing off with an amazing opening montage of the classic Raw openings. Definitely getting me pumped up.


Starting out with Vince McMahon in the ring. He let's us know how many people have watched Raw over the years and it's all because he is an iconic genius.

He announces we are getting Ziggler and Cena in a steel cage and a Rock concert.

Big Show has decided to interrupt the iconic genius and he is rocking a suit. Pretty good look on him actually.

Show is upset about the match he had from Smackdown.

McMahon is not happy that Show has interrupted him and called him Vince. He compliments Big Show on losing weight but turns out he just meant the WHC.

McMahon cuts to the tape of Del Rio of beating Big Show for the title on the last Smackdown.


"Mr. McMahon damnit!"

This is great.

Big Show is ranting on Booker T trying to make Del Rio a hero to latinos.

He brings up the iron clad contact. Continuity!

and now we get Ricardo Rodriguez to introduce your World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio.

Del Rio just walks out. I guess he is ditching the car thing now.

He challenges Big Show to a WHC Title Match.

Chants of Si ring out from the audience but Show flat out says no.

"Show some cohones!"

Show suggests the do the rematch at the Royal Rumble. Big Show wants to choose the battleground.

Del Rio says something in Spanish that apparently means fat jackass.

Del Rio has Ricardo pick up a bucket they were carrying. Show thinks its going to be water but its just confetti.

Show goes after Ricardo but Del Rio gets in the way and fights off the Big Show.

Big Show bails from the ring and Vince celebrates with Del Rio.

Great opening segment.


Coming back from break and we get a recap of Bob Barker hosting Raw.

Barrett is in the ring and Orton is coming out. Guess we are getting a match between the two.

Wade Barrett vs Randy Orton

Orton and Barrett with a lock but Barrett reverses and gets a few blows in the corner.

Back in the middle and Orton gets the Thesz Press and a few punches in before Barrett rolls out of the ring.

Orton takes advantage and slams Barrett's head into the announce table.

Barrett scrambles to get back into the ring and Orton is going after Barrett's leg.

Orton tosses Barrett out of the ring as we go to commercial break.

Back from break and Barrett is in control.

Working a sleeper on Orton.

Barrett with a huge kick and a near fall.

Starts to work the sleeper again.

Orton is able to counter with a back breaker to Barrett.

The two are trading punches in the middle of the ring.

Orton takes control with a couple of clotheslines and a scoop slam.

Barrett tries to make a comeback but Orton ends it with a back breaker.

Draping DDT by Orton and he is "going to his place" as Cole says.

Goes for the RKO but Barrett counters and throws Orton into the ring post.

Bull Hammer by Barrett and he gets the pinfall.

Wade Barrett wins by pinfall.


Eve walking in the back and she runs into Booker T and Teddy Long.

Booker T lets Eve know that for this match if she gets herself counted out she will be stripped of the title.

Eve is now hitting on Eve and Booker T starts to play along but he just busts out laughing at her.

Teddy starts to laugh with him and gets a slap from Eve for his trouble.


We cut to footage from earlier in the day with Hell No plotting to get one over on Dr. Shelby so they can be done with him.

Dr. Shelby enters the room now and he wants a group hug. Kane and Bryan give him the hug.

Dr. Shelby has one question for each of them.

"Daniel, what is your favorite part about Kane?"

"I like that he is tall, and I like how he can set things on fire by lowering his arms somehow, and I like that he is a great dancer."

"Kane, what is your favorite part about Daniel?"

"In the ring he is agile, I like his beard, and he isn't afraid to admit that he sometimes wears women's clothing."

Dr. Shelby brings in Rhodes Scholars to act as a trigger mechanism for their anger and Sandow corrects Shelby on the origin of the technique.

Rhodes and Sandow are now antagonizing Dr. Shelby instead of Hell No.

This is so great.

"These two would be better off receiving advice from Dr. Phil"- Sandow


Kane and Bryan take out Rhodes Scholars.

"Now that is what I call a happy place!!!!"- Kane

All three of them start a chanting YES! YES! YES!

So amazing.


Kane and Bryan make their way to the ring and we will get Kane vs Sandow when we return from break.

Back from break and Sandow is already in the ring. Cole announces that we are getting Hell No vs Rhodes Scholars at the Rumble for the tag titles.

Kane vs Damien Sandow

Kane takes early control and tries to go up top but Sandow gets to the outside.

Kane follows him out and gets him back in.

Sandow with a big kick as Kane tries to get back in the ring and takes control.

Russian Leg Sweep and Sandow hits the Elbow of Disdain.

Goes for a pin but only gets a two count.

Sandow now goes up top but gets caught in a chokeslam by Kane for the pin.

Kane wins by pinfall.

That was quick and disappointing.


Raw announces that Mick Foley is the first inductee to the WWE Hall of Fame. Even though they did it already.

Foley makes his way out to the ring.

He gets on the mic but Shield is making there way to the ring.

Shield surrounds the ring and cuts off any exits he might have.


Ryback makes his way to the ring and Shield jumps on him quickly. He starts to get the upper hand but Shield takes back control and is beating him repeatedly.

Orton hits the ring and gets beat down.

Now Sheamus hits the ring and all three of them are able to clear out Reigns and Rollins.

Ambrose eats a Shell Shock before the Shield makes their retreat.

We now get a recap of what just happened literally a minute ago.

Now we are getting a Ryback interview in the ring.

He is upset that Shield keeps interfering in his matches with Punk. He doesn't care about conspiracies, he just wants revenge.

He starts a Feed Me Shield chant.


A montage of the various comedy gimmicks over the years.



WWE Diva's Championship: Eve (c) vs Kaitlyn

Eve with a headlock on Eve but Kaitlyn reverses and takes control.

Kaitlyn tries to beat up Eve in the corner but Eve kicks her way out and delivers some ground and pound to Kaitlyn.

Goes for the pin but only gets two.

Eve kicking Kaitlyn in the corner and then sits on the top rope and puts the sleeper in on Kaitlyn.

Eve takes Kaitlyn down and slaps on a triangle choke.

Kaitlyn is able to get the rope break and goes for a roll up. Two count.

Three big clothesline from Kaitlyn and she hits inverted DDT but only gets the two count.

Eve takes control and hits a big neck breaker but only gets a two count.

Eve frustrated now and Kaitlyn hits her with a gut buster.

Eve rolls out and when Kaitlyn follows her to the ring she tossers her over the barrier.

Eve gets back in and Kaitlyn sneaks back in. Eve doesn't realize and gets hit with the spear for the three count.

Kaitlyn wins by pinfall and becomes the new Divas Champion.


Josh Matthews is backstage with Brodus Clay and he asks him about the comments Punk made about him last week. Brodus says he shucks and jives because he wants to. Throws a challenge to Punk and and then leaves.


Clay and Punk both hit the ring. Brodus is having to be held back by the ref to prevent him from attacking Punk.

CM Punk vs Brodus Clay

Clay goes after Punk but he rolls out and consults with Heyman.

Punk tries to climb back in but Clay grabs him and slams him.

Clay with some elbow drops and then whips Punk into the corner.

Punk gets a kick in and lands clothesline from the top rope.

Punk now starting to mock Clay with some dance moves in the ring.

Punk with a chin lock.

Clay fights out and hits Punk with a suplex throw and follows up with a head butt.

He goes for the splash in the corner but Punk counters.

Punk up top again and hits the flying elbow and slaps on the Anaconda Vice.

Clay taps out.

CM Punk wins by submission.

Punk starts dancing again and now he has a mic.

Punk says either Punk or the Rock are more entertaining to you and that's fine. Let's us know that we can't ignore facts though. He has been champ for over 400 days and no matter anyone's opinion, he is walking out of the Rumble with the title.

"I am the best in the world and that is a fact"


Recap of all of the vehicle related antics that have occured on Raw.


Foley on the phone in the back and the Rock interrupts his phone call.

Foley puts his hand out to shake it. Rock is indignant and gives Foley a hug instead.

Foley starts making fun of the Rock's finally schtick to get him to do it.

Foley and Rock do the "finally schtick".

Vickie interrupts the two and says that they need to shut up. She is trying to run a show here.

Rock apparently has nothing to say to Vickie.

Foley is upset that he wouldn't lay the verbal smackdown on her.

Rock asks Foley to trust him. Foley reminds Rock that he had Rock Bottomed him last year.

"No one remembers that"


Sheamus vs 3MB in an Over the Top Rope Challenge

3MB has Sheamus surronded and is wailing on him in the corner.

They try to get him over the top rope but he is able to fight his way out of it.

Sheamus is working on getting McIntyre out but Mahal and Slater make the save.

They continue to trade off kick to a downed Sheamus.

Mahal goes up top but Sheamus is able to knock him off for the elimination.

Sheamus then tosses McIntyre for the elimination.

Slater on the ropes and goes for the Brogue Kick but misses.

Mahal and McIntyre pull Sheamus down for the win.

3MB wins.

3MB celebrates in the ring but Sheamus makes his way back in and starts Brogue Kicking them all. Sheamus is the face right?


In the locker room and Matthews is interviewing Cena. Matthews asks him about the cage match but Cena says it's 20th anniversary of Raw. He says we should celebrate the past superstars and lists off nearly every main eventer in Raw's history and Braden Walker. Stops and says that was a mistake. Makes fun of his own history and then makes a Get the F Out reference. Got a few chuckles out of me.


Miz is out and says he has a special guest for Miz TV. Miz ruins the surprise by WOOOOOOing as we head into break

Back from break and Miz introduces Ric Flair. WOOOOOOOOO

Shows off his two HoF rings. Surprised he hasn't pawned them off yet.

Miz brings up some of Flair's history one Raw- Evolution, his classic matches, and musical chairs.

Miz asks him for his favorite Raw moment and Flair mentions his retirement after losing to HBK at WM.

Flair wants to talk about the future of WWE but then he starts dancing in the ring.

Now Flair and Miz are dueling wooos.

Miz then cuts to a montage of various promo moments on Raw.

The get back and Miz wants Flair to do his catch phrases but Cesaro interrupts.

Let's Miz and Flair know they are like the USA. A failed reality start a great who spent more than he earned. Cesaro says that like America, Flair was once great but is no more. Cesaro is really going to town. This is some good heel work.

Brings up the Flair bar tab stories. HA!

Miz offers to pay for Flair's tab tonight and challenges Cesaro. Cesaro says he will be the bigger man and walk away.

Flair ambushes him with chops though and Miz hits the skull crushing finally. Flair goes for the figure four but tells Miz to do it instead.

Miz locks it in while Flair takes off his jacket and elbow drops in. This is great.

Flair continues to assault his clothing while Miz struts around.

One big WOO from the two of them and we go to break.


Come back from break and we get a video of McMahon and Stone Cold.


Daniel Bryan vs Cody Rhodes

Cody Rhodes takes early control of the match.

Few big kicks and a huge slam from Rhodes.

He starts to taunt Bryan but Bryan gets him in the No Lock. Rhodes taps.

Daniel Bryan wins by submission.

Another quick and disappointing match. Why even have it?


We are now shown a video of Eve quitting WWE.


We come back from break with AJ and Big E.

AJ says her favorite moments on Raw are the romance and weddings.

She introduces clips from the Edge-Lita and HHH-Stephanie weddings.

Big E introduces his favorite wedding moment, AJ-Bryan.

AJ is about to cry because how great it was was she was made Raw GM. Now she is getting angry about losing her GM position. Ziggler comes in to comfort her.

"Cena, tonight you are going to feel the same pain you have felt inside and outside the ring"-Ziggler

He says he is going to show the world that he is just too damn good.


JR is on his way to the announce booth to call the steel cage match.

Steel Cage Match: John Cena vs Dolph Ziggler

Ziggler makes for the cage right away but Cena pulls him down.

Cena in control early and goes for the pin. One count.

Ziggler with a drop kick and goes for the cover. One count.

Ziggler kicking Cena while he is down and then tosses him into the cage.

Ziggler with a neck breaker and Rick Rude tribute. He then drops Cena with a punch.

Cena tries to sling shot Ziggler into the cage but he is able to grab hold and climb the cage.

Cena pull him down and tries to climb it himself. Ziggler catches up and they are exchanging punches on the top rope.

Cena gets dropped but he recovers and makes Ziggler fall crotch first onto the top rope as we head to break.

As we come back from break Ziggler and Cena are on to of the cage punching each other. The knock each other back into the ring.

During the break Cena was escaping but Big E prevented it by holding him feet up.

Ziggler takes control in the center of the ring and slams Cena into the ring.

Cena fights back with some punches and should blocks.

Cena hits the Five Knuckle Shuffle.

Cena tries the AA but Ziggler grabs hold of the cage and tries to climb it. Cena pulls Ziggler down by the trunks and he catch a sight of Zigglers derriere. You're welcome ladies.

Ziggler hits the super kick and tries to make his way to the door. Half way out and Cena and Big E grab hold of Ziggler in opposite directions.

Cena wins the tug of war and pulls Ziggler into the STF. Ziggler reverses into the rear naked choke.

Cena powers up and is climbing the cage with Ziggler still on him.

Cena falls off the cage they both go collapsing to the floor.

Ziggler tries to climb the cage but Cena is going for the floor. Ziggler rushes to get him but Cena kicks him off.

Cena tries to walk through the door but Big E slams the door on him and Ziggler goes for the cover. 2 count.

Ziggler goes for the door and Cena climbs over near it and kicks the door into Ziggler.

Cena has to climb back in because of Big E is trying to hit him with a chair.

Ziggler hits the Zig Zag but only gets the two count.

Ziggler scales the cage but Cena catches up and throws him back down.

Cena on the turnbuckle and Ziggler jumps to him and hits a huge DDT. Two count.

AJ starts to destroy the announce table and now she is scaling the cage to get in.

Big E enters through the door with the briefcase but gets hit by Cena. Ziggler picks up the case and swings at Cena but ends up hitting Big E.

Cena with the AA and the pin while AJ is screaming on top of the cage.

Cena wins by pinfall.


Rock comes out for his concert.

He is regalling us with his story of coming out for his first Raw. They show a picture of it with his terrible outfit. He is making fun of himself and how far he has come now.

He starts singing and swerves us thinking it's about a diva, but its Paul Heyman. Floppy breast and little penis jokes. Ugh.....

Points out that Dusty Hill is the audience.

Rock's favorite curve on a woman is her smile.

He brings out Vickie to sing about her. This isn't going to be absolutely stupid. Prove me wrong.

Starts with a Clapton tune but changes it to "Yes Biaatch, you look horrible tonight"

Now she dresses like a hooker, but not the expensive kind. Keeps repeating his biaatch line.

"Houston, Texas that is one horrible looking biaatch"

Rock is calling out CM Punk now.

After a minute or so Punk and Heyman finally strolls out without his music.

Heyman hands Punk the belt to hoist over his head.

Rock wants to let Punk know that he isn't God and that he will beat him at the Rumble.

Punk runs to the ring and Rock meets him half way. They are brawling near the barrier now and the regs are trying to break them apart.

The refs get them apart twice but they break free each time and continue brawling.

They finally get them apart permanently with the help of ARN ANDERSON!

Fade to black.

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