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WWE plays up CM Punk vs. Ric Flair storyline in advance of Raw's 20th Anniversary

It's expected that a confrontation between CM Punk and Ric Flair will occur on the 20th Anniversary edition of Monday Night Raw next week and a recent article from WWE is playing up the storyline issues between the two.

Recent reports have stated a confrontation between WWE Champion CM Punk and Hall of Famer Ric Flair is going to go down this coming Monday night (Jan. 14, 2013) on 20th Anniversary edition of Monday Night Raw. It likely won't be a match but at the very least, the two will exchange promos.

Allow to play up the rivalry:

And as it turns out, "Naitch" might have a "pipe bomb" or two of his own left in the tank despite the champion's critical assumptions; he concluded the interview not with an anecdote or a platitude, but a personal message to CM Punk himself.

"Like I said, if you like me or don't like me, learn to love it baby, because it is the best thing going today. And that's the quote I'll drop on him [down the line] if I see him. WOO!!!"

That's in response to Punk's promo this past week referring to Flair as a "182-year-old man" who claims to have only wrestled for all the fans instead of himself. As the babyface, "The Nature Boy" has to respond accordingly and it's likely to lead to another promo where the so-called "WWE Universe" is the focus.

Am I the only one getting a little tired of that angle?

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