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John Cena is an awful, awful character

No, really, John Cena is just awful and the episode of Monday Night Raw that aired just last night (Dec. 31, 2012) on New Year's Eve illustrated that perfectly.

If WWE has made one thing clear before closing out 2012, it's that John Cena lives in a different world than the rest of us. A world where it's entirely acceptable to deliver a message of hustle, loyalty, and respect as the leader of the WWE "Be a Star" campaign against bullies while also being a bully himself.

It's totally cool in John Cena's world to rip someone's clothes off in the middle of a crowded arena and cover them in barbecue sauce. If said person isn't even a wrestler but instead a lowly announcer who can barely defend himself, that's even better.

It's also totally cool to dump shit on people. I don't use the term "shit" in the place of another word here. I mean it literally. He literally dumped shit all over Dolph Ziggler and AJ Lee on Monday Night Raw last night.

The video:

This is John Cena's world. It's totally acceptable for him to do something like that and get cheered for it without anyone bothering to think about what it would take for something like this to actually happen.

Because how the hell did that much shit get above the ring in exactly the right spot to fall all over Ziggler and AJ at precisely the time John Cena wanted?

He had to know that the happy couple would be having a toast wearing all white and once he was informed of this information he then would have had to go about the process of finding an amount of shit I'm almost uncomfortable discussing to actually put above the ring. He would also have to find someone to put it above said ring and leave it hanging there suspended waiting until just the right moment for him to cue it up so someone could drop it on Ziggler and AJ.

That's an awful lot of planning and execution JUST TO DROP SHIT ON TWO PEOPLE WHO WERE TOASTING THE NEW YEAR.

John Cena is an awful, awful character.

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