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WWE promoting big returns for the 20th Anniversary of Monday Night Raw on Jan. 14

Monday Night Raw's 20 year anniversary is coming up on Jan. 14, 2013, and WWE is promoting big returns for the show. But why did they wait until it was two weeks away to do so?

It was a curious thing to see WWE coming up on a historic show, the 20th Anniversary of Monday Night Raw on Jan. 14, 2013, and not give any attention to it for months on end. That may or may not have been because Raw 1000 was just this past July and the company pulled out all the stops for that night.

But, with just two weeks remaining, advertisements are finally coming out promoting big returns from superstars of times gone by. From the promo that aired on Raw just last night, which is also embedded below:

"A television event 20 years in the making. Superstars from two decades of television's longest running weekly show are coming home for the 20th Anniversary of Raw celebration."

It's interesting that The Rock is currently scheduled to work every television date on the WWE calendar in the month of January except this show. Obviously, that could change in a hurry but the company may feel it has enough firepower to get through without using him.

As for who to expect to show up, there are endless "Legends" under a contract of the same name that allows WWE to bring them back and waltz them out when need be and this is the exact time to do that. Expect something similar to those who were beating up Heath Slater leading up to Raw 1000.

If you could pick one wrestler to return for a special surprise on that night, though, who would it be?

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