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John Cena teases winning Money in the Bank contract from Dolph Ziggler and cashing in to win world heavyweight title

Now that John Cena has been placed in a match against Dolph Ziggler at TLC with the latter's Money in the Bank contract on the line, questions have come up over what will happen if Cena wins. He might have given the answer in a kayfabe interview with

J. Meric

Now that John Cena's match against Dolph Ziggler at the TLC pay-per-view (PPV) on Dec. 16, 2012, in Brooklyn, New York, has been given the added stipulation of being a ladder match with Ziggler's Money in the Briefcase hanging in the balance, there are obvious questions that need answering.

After all, if plans are still in place for Cena to challenge The Rock for the WWE title at WrestleMania 29 next year, would his victory at TLC open the door for some loophole that allows him to cash in the briefcase for a WWE championship match instead of a world heavyweight title match? Or would he cash it in on the world title holder?

His answer comes in a kayfabe interview with after last night's episode of Monday Night Raw:

"I actually have a match with Dolph Ziggler at TLC, but not just any match, a ladder match. And what hangs in the balance? The most-prized possession on a would-be champion in this business. You don't think I think every single day that I'm the only guy who cashed in that suitcase and lost? I'm going to do everything I can to get that suitcase in my clutches again, especially because as it stands, Big Show is the world heavyweight champion. I saw Sheamus's toughness tonight, but if I get the briefcase, I can go on and challenge Big Show and I can become the world heavyweight champion."

That doesn't mean that's the route WWE would take, but at least it opens it up as a possibility. Naturally, if this is the route they take, it's only going to lead to further speculation regarding his WrestleMania status next year. Would they do the match against The Rock and make it a title unification match? Would he even be working with Rock again at all? Would he become primarily a SmackDown wrestler?

These are all intriguing questions and ones we won't know the answer to until his match against Ziggler at TLC. Hell, it's entirely possible he loses that match.

What's your best guess as to what WWE will do, Cagesiders?

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