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WWE Raw spoilers for Dec. 31: It's New Year's Eve!

Because "Monday Night Raw" next week falls on New Year's Eve, WWE taped the show last night in Washington D.C. and we've got complete spoilers inside.

It's the holiday season and that means plenty of taped episodes of Monday Night Raw from WWE. By plenty, I mean two: the Christmas Eve show and the New Year's Eve show that will air tomorrow night (Dec. 31, 2012) but was taped last night at the Verizon Center in Washington D.C.

That means we've got full spoilers for you (via Wrestling Observer):

--We kick off with a Miz TV spot. Champions select their opponents in the Champions' Choice tonight. Cena is the guest, being that he is a ten-time world champ.

-- Miz reveals that a New Year's toast is planned to take place between AJ, Dolph, and Cena, despite Cena stating that "it's over", in regards to Miss Lee. Then Cena and Miz go up against Team Rhodes Scholars, this after Cena attempts and fails to knock the Scholars down a notch.

-- Cena pins Sandow after an Attitude Adjustment, so Cena and Miz def Rhodes and Sandow. Cena actually got over with the crowd, as well as Miz here, stranger things have been known to happen.

-- Cesaro is next, bragging about trips to the Lincoln Memorial, the Washington Memorial (which may be closed for repairs), and the Pentagon -- "things he is all champions of". He then claims he ran into Sgt. Slaughter at the Pentagon, who gets a big pop from the crowd when coming out.

-- US Title: US Champion Antonio Cesaro then pinned Sgt. Slaughter with his 'face-first piledriver' and another after the match for good measure.

-- Kane and Bryan wanted The Shield as opponents, but instead, they got 3MB. WWE Tag Title: Hell No downed Slater, Bryan pinned McIntyre, Kane hit a chokeslam, Bryan delivered a Harley Race-like top rope head butt to Slater.

-- Punk hobbles out on crutches, (big crowd pop), he's accompanied by Heyman and a "suit" (allegedly Punk's doctor). The doctor is showing pictures of knees, including Punk's, to illustrate Punk's serious injury.

-- Punk claims despite the injury, he'll defend against Ryback next week. Punk's doctor counters, stating he's not released to compete. Vince comes out and states WWE officials will evaluate his condition next week, and if cleared by them, he'll face Ryback in a TLC match. He goes on to state that the investigation into Punk's relationship with Brad Maddox and The Shield remains ongoing. Heyman calls Vince a "flesh peddling promoter" (no irony lost that this was being said in the city where Vince Sr. started promoting sports entertainment). Vince's response, "If Punk can't go next week, then [Heyman] must compete in Punk's place!"

-- Ziggler, shadowed as per usual lately by AJ and Big E is up next. Dolph and Sheamus' match was none too brief, at one point a Big E-Sheamus confrontation was teased. It all ended abruptly with The Shield once again interfering with an on Sheamus this time, incapacitating him with a triple powerbomb.

-- In other action: Kofi and Wade Barrett will wrestle later. Heyman throws Maddox out of Punk's locker room. Eve says she challenged Mae Young, who is not here, so she should win by forfeit. Kaitlyn counters by giving her a short brawl. World Title: Big Show def Rodriguez by DQ courtesy interference from ADR. IC Title: Barrett pinned Kingston to win the IC Championship after Kingston missed a flying body press, and Barrett used his elbow finisher.

-- 3-on-1 match: Ryback vs. The Shield never started because The Shield attacked Ryback resulting in Sheamus failing to make the save, not for lack of trying. Randy Orton made the save instead, to a HUGE pop. Ambrose was laid out by an RKO. The Shield retreated.

-- The last Raw before Mania on April Fool's day will feature The Rock returning to The District.

-- Dolph, AJ and Big E appear for the big New Year's toast: Dolph in a white tux, AJ in a white dress, Big E in his wrestling gear. Dolph complains Cena receives too much attention, belittles Cena for losing to The Rock, getting thrashed by Brock, etcetera, then points out he defeated Cena as well. Dolph has dis-invited Cena, and asks Big E to stand guard. AJ toasts Dolph. Dolph kisses AJ, and out comes Cena.

-- Cena says Dolph was right, 2012 was not a great year, then he proceeds to show "funny pics" of what an AJ-Dolph wedding might look like and what their kids might look like. Cena cuts a promo on Dolph about his WWE under-achievements, then states he's entering the Royal Rumble, and in 2013, he will be the WWE Champion. Cena also says he'll toast to the one thing Dolph and AJ are full of -- and (fake) manure comes out of the rafters onto Dolph and AJ, ruining their white dress clothes. Shenanigans all around. We're out.

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