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WWE Raw results and live blog for Dec. 3: The Shield of Justice

Complete results and the running live blog for tonight's (Dec. 3, 2012) episode of WWE Monday Night Raw, featuring the continued justice of The Shield.

WWE Monday Night Raw comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (Dec. 3, 2012) from the Greensboro Coliseum in Greensboro, North Carolina, featuring The Shield.

I say that because WWE has put on a full court press featuring Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, and Roman Reigns, the three men within said group. They're up to something more this week but what that is we do not know.


Plus, John Cena and AJ Lee continue their love affair while CM Punk continues to get ready for Ryback at TLC, which is just two weeks away now.

All that and more.

Come right back here at 8 p.m. ET when the Raw live blog kicks off once the show starts on USA. It will be below this line here.



Nolan in.

Recap of last week and preview of tonight's action.

Broadcast is live.

Team Hell No enters and there will be tag team action.


Team Hell No vs. The Prime Time Players

The Shield stands in the crowd, near the top of a section.

Kane says that if they are all about fighting injustice, Kane will give them something to fight about if they come to the ring.

The group simply stands and stares.

Titus O'Neil starts with Kane.

Titus works Kane with strikes and pushes him into his corner. Kane breaks out and starts punching Titus and Darren. Kane with a clothesline that sends Titus outside.

Bryan staring down Dean Ambrose and Michael Cole calls him "Daniel Ambruse."


Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins are not standing next to him and everyone is left wondering where they are.

Anyway, we are back in the ring and Kane has a nearfall on Darren Young.

Kane stomping him in the corner and choking him with his boot. Young on the apron and Kane with a wristlock over the top rope. Uppercut to Young. Kane brings him inside and locks in an arm wrench. Kane stomping on the arm. Kane again puts in the arm wrench and tags out to Bryan.

Bryan with a double axhandle to the wrenched arm. A roundhouse kick to the back earns Daniel Bryan a nearfall.

Roman Reigns is shown elsewhere in the crowd. Ambrose remains in the skybox.

Kane is in and misses a senton splash on Young. Young kicking the ribs of Kane. Punches and knees follow. Young works him into his corner and tags in Titus.

Titus unloading with forearms and punches.

Young tags back in.

The Shield is apparently closing in on the ring.

Bryan is tagged in and hits a running knee from the apron to knock down Young.

And The Shield moving down the steps.

Everyone is distracted as we break.

Back and Titus in with Kane. Titus gets a nearfall after a clothesline.

The Shield even closer to the ring, now near the arena floor.

Titus has a submission in on Kane and Kane fights out. Titus going for a suplex, but Kane blocks and reverses into one of his own.

Bryan brought in and he gets a clothesline on Titus. Bryan with the running dropkick to Titus in the corner. Bryan with a nearfall.

Bryan tries a rollup, but runs into an elbow from Titus.

Young in and gets a clothesline. Elbow drops follow by Young. Leg drop and Young earns a nearfall on Daniel Bryan.

Young with a side suplex attempt, but Bryan puts in the "NO!" Lock. Titus breaks it up and Kane comes to take care of it.

Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns are by the barricade.

Young rolls up Bryan, but Bryan rolls through.

Bryan takes home the win.

And Reigns and Ambrose go after Kane.

Rollins goes after Bryan in the ring.

Reigns and Ambrose kicking Kane's leg against the steel steps after wearing him down.

Ambrose goes in to help Rollins, but Bryan handles both. Reigns obliterates Bryan with a clothesline and the group starts putting the boots to Bryan. The men hoist Bryan on their shoulders and they get their trademark slam to put Bryan down.

The group departs through the crowd.

Kane climbs to the ring to check on his partner.


Sheamus and John Cena backstage telling awful jokes to each other.


Sheamus thanks Cena for showing up on SmackDown. Sheamus gets all overexcited with Irish references and Cena cuts him off. He says they need to focus on Ziggler and Big Show in their tag team match.

Sheamus says what he will do to Big Show tonight will translate in any language.


AJ Lee in action next.


AJ Lee vs. Tamina Snuka

AJ Lee continually diving at Tamina. Tamina tossing her like a rag doll and presses her into the corner. AJ kicks her away and goes up top, but Tamina gets the toss from the top. Tamina kicking the body of AJ. Tamina with a knee to the back for a nearfall.

Tamina tosses AJ into the corner and puts AJ up top. Tamina puts AJ over her shoulder on her back and squeezes. AJ gets out after looking like a rag doll. Spinning kick to the knee and AJ goes off the ropes, but Tamina knocks her down with ease for a nearfall.

Axhandle to the back of AJ. Tamina sends AJ into the corner and tosses her around. Tamina with the jumping headbutt to AJ. Tamina drags AJ to the middle of the ring and briskly walks to the corner for the Superfly Splash.

AJ with the sneaky rollup and she gets the upset!


CM Punk enters with Paul Heyman.

We'll see what he has to say after the break.


Heyman with the mic.

He says that he wants to break tradition and says he saw his kids reading the revised edition of the WWE Encyclopedia. Heyman says that he isn't a fan of this for your holiday gift list, as it doesn't have nearly enough about CM Punk.

Heyman says that tomorrow night, CM Punk will surpass John Cena as the longest reigning WWE Champion in the modern era. Heyman says that Punk is the longest reigning champion in 25 years. Heyman says that there is no question that CM Punk should be front and center on WWE's Mount Rushmore.

Punk says that he still stands here unfairly persecuted. Punk says that he is the best in the world and that isn't just a slogan on the back of a t-shirt. He says that he is above the Hogans, Rocks, Cenas, and Austins of the worlds. Punk calls the people ignorant for not recognizing it. Punk says he has defeated Ryback and Cena and has no clue why he has to face Ryback at TLC in a tables, ladders, and chairs match.

Punk says that it is all because of the fans turning their backs on him. He says that these people are upset that people cannot justify why their heroes can't beat him. Punk says that Heyman, Maddox, and The Shield have all been credited with him still being champion. Punk says it is a lie and the truth is that if it wasn't for him, none of them would be here today. He is the reason they bought the tickets and he is the reason they tune in. Punk says that he is the only thing they have to look forward to on these dismal three-hour Raws.

He's right.

Punk says that he is the hottest thing going and that if you can't accept that, go ahead and turn the channel and leave the arena.

Miz comes out and asks, "really?" Miz says that no one believes Punk and that they all know the truth. Punk asks who he thinks he is. Miz says that he is the guy who cheated, scammed, and did all things possible to keep his title, but he has the guts to admit. Miz says everyone knows Maddox and The Shield are behind Punk.

Punk says that if Mike has a problem, he can come down to get KO'd by Punk.

Miz says they can wrestle anytime, but he wants to invite him to Miz TV to prove his innocence by taking a lie detector test. Miz says the police department has given him all the equipment and permission needed.

Heyman says that Miz has to be kidding.

Miz says that Paul Heyman is a walrus and that if he wanted him to talk, he'd throw him a fish. Punk and Heyman get offended, but Miz says that he is giving him the opportunity to cement his legacy and erase the asterisk.

Punk gets frustrated and finally agrees to take the "stupid little test" to prove to everyone that he is the best in the world.


John Cena and Sheamus vs. Big Show and Dolph Ziggler

Ziggler starts with Sheamus. Ziggler gets the back, but Sheamus elbows out. Side headlock takeover by Sheamus. Ziggler up, but Sheamus with a shoulder tackle. Ziggler ducks and leapfrogs Sheamus to land a dropkick. Side headlock in for Ziggler, but Sheamus puts him into the ropes and hits an elbow.

Cena in and the double team elbow gets Cena the nearfall.

Cena with a sleeper in. Ziggler turns it into a keylock and then gets a side headlock. Cena gets out and lands a hip toss for an armbar. Cena tries to turn it into an arm wrench, but Ziggler punches out and tags in Big Show/

Show stalking Cena. Lockup and Show tosses him to the mat. Cena ducks under a lockup and gets some strikes. Cena off the ropes, but his shoulder tackle just bumps him off Show. Show choking Cena with his boot. Show has Cena cornered and lands the hard chop to the chest. In another corner, Show lands a headbutt. Another hard chop sends Cena down. Show puts Cena in his corner and tries a chop, but Cena ducks under and tries to slam Show. Show falls on top of him for a nearfall.

Ziggler tags in and lands elbow drop after elbow drop. Jumping elbow drop gets Ziggler a nearfall.

Cena struggling to his feet and Ziggler stalking. Ziggler goes for a splash in the corner, but he eats the turnbuckle hard. Both men down and looking for tags.

Show and Sheamus in. Sheamus with body shots and strikes to the head. Shoulder bumps into the corner. Sheamus gets the axhandle to knock Show down. Sheamus goes up top for the battering ram, but Show leaps up into a spear that obliterates Sheamus.

Both men down as we break.

Show knocks Sheamus down as we return. Show clubbing Sheamus down. Sheamus fighting back with body shots. Show goes off the ropes with a huge kick. Sheamus bleeding on the bridge of his nose. Show steps on him en route to tagging Ziggler.

Ziggler gets between Cena and Sheamus and hits a dropkick for a nearfall.

Ziggler locks in the sleeper. Sheamus is able to get up and power out with an Irish Curse. Ziggler trying to hold Sheamus back.

Sheamus gets Cena in. Cena knocks down Big Show and gets the shoulder blocks on Ziggler. Side slam and he has Ziggler up for the AA. Show comes in with a sidekick to the knee. Sheamus in and tries a Brogue Kick, but Show catches him a Chokeslam. Sheamus gets out and picks Show up for White Noise.

AA for Ziggler and White Noise for Big Show.

Cena gets the pin for the win!

The Super Twins celebrate.


Recap of the Miz/Punk confrontation.


Ms. Piggy and Flo Rida spot to hype "Tribute to the Troops."

Yep. No words.


Damien Sandow here.

He begs our indulgence and tells us that his attempts to help us have been futile. However, he promises to not give up on us. He wants to find another apprentice and selects a crowd to join him.

Three questions.

"H20 is the chemical formula to what?" "Water."

"Who was the first POTUS?" "George Washington."

"What famed English poet wrote, 'Much have I traveled in the land of gold?'" "Seriously?" "I couldn't be more serious."

The fan gets it wrong and Sandow tells him that it is John Keats. He tells the fan that he has won the idiot of the day award and drops us a quote; "Ignorance is curable, but stupid is forever."

Sandow admonishes the fan and tells him that we are welcome.

Enter Santino.

He says that he is going to ask Sandow a question. He tries to ask, "how many seashells does she sell by the seashore?" Sandow says that he is on the quest for a apprentice and he doesn't know why Santino wants to know about crustaceans. However, he notes that the bivalve is the most common seashell.

Santino tells him he is wrong and the answer is the "conch" shell. Sandow levels him and Santino gets up.

Match will be next.


Damien Sandow vs. Santino Marella

Match joined in progress and Santino does his power walk into a jackknife cover for a nearfall.

Sandow clocks him with a clothesline and starts choking him with his knee. Sandow with the knees to the chest and rubs Santino's face in the mat. Russian leg sweep and the Elbow of Disdain for a nearfall.

Sandow going for a suplex, but Santino with a rollup for a nearfall.

Santino with the punches and he hits the hip toss. Cobra time.

Sandow ducks out of the ring and Santino follows. He gets back inside and beats Santino on the apron. Santino gets a hangman's neckbreaker and goes up top for a headbutt. Sandow scoots away and we know what comes next.

Terminus and Sandow is your winner.


Ziggler talking to Vickie Guerrero backstage.

Ziggler says that Big Show is the worst tag partner and that he doesn't deserve to be in tag matches. Vickie says that she is loosing faith. Ziggler wants a match with Cena at TLC, and Vickie grants him the wish.

Ziggler tries to hug Vickie, but she doesn't want to get in trouble. Ziggler tells Vickie that someone is in her office.

Vickie enters and Brad Maddox is using some chapstick. She asks what he could possibly be doing here, but he tells her that he is just there to make sure no one forgets his name.


We are back and Vickie wants to know why he deserves a WWE contract.

Maddox tells her that she is one of the most powerful and influential women in the history of WWE. He says that she has an eye for talent. Maddox says that he turns good TV to great TV and that he is a Youtube sensation.

Vickie agrees to the match.


Alberto Del Rio vs. Sin Cara

Lockup and Del Rio puts Sin Cara in the corner. Back to the middle and a leg kick by ADR to knock Sin Cara down. Stomps and a bodyslam get ADR a nearfall.

ADR charges Sin Cara, but Sin Cara gets two arm drags and gets the armbar. Del Rio puts him in the corner and lands a sidekick to the face. ADR tries to send Sin Cara into the ropes, but he springboards into an arm drag. Sin Cara gets another arm drag from the top rope for a nearfall.

Sin Cara unloading with roundhouses to get another nearfall.

ADR turns the tide and puts Sin Cara down on the second rope. Kick to the ribs. ADR locks Sin Cara up for a suplex and nails it for a nearfall.

ADR locks in the sleeper and Sin Cara fights out. ADR tosses him by his head to the mat. ADR locks in a kimura over the second rope. ADR sends Sin Cara into the ropes, but Sin Cara comes back with a dropkick. Back bodydrop to the apron by ADR. Sin Cara hangs on and ADR charges, only to get tangled in the ropes. Sin Cara with a kick to the face. Headscissors takeover into the barricade by Sin Cara.

Sin Cara in control as we break.

Sin Cara with an armbar in. ADR gets out, but Sin Cara with a hurricanrana for a nearfall.

ADR moves to the outside. Sin Cara with a boot to the head as ADR is near the announce table.

ADR inside and Sin Cara going for a move from the apron. ADR pushes him outside as he goes airborne.

ADR follows him outside and rag dolls him into the barricade.

Back inside and ADR gets the nearfall.

Del Rio with a stomp to the back. He locks in a chinlock and Sin Cara gets out. Del Rio gets the back and lands a German suplex for a bridged nearfall.

Del Rio going for a splash in the corner, but Sin Cara moves out of the way. Sin Cara with a kick to Del Rio. Sin Cara goes up top and lands the tornado DDT on Del Rio. Two men fight up and exchange strikes. Del Rio gets the upper hand and Sin Cara gets tossed into the ropes. Springboard back elbow and headscissors takeover by Sin Cara. Sin Cara gets put on the apron, but he lands a pendulum kick. Sin Cara goes flying and hits the crossbody for a nearfall.

Sin Cara gets the reverse DDT and decides to go up top. Swanton misses. Sin Cara goes for a tilt-a-whirl spin, but Del Rio with a shot to the ribs.

Cross Armbreaker gets in and Del Rio wins by submission.


Mr. McMahon is here.

He informs an assistant to get Vickie Guerrero to the ring for a personal conversation.


Vickie Guerrero is here.

She introduces Mr. McMahon.

Vickie tels him that he looks quite handsome tonight. Mr. McMahon doesn't return the sentiments. Mr. McMahon wants to talk TLC. Vickie tells him that she has Ziggler vs. Cena set.

McMahon wants a stipulation, so Vickie suggests no DQ. McMahon isn't too impressed and then whispers something in her ear.


Vickie says that is impossible as there is nothing to suspend above the ring. McMahon suggests a briefcase. He elaborates that he wants the MITB briefcase. Vickie says it isn't fair as Cena has everything to gain and Ziggler has everything to lose. McMahon says that no one deserves what Ziggler and Vickie have been perpetuating about Cena and AJ.

McMahon talks about the lie detector test tonight. He wants a stipulation if Punk fails. Vickie suggests that if Punk fails, she'll set up Paul Heyman vs. Ryback next week.

McMahon is excited and tells everyone to give her a round of applause.


Brad Maddox will be in action next.


Brad Maddox vs. Randy Orton

Maddox tries to escape between the ropes, but Orton catches him. Maddox with an elbow, but Orton tosses him outside.

Orton with a clothesline outside and brings it back inside.

Rope-assisted DDT by Orton. RKO follows.

Orton wins.

The Shield comes to blindside Orton. The group putting the boots to Orton. Orton struggling to fight back, but the group with their signature slam to put Orton down.


Vickie chewing out Lil' Naitch in her offense.

Ziggler comes in and asks Vickie what she is doing. Vickie said he wanted the match and she was forced to add the stipulation. Ziggler says that Vickie is becoming just like AJ, a power-hungry amateur.

Paul Heyman enters and the two have an intense staredown. Vickie tells Heyman that, for his sake, he better hope Punk is telling the truth. Heyman with a devilish grin.

And Cena enters with a crap-eating grin.

He thanks Vickie and tells her that he will get the briefcase and the title.

Vickie says that they were cleaning out the Divas locker room and AJ had Cena ribbons.

The two jaw irrelevantly and that lasted way too long. Nothing of substance really came of it.


R-Truth and Kofi Kingston vs. Wade Barrett and Antonio Cesaro

Teddy Long comes out and wants to turn this into a Fatal Four Way match.

Twitter poll will decide if the US or IC title is up for grabs next.


US title is on the line.


R-Truth vs. Antonio Cesaro vs. Wade Barrett vs. Kofi Kingston

Truth goes after Cesaro and Kofi goes after Barrett.

Truth and Barrett are sent outside.

Cesaro is able to get a huge takedown on Kofi. Elbow drop by Cesaro. Headbutt. Running uppercut to Kofi in the corner.

On the outside, clothesline from Barrett to Truth.

Cesaro puts Kofi in the corner, but Barrett clotheslines Cesaro outside. Pumphandle slam by Barrett gets him a nearfall.

Barrett sends Kofi into the ropes, but Kofi gets a baseball slide kick to Cesaro on the outside.

Barrett and Truth go at it and Truth pulls the rope down on Barrett, sending him outside.

Kofi and Truth in the ring now. They do a handshake and start grappling. Nearfalls exchanged and they dropkick each other at the same time.

Cesaro and Barrett start to take control, but they are quickly disposed of outside.

Kofi gets a suicide dive on Barrett. Truth goes up for a crossbody, but Cesaro moves out of the way and rams Truth into the barricade. Kofi comes over to jump off the steps to save his former partner, but Cesaro nails him with the lethal Swiss Death.

Cesaro puts Kofi inside as we break.

We are back and the revolving door of opponents continues. Barrett and Cesaro end up trading blows and Cesaro knocks him down with an uppercut. Kofi is up top and hits Cesaro with a crossbody, but Barrett breaks the pin.

Barrett with the Winds of Change on Kofi, but Truth breaks up the pin.

Truth with the Scissors Kick, but Barrett kicks out.

Barrett starts taking control and eventual puts Truth on the top rope. Barrett follows, but Truth headbutts him off the top. Cesaro comes in to lock up a submsssion, but Kofi with the arm drag from the top.

We do the suplex/powerbomb combo with Barrett, Truth, and Kofi being the safe one of the bunch. Cesaro breaks the pin by Kofi.

Cesaro hits Kofi with a slam for a nearfall.

Truth takes out Cesaro to the outside.

Barrett and Kofi going at it, but Cesaro trips Kofi up on the outside.

Cesaro inside and attempts to get Barrett with the Gotch Neutralizer, but Truth comes to nail him with a heel kick. Barrett tosses Truth out of the ring, but Kofi is in. Bullhorn Elbow lands on Truth. Kofi with the Trouble in Paradise on Barrett. Nearfall as Cesaro picks him up.

Cesaro picks him up into a Gotch Neutralizer.

Cesaro retains!


Punk's lie detector test will be next.


Miz TV is on.

Miz introduces the lie detector operator and reminds us of all the drama surrounding CM Punk. Finally, he introduces CM Punk.

The Miz tries to introduce the operation of the lie detector to Punk, but Punk says that he knows the way a lie detector works. Punk says the only thing that doesn't work are Miz's lame jokes. He goes on to berate Miz, but Miz says he wasn't paying attention. Punk says Miz didn't pay attention in wrestling school.


The test starts.

Punk is asked what his name is. No lie.

Punk is asked if he has reigned 367 days. No lie.

Punk is asked if Rey Mysterio shaved him bald. No lie.

Punk is asked if he lost to Randy Orton at WrestleMania of 2011. Again, no lie.

Punk says that people remember the classic between Orton and Punk and they know he doesn't remember it because of his concussion. Punk wants better questions.

Punk is asked if he thinks that he can beat Ryback by himself. Punk lies and says that he thinks he can.

Miz gets heated and asks if CM Punk was helped by Brad Maddox and The Shield to win both of his matches.

Punk stares long and hard at Miz.

And in comes The Shield. They wreck shop and destroy the set of Miz TV. Miz is beaten down and he eats the signature slam of the group.

Enter Team Hell No.

Reigns is able to contain Bryan, while Ambrose and Rollins beat Kane down.

Enter Ryback.

Ryback comes in to clean house. Ambrose is bodydropped to the outside. Ryback takes Ambrose through the crowd.

Bryan is beating on Rollins while Kane handles Reigns.

They are brawling all over the arena. Team Hell No and Ryback are in control as they continue to brawl through the crowd.

Punk stands over Miz and asks if he thinks he is lying. He stomps on him, then kicks him out of his ring.

Punk crawls to the top to pose...but Ryback is there when he comes down. Shell Shocked lands. Ryback brings a ladder and a chair into the ring. Ladder to the ribcage of Punk. Chair across the back of Punk.

Ryback, get the tables!

Ryback with a powerbomb on Punk through the table.

Ryback stands tall and the fans chant for him accordingly.

Fade to black.


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