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WWE Raw 'Backstage Fallout' video: Brad Maddox cries conspiracy

This may be nothing or it may be something -- you never know with WWE -- but on the very same episode of Monday Night Raw that CM Punk and Paul Heyman brought up a conspiracy, Brad Maddox did the same on "Backstage Fallout."

Thinking WWE can weave separate storylines in and out with each other on a weekly basis with the countless hours of programming the writing staff is charged with coming up with creative for is a probably silly. But I couldn't help but notice a similar thread after watching both Monday Night Raw and the "Backstage Fallout" episode from the show.

During Raw, WWE Champion CM Punk and his manager, Paul Heyman, brought up how they felt they've been victims of a conspiracy, one that involves the company doing everything it can to make sure he loses the title.

Then, during "Backstage Fallout," Brad Maddox brought up something similar.

"That was my opportunity? The Great Khali? How is that fair? I'm brand new here, I'm a rookie. Ryback, Randy Orton, Brodus Clay, Khali? What is this company wide conspiracy to keep little old me down? I am the most talented and by far the most entertaining guy on this roster and all that I need is a little bit of help, and I can make this company so much money. ... Why doesn't somebody help me so we can all make more money?"

Is there something to this? Or am I reaching? Your thoughts?

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