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John Cena is usually the worst wrestler in all of professional wrestling. Last night on WWE Raw, he managed to slip in a few Anchorman references that instantly upgraded his status to merely terrible.

All the cool kids love to hate John Cena and generally, they have a good reason. He is usually the absolute worst combination of wrestler/character/ruthless political player/hypocrite in all of professional wrestling but during last night's (Dec. 24, 2012) episode of Monday Night Raw, he managed to upgrade that status to merely terrible simply by dropping a couple Anchorman references.

Yes, he's cheesy and silly and dumb and campy and all those other things you would hate to have to ever admit you might actually enjoy if your heart wasn't black and you weren't playing the Grinch on Christmas Eve, but for once, just let yourself enjoy Cena doing/saying something that was actually kind of funny.

And before you say it, yes, it was better when Steve Carell did it. And much, much better when Vince Vaughn did it. But Cena gets an A for effort.

Merry Christmas!

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