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Edge will never wrestle again but he could be open to future on-screen role as WWE Raw General Manager

Edge wrestling again? Don't count on it ever happening but that doesn't mean he's unwilling to return to WWE in a role as the General Manager of Monday Night Raw.

Tony Shek

Although retirements in pro wrestling are usually bullshit, you can definitely say "never" as far as Edge wrestling another match. Put simply, his neck is in such bad shape that his latest surgery just last month was done to improve his quality of life as he gets older.

As he put it himself, "Doctors told me I'll never wrestle again. I have three plates in my neck. That's a lot."

That is a lot, and neck issues are nothing to mess with. Kelly Kelly recently left WWE in part because she was having problems with hers, which shows how little physicality is required wrestling to end up having these problems.

The good news is Edge isn't ruling out an on-screen return that would see him have a role in ongoing storylines:

"Raw GM would still involve lotsa (sic) travel, which at this point still bothers my neck. As I recover more, who knows."

Edge has made a few sporadic appearances on both Monday Night Raw and Friday Night SmackDown since his retirement in April of last year after his final match, a WrestleMania victory over Alberto Del Rio. He's one of the rare wrestlers who retired on top, having left as world heavyweight champion.

Which means it makes sense to have him come back in and put a few guys over in any way he can.

That is, of course, if you Cagesiders are up for it. Do we want to see Edge back in WWE on TV on a more regular basis?

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