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Slammy Awards prove a big hit for WWE App

You may not have enjoyed the constant promotion for the WWE App but it worked wonderfully for the company. Here are the numbers released to prove as much.

With technology always evolving and WWE eager to stay ahead of the curve, we end up getting promotions like what was presented this past Monday night on Raw with the Slammy Awards.

Essentially, it was one giant commercial for the WWE App. Fans were asked to download it to vote on each Slammy Award category. And while quite a few fans found it annoying and a drag on the show, it was proven to be quite effective.

That's because the Baltimore Sun has the numbers and they're impressive.

During Raw, the WWE app was downloaded over 151,000 times, breaking the three-million download mark overall.

Monday saw over 583,000 Slammy votes recorded. The top five categories where votes were received were:

Kiss of the Year = 95,581
Superstar of the Year = 93,805
LOL Moment of the Year = 81,131
Trending Now Award = 74,386
Match of the Year = 70,568

It's impossible to argue with those results, even if it felt way overdone to some fans watching the show.

What's actually a little disappointing is how many more votes "Kiss of the Year" received than "Match of the Year." Apparently AJ Lee really is over, huh?

For complete results and from Raw click here, here, and here.

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