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WWE Raw ratings for Slammy Awards show average 4.23 million viewers

With a terrible game of football on ESPN and a gimmick show that usually does well for itself, Monday Night Raw rebounded in the ratings this week.

Andy Lyons

Quite possibly the worst Monday Night Football game of the year, featuring the New York Jets bumbling and fumbling their way to a 14-10 loss to the Tennessee Titans on ESPN, coincided with an improved rating for Monday Night Raw on USA.


Last night's (Dec. 17) episode scored a 2.9 rating for an average of 4.23 million viewers over the full three hours. Here's the hourly breakdown with that oh so familiar pattern still holding true:

Hour one: 4.29 million viewers
Hour two: 4.41 million viewers
Hour three: 3.99 million viewers

That's still a good number, though relatively it's still definitely a problem that it keeps happening. The Jets vs. Titans game being such a crapper helped it average just over 10 million viewers for the lowest number of the season, aiding in Raw getting back up to 4.41 million viewers in that second hour.

Just think of what they could have done by actually announcing Ric Flair was going to be there.

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