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WWE Raw Results: Who is Big E Langston?

After last night's Raw, we were introduced to Big E Langston. Langston took out John Cena with ease, as AJ Lee skipped around them. Read more about him and his potential tie-in with AJ, here. WARNING: THERE ARE POTENTIAL SPOILERS IN THIS ARTICLE - IF YOU ARE A WEEKLY VIEWER OF "NXT".

It is an uncommon thing to see a man take out John Cena with one move.

However, last night on Raw, Big E Langston was introduced, as John Cena had Dolph Ziggler locked in an STF. With AJ Lee leading him down to the ring, Langston hoisted John Cena up for The Big Ending and stood his massive frame over Cena, as AJ skipped around the ring.

This left many fans wondering what bizarro world WWE has landed on.

If you watch NXT, the debut of the giant may not be as strange to you as it is to the many who exclusively watch WWE television.

From 2009 to 2012, Langston spent his time toiling in the former WWE developmental territory, Florida Championship Wrestling. While he still had the monster physical presence that was seen last night, Langston never really made too much of an impact, not really finding his way into the title pictures of major FCW titles.

Since WWE made the transition to extending their NXT brand to their developmental territory, Langston has had an increasing role. He maintains the monster character with the special "five count," where he adds an extra "two count" in order to keep his opponent down for five.

On the Oct. 31 edition of NXT, Langston came out to join Byron Saxton in an interview. He was soon interrupted by Vickie Guerrero, who wanted to see if Langston would be interested in joining her stable of clientele. Langston clapped a cloud of rosin into Vickie's face (his powerlifting past playing into his gimmick), seemingly denying the offer.

The following week on Nov. 7, Langston wrestled Alberto Del Rio's little brother, Memo Montenegro. After the match, Vickie was on the screen declaring she would be placing a bounty on the head of Langston -- giving any superstar $5,000, if they could take Langston out.

Since then, some have tried, but Langston has been relatively quiet and not seeing much action.

That is, until earlier this month on Dec. 6, when Langston became the new NXT Champion by beating Seth Rollins.

Now, when playing fantasy booker, there are many ways you can spin this. The most obvious option, would be to take this the non-canon route and turn Big E Langston into AJ's newest boy toy.

A more appealing option, lies within the Vickie Guerrero offer. If Big E Langston is here on account of Vickie, why is AJ leading him out to take out Cena? And who exactly makes up this "stable" that Vickie was planning? This could be very doable, allowing for Vickie, AJ, and Dolph Ziggler to all be in cahoots in leading a destructive stable against John Cena, and various other faces of WWE.

There are legitimate gripes here. Langston has shown some promise in the ring, but doesn't seem to be anything special yet. Then again, this is a company currently featuring The Great Khali and Ryback weekly in the ring. His mic skills are brutally bland, but this can also be covered by the aforementioned stable plot, with Vickie, AJ, and Ziggler all competent enough to act as the big man's mouthpiece.

All in all, there is potential here for this to be a great introduction to WWE's roster. Also, there's fair amount of potential for WWE to completely ruin any future this story has. With the state of things, it would be a smart assumption to guess the latter.

But, like with any other storyline, there is hope. Let's see what WWE does with the monster known as Big E Langston.

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