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Slammy Award results: John Cena wins 'Superstar of the Year'

Believe it or not, John Cena won the "Superstar of the Year" award at tonight's (Dec. 17, 2012) Slammy Awards on Monday Night Raw in Philadelphia. That's Cena, not WWE Champion CM Punk.

J. Meric

John Cena is the "Superstar of the Year."

The WWE return of Ric Flair coincided with the announcement that Cena had won the award at tonight's (Dec. 17, 2012) Slammy Awards on Monday Night Raw at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

He proceeded to give the following speech while fans in the "City Brotherly Love" booed him out of the building:

"'Superstar of the Year' embodies hustle, loyalty, and respect. The person who finally earns it needs to work harder than anyone else. And I also would like to recognize the loyalty of the WWE universe. That is why, out of respect, the 'Superstar of the Year' most certainly should be the greatest superstar of all time. The two time Hall of Famer, Nature Boy Ric Flair, it is great to see you back where you belong. This, my friend, belongs to you."

Cena didn't really get over by doing this but he exited stage left immediately after, only to see WWE Champion CM Punk hit the stage to verbally berate the fans, Cena, and finally, Flair himself.

The Slammys were supposedly decided by fan vote via the WWE App, making the entire proceedings one big promotion by the company, but we aren't really to believe that's the case, are we? Remember, everything is a work and Punk, who was champion the entire year, has been disrespected one more time.

It plays into the story, so it works, right?

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