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Video: Titus O'Neil sings the blues on WWE 'Backstage Fallout' from 'Monday Night Raw'

Titus O'Neil sings, Brad Maddox tries to get hip, and Antonio Cesaro doesn't care if you understand him on the latest episode of WWE's "Backstage Fallout" from Monday Night Raw.

The latest episode of WWE's YouTube only show, "Backstage Fallout," features Brad Maddox not really explaining himself, Antonio Cesaro not giving a shit if you understand him, and Titus O'Neil singing the blues after the Prime Time Players went down again.

Maddox helped Vickie Guerrero defeat AJ Lee last night on Monday Night Raw and when pressed for an answer, he doesn't really give us a clue towards what his plans are. All he really does is act incredibly annoying with a lot of unnecessary facial expressions.

And he has a fat camera man who likes pop tarts.

Cesaro was the best here, unwrapping the taping from his hands and throwing it at the camera while disdainfully answering the interviewer's question in a language said interviewer couldn't understand before leaving after telling the interviewer he doesn't give a shit if he understood. Awesome.

Finally, Titus O'Neil continues to be great in everything he does, this time singing the blues after the Prime Time Players lost another match, this one costing them a number one contender match at the TLC pay-per-view (PPV) this weekend. Darren Young was okay too.


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