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WWE Raw results and live blog for Dec. 10: The TLC go home show

Complete results and the running live blog for tonight's (Dec. 10, 2012) episode of WWE Monday Night Raw, featuring the go home show to the TLC pay-per-view (PPV) scheduled for this weekend.


WWE Monday Night Raw comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (Dec. 3, 2012) from the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey, featuring the go home show to the TLC pay-per-view (PPV) this coming Sunday night in Brooklyn.

It's time to fit in all the closing angles headed into this weekend's big show. What should be more interesting than anything else is how they handle CM Punk's knee injury.

Please be in the Bret Hart wheelchair. Please, please, please.

Come right back here at 8 p.m. ET when the Raw live blog kicks off once the show starts on USA. It will be below this line here.



Nolan in.

Review of last week and preview of this week.

Broadcast is live.

Dolph Ziggler stands atop a ladder, telling his mother to look at him, as he is on top of the world. He wants to tell everyone about the numbers 6 and 15. 6 days until TLC and 15 days until Christmas. Ziggler says that TLC is Cena's Christmas, as he has again been gifted another chance to get a title shot.

Ziggler says not to worry, as he will be the lump of coal in Cena's stocking and he will give us all a gift by cashing in his MITB briefcase to win the WHC.

Sheamus enters.

Sheamus congratulates him on finally being taller than everyone. Sheamus says not to worry, as he won't have to cash in on Big Show. Ziggler will have to cash in on him, as he will win the WHC at TLC. Sheamus says that he thinks Ziggler is going to lose and that he and Cena will square off for the WHC in the future.

Enter Big Show.


Show says that Sheamus and Ziggler are delusional. Show says that he would love to smear Sheamus' ignorant, Irish immigrant face with his face right now, but he will wait until TLC. Show says that if Ziggler tries to cash in on him tonight after he KOs Cena, he will KO him, too. Show says he doesn't want to knock Sheamus out, but he wants to punish him.

Sheamus says Show doesn't have a Christmas spirit and that he can't make contact with Show, but he can make contact with someone else.

He then pushes Ziggler off the ladder, like any good guy would do.


Cena vs. Show tonight.

Additionally, Mr. McMahon is here and it appears he has something to say next!


Kofi Kingston and Antonio Cesaro join the announce team.

Wade Barrett in the ring.

Mr. McMahon comes out to hype tonight's main event and encourages everyone to give it up for the person who made the match, Vickie Guerrero.

Vickie enters and Vince wants her to make another main event with Sheamus. Vince McMahon suggests Dolph Ziggler, to which Vickie is appalled by.

Vince wants a third match. Vickie suggests AJ have a match tonight.

Against Vickie Guerrero.


Now, onto Barrett vs. R-Truth.


Wade Barrett vs. R-Truth

Barrett clubs the back of Truth and immediately tosses him outside.

The ringside area is adorned with tables, ladders, and chairs. Barrett rams Truth into the ring apron and brings him back inside.

Nearfall for Barrett.

Elbow drop and running boot gets Barrett another nearfall.

Barrett choking Truth on the second rope. Barrett locks in the chin lock, but Truth is able to struggle to his feet. Truth out, but Barrett nails him with a sidekick. Barrett sends him off the ropes for a hip toss, but Truth blocks and rolls through.

Truth with the sneaky rollup for the win.

He immediately gets in Cesaro's face at ringside. Kofi Kingston hits the ring to nail a crossbody on Barrett to add insult to injury.


Fatal Four Way tag match will determine number one contender next.


AJ Lee is backstage and she is really excited about her match with Vickie Guerrero.

She sees Aksana and Kaitlyn and is excited to tell them all about it.

She runs into the men's locker room to tell Cena, who is startled and wants to talk about it somewhere else.


The Usos vs. Team Rhodes Scholars vs. The Prime Time Players vs. Primo & Epico

Epico and Jimmy Uso start.

Epico gets his dropkick blocked and an atomic drop from Jimmy.

Jey in and they knock Epico down and follow with a double-team elbow for a nearfall.

Jey tries a suplex, but Epico flips out and Primo gets the blind tag.

Primo with the enzuigiri to put Jey down for a nearfall.

Primo powering Jey down and he brings Epico back in.

Epico with a quick nearfall and Primo back in again.

Primo choking Jey on the bottom rope and pulling the hair. Primo with the Russian leg sweep and he gets a nearfall out of it.

Primo sends Jey off the ropes, but Jey latches on and lands a superkick.

Jimmy in and he goes up top as Jey puts Epico on the floor. Jimmy with the splash from the top rope and the hook of the leg.

Primo and Epico are eliminated.

Titus O'Neil cleans Jimmy's clock with a clothesline.

We break with Titus in control.

We are back and The Usos eliminated The Prime Time Players as Darren Young ate a top rope splash.

Usos and Rhodes Scholars left.

By the way, Cody Rhodes has a mustache now. It is great.

Sandow in with Jimmy. Jimmy with an uppercut that puts Sandow down and a headbutt that gets a nearfall.

Jey in and hits an axhandle to the chest of Sandow as Jimmy holds him over his knee. Stomp to Sandow. Jey runs into the boots of Sandow and Sandow starts with the power offense. Stomps and kicks before he brings Cody Rhodes in.

Rhodes with a kick and he starts stomping Jey down. Rhodes unloading the stomps.

Crowd chants "Cody's mustache!" Love it.

Sandow in and he kicks the chest. Russian leg sweep and time for the Elbow of Disdain. Nearfall for Sandow.

Rhodes in and sends Jey into the corner. Rhodes tries a bulldog, but Jey tosses him across the ring.

Jimmy in and he puts Rhodes down. He then puts Sandow down. Samoan drop on Rhodes. Rhodes in the corner and the running butt bump gets a nearfall as Sandow breaks it.

Sandow takes out Jey on the apron by sweeping the leg. He tries to get Jimmy, but he is shoved off. Jimmy up top, but he lands on the knees of Rhodes.

Rhodes with the Cross Rhodes for the win.


Eve in action after the break.


Eve vs. Alicia Fox

Eve with a kick to the stomach. Side headlock in and a nice side headlock takeover from Eve. Fox rolls her over for a nearfall.

Eve holds the headlock until Fox sends her into the ropes. Shoulder bump. The two run the ropes and evade each other until Fox does a somersault and hits a headscissors.

Eve to the outside and Fox goes out to plant Eve's face in the apron.

Back inside and Eve wants a timeout. Fox isn't having it and hits a Northern Lights suplex for a nearfall.

Eve into the ropes and she hits a kick, but Fox hits a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for a nearfall.

Eve into the corner and Fox pulls the hair. Eve up with a kick to the stomach. Fox in the corner and Eve charges, but Fox gets the splits on the top. Eve yanks her down and Fox is rocked. Eve gets the Swinging Neckbreaker and hooks the leg.

Eve wins.

She invites the cameraman in the ring and has a photo op while posing on top of Fox, adding insult to injury.


CM Punk on crutches and we'll see him soon.


CM Punk is here.

He says people think this injury is phony and that the surgery did not take place. People think it was a ruse to duck Ryback. Punk says that this is real life and this is what happens when you work harder than everyone else. This is what happens when you are champion for 388 days.

"This is a tough sport, ladies and gentlemen."

Punk takes us back to last week to show how he got injured, showing Ryback attacking Punk.

Heyman says that the fans are ticking him off by chanting "FEED ME MORE!"

"How dare you?!"

Heyman says that Punk is a legitimate champion, unlike the New Jersey Devils. Heyman says that he isn't like The Rock, who would need a stunt double while he stirred his mocha latte in his trailer. Heyman says that Punk is here, unlike The Rock, who was too busy to show up in New Jersey. Heyman says Punk will be defending his title against The Rock because he is, indeed, the best in the world.

Punk takes the mic and wants to address the vocal minority that wants him to be stripped of the title. Punk says that no one can strip him of what is his. Punk says that The Rock will get one shot at Royal Rumble and he guarantees he will fail. Punk will be at TLC to watch The Shield, who he is not affiliated with, put Ryback down.


Sheamus vs. Dolph Ziggler

Lockup and Ziggler pushes Sheamus into the corner. Kick to the stomach and Ziggler unloading with punches. Sheamus turns the tide and puts Ziggler down for a leg lock on the injured left leg of Ziggler. The action gets back to the feet and Ziggler gets some punches going. Sheamus blocks a punch and hits a leg kick that sweeps Ziggler. Kneebreaker by Sheamus gets a nearfall.

Sheamus clubs Ziggler in the corner. Sheamus sends Ziggler into the ropes, but Ziggler with a kick to the face. Sheamus comes back with a shoulder block. Ziggler eats turnbuckle and Sheamus wrenches the leg of Ziggler around the second rope. Ziggler fishhooks the face of Sheamus and lands a dropkick in the middle of the ring. Ziggler with punches to the downed Sheamus.

Sheamus tosses Ziggler outside and follows. Running axhandle from Sheamus puts Ziggler down. Sheamus posing for the crowd as we break.

We are back and Ziggler has the sleeper in.

During the break, Ziggler sent Sheamus outside and hit a Fame Asser from the steel steps.

Back inside and Ziggler still has the hold. Sheamus turns around and hits body shots to fight out. Sheamus off the ropes, but Ziggler with the knee lift to the stomach.

Sheamus moves outside and Ziggler attempting to chase after him, but the ref blocks him. Ziggler goes out and tosses Sheamus inside.

Ziggler working Sheamus in the corner with right hands. Stomp to the face of Sheamus and he hits a neckbreaker in the middle of the ring for a nearfall.

Ziggler again puts in the sleeper. Sheamus gets to his feet and is able to push Ziggler hard into the corner. The two are down. Back to the feet and Sheamus gets some punches. Axhandles and he hits the corner clothesline. Sheamus goes to the well one too many times and eats ring post. Ziggler with a rollup, but he got caught with his feet on the ropes.

Ziggler with an armbreaker and another nearfall.

Ziggler stalking and he goes up top. He dives off, but Sheamus catches him and hits a backbreaker across the knee. Fallaway slam lands. Ziggler on the apron and Sheamus gets the ten forearms to the chest. Sheamus suplexes Ziggler back inside and heads up top. Ziggler meets him to crotch him up top. Ziggler climbs to the top and the two start exchanging punches. Sheamus pushes him off, but Ziggler goes up top and hits a X-Factor for a nearfall.

Ziggler tries the sleeper on Sheamus, but he gets tosses off. Sheamus goes for White Noise, but Ziggler wiggles out. Sheamus almost gets the cloverleaf, but Ziggler catches the ropes. Sheamus tries a Brogue Kick, but Ziggler with a dropkick to the knee. Ziggler off the ropes and eats an Irish Curse backbreaker. Brogue Kick time.

Ziggler ducks outside to get away. Sheamus charges Ziggler, but Ziggler grabs one of the chairs at ringside to hit Sheamus in the stomach.

Sheamus with the DQ win.

Ziggler about to swing on Sheamus, but Sheamus Brogue Kicks the chair away and Ziggler runs away unharmed.


Vickie Guerrero backstage.

Hornswoggle and Great Khali enter, but Vickie wants to be left alone as she is stretching for her match. The duo helps her stretch, leaving her in a compromising position.

Mr. McMahon enters and states that he thought this was a family show.


The Shield's destruction of Kane and Daniel Bryan is shown.

They then show the tape The Shield recorded for SmackDown.


Alberto Del Rio vs. Zack Ryder

Lockup and ADR with a knee to the stomach. Right hand. Ryder ducks under ADR and hits a dropkick. Ryder working strikes in the corner. Flying forearm from Ryder gets him a nearfall.

Ryder with a clothesline for another nearfall.

Sleeper in for Ryder. Side headlock takeover and Ryder holding the headlock as Ricardo puts ADR's foot on the bottom rope.

ADR moves outside to regroup.

ADR in and he eats a flapjack for a nearfall.

ADR puts Ryder in the corner and charges. He almost eats the knees of Ryder, but he turns him around and hits an enzuigiri to the back of Ryder for a nearfall.

ADR off the ropes and he hits a running punt to the shoulder of Ryder. Kimura over the second rope by ADR. Ryder trying to fight back, but ADR hits a snap suplex for a nearfall.

Del Rio with punches to the back of Ryder and locks in a chinlock. Ryder unloading with body shots to get out, but ADR gets the tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for another nearfall.

Ryder cornered and ADR with an enzuigiri to the arm for yet another nearfall.

Del Rio with a jumping stomp for a nearfall yet again.

Del Rio puts the knee in the back and locks in a chinlock. Ryder gets out and hits a sunset flip for a nearfall.

Ryder charging ADR, but ADR ducks and hits a German suplex with a bridge for a nearfall.

ADR with a running kick to Ryder. ADR up top and hits double chops for another nearfall.

ADR stomping the back of Ryder and puts in another chinlock. Ryder fights out of it and goes to the corner. ADR charges and gets back bodydropped to the arena floor.

Ricardo encourages him to get back inside and ADR crawls inside.

Ryder with a few clotheslines as ADR gets inside. Ryder in the corner and ADR eats knees. Ryder looking for the Broski Boot, but ADR hits a drop toehold and locks in the Cross Armbreaker.

Ryder taps and ADR wins.


AJ will be up next.


AJ Lee vs. Vickie Guerrero

Vickie comes out, but there is no ref. She starts calling for a referee.

And out comes Beautiful Brad Maddox.

AJ Lee upset with the situation and takes it out on Vickie and Maddox.

Match starts and Vickie clocks AJ from behind. Vickie rubbing AJ's face in the mat. Vickie choking AJ on the second rope and plants her on her face on the mat. Vickie tossing her around and toying with AJ. She smacks AJ in the face and Maddox checks on AJ.

AJ up and she gets on top of Vickie and starts laying a beating on her.

Vickie goes outside, but AJ with a clothesline from behind and brings Vickie back in.

AJ with more strikes and slamming Vickie's face into the mat. AJ with a smack that knocks Vickie out and she hooks the leg.

And Brad Maddox does not count.

AJ steps up to confront Maddox, but Vickie comes up from behind with a rollup. Maddox counts.

Vickie wins and immediately runs backstage with Maddox.

AJ in the ring and goes berserk. Pounding the mat and she goes to ringside, where she tosses chairs around and tips over a ladder. She slaps Justin Roberts across the face and heads backstage in a fit.

Poor Justin.


AJ upset backstage, still throwing things around.

John Cena comes up to console AJ.


Kofi Kingston vs. Antonio Cesaro

Antonio Cesaro cuts a promo before the match, getting digs in on America and R-Truth. Y'know, the usual.

Match starts.

Lockup and Cesaro gets the arm wrench. Cesaro gets the takedown and Kofi hits the switch, but Cesaro gets the wristlock. Kofi flipping out and tries to sweep the leg, but Cesaro stomps on Kofi. More stomps and he brings Kofi up for a headbutt. Chinlock in and Kofi sends him off the ropes, but Cesaro with a shoulder block. Cesaro runs the ropes, but Kofi with a corkscrew forearm. Kofi mounts Cesaro in the corner and gets ten punches. Kofi with a flying forearm from the top. Cesaro on the apron and he hits a hangman's neckbreaker to put Kofi down.

Cesaro moves back inside and gets a bodyslam. Cesaro with a jumping stomp on the gut for a nearfall.

Cesaro choking Kofi on the ropes and working him in the corner. Cesaro choking him with his boot, but Kofi fights back with kicks to the torso. Cesaro gets a bodyslam and an elbow drop for a nearfall.

Cobra Clutch in for Cesaro on Kofi. Kofi fighting back up, but Cesaro gets him up for a slam. Kofi ducks out and lands a few chops. Dropkick and flying forearm follow. Boom Drop attempt misses as Cesaro moves outside.

The two chase each other and we go back to the ring. Kofi with the monkey flip and Cesaro is in the corner. Kofi runs right into the boot of Cesaro.

Cesaro regains control as we break.

Cesaro holding the gut wrench as we return. Kofi fights out with strikes to the body and head. Headbutt for Kingston. Kofi tries a sunset flip, but Cesaro pulls him up. Kofi flips over for a rollup for a nearfall.

Cesaro with a huge takedown for a nearfall.

Cesaro with a Karelin throw. Cesaro with stomps, but Kofi fighting back. Cesaro catches a kick and turns it into a spinebuster for a nearfall.

Jump stomp by Cesaro and he again locks in the gut wrench. Kofi turns out of it, but Cesaro tosses him into the corner. Kofi fights back with strikes and goes up top. Crossbody to the back of Cesaro earns a nearfall.

Kofi sends Cesaro off the ropes for an SOS, but Cesaro gets an uppercut to the back of the head for a nearfall.

Kofi in the corner and Cesaro unloading with bodyshots. Ref breaks him, but Kofi comes out and hits an SOS. Cesaro barely grabs the rope.

Kofi goes up top and is looking for a flying attack, but Cesaro catches him and turns it into a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker.

Gotch Neutralizer wins it for Cesaro.


Miz TV with Rhodes Scholars next.


Miz out and the set has been moved up to the entrance.

For those who care.

Miz introduces "the beardo and the weirdo."

Good lord, go back to being a heel.

Sandow says that the only thing worse than Miz's show is the mass of ignoramuses watching it. Sandow introduces the new and improved Cody Rhodes.

Rhodes gets cheap heat on the crowd.

This is awful.

Fast forward and Miz says that the group will hit the mat harder than Manny Pacquiao in the sixth.

Okay, that was solid.

Sandow says that Miz is a horrible host. Miz starts telling Rhodes that Sandow goes around the locker room telling people that he carries him around in the ring.

Blah, blah, blah. Miz making awful jokes and Rhodes Scholars leave.

Miz comes up with the new nickname, "The Pink and The Stink."

PG, folks.


AJ Lee sees John Cena and tells him that she wants to be at ringside for his match.

Cena tells her to stay back because he wants her to be safe. AJ agrees.

Show vs. Cena is next.


Big Show vs. John Cena

Cena tries to get the offense rolling, but Big Show starts to ragdoll him around the ring. Sending Cena into the corner, stomps, punches, your standard fare.

Cena jumps on the back of Show and gets the sleeper in. Show slowly fades and falls down to the mat. Show down and Cena gets a nearfall.

Cena immediately tries to capitalize with AA. Show up, but Cena falls forward.

Both men down as we break.

We are back and Cena gets a DDT off of a Chokeslam attempt by Show. Cena tries to jump on Show, but Show with the sidewalk slam for a nearfall.

Show has Cena down and he continues to put him down with strikes. Cena fights up with strikes and wobbles Show with a dropkick, but Cena gets hit with a spear. Nearfall from Show.

Show with a slam and he hits an elbow drop on Cena for another nearfall.

Cena goes off the ropes, but Show catches him in a bearhug. Show wearing Cena down. Cena rolls out of the hold and tries an STF, but Show kicks Cena off and he tumbles to the outside.

Big Show lumbers over and tosses Cena into the barricade.

Show moves inside and brings Cena up by his head. Cena with a few shoulder blocks to the stomach from the apron, but he comes in and eats a huge clothesline from Show. Show steps on Cena. Show works Cena over in the corner and puts him down with a headbutt. Show up top and tries a splash, but he misses. Cena with a shoulder bump. Side slam. Five Knuckle Shuffle lands, but Show stands right back up. Chokeslam and Cena kicks out.


Show looking for the KO Punch, but Cena ducks under and hits an AA.

And The Shield has come to save us from the injustice of Cena going over once again.

Cena wins by DQ.

The group putting the boots to Cena and bring in a table from ringside. Table set up in the corner.

Team Hell No enters.

Bryan and Kane putting up some decent offense, but Ziggler and Big Show enter the ring and overwhelm the group. Sheamus enters and chases Ziggler to the outside. Cena puts Show through the table with a spear.

All hell has broken loose.

Ryback tosses a ladder in the ring and takes out all of The Shield.

Everyone brawling and The Shield now being overwhelmed.

Chaos is still going down as we fade to black.


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