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WWE Raw results and live blog for Nov. 12: The Survivor Series go home show featuring the return of Jerry Lawler

Complete results and the running live blog for tonight's (Nov. 12, 2012) episode of WWE Monday Night Raw, featuring all the final hype for the Survivor Series pay-per-view (PPV) set to take place this weekend in Indiana.


WWE Monday Night Raw comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (Nov. 12, 2012) from the Nationwide Arena in Columbus, Ohio, featuring all the final hype for the Survivor Series pay-per-view (PPV) set for this Sunday night in Indianapolis.

Oh, and Jerry "The King" Lawler is back!

That's right, the indestructible man will return to his ringside commentary seat alongside both Michael Cole and Jim Ross to get us pumped and ready for Survivor Series this weekend.

CM Punk has less than a week to get ready for Ryback and John Cena, Vickie Guerrero has new evidence on AJ Lee, Team Mick Foley needs one more member to round out the traditional elimination style match at the PPV, and Brad Maddox takes on Ryback with a $1 million contract on the line.

It's madness!

Come right back here at 8 p.m. ET when the Raw live blog kicks off once the show starts on USA. It will be below this line here.



Nolan in.

Recap of last week and preview of this week.

Broadcast is live.

Randy Orton enters.


Randy Orton vs. Dolph Ziggler

Lockup and side headlock for Ziggler. Shoulder bump by Ziggler. Rope running leads to Orton tossing Ziggler up in the air. Clothesline to the apron by Orton. Slingshot suplex by Orton earns a nearfall.

Orton corners Ziggler, but runs into an elbow. Orton eats a boot to the face and Ziggler gets a dropkick for a nearfall.

Neckbreaker by Ziggler is followed by elbow drop after elbow drop. He hits the jumping elbow drop for another nearfall.

Ziggler with the side headlock, but Orton with a side suplex. Clothesline, clothesline, powerslam combo from Orton. He throws Ziggler to the apron and hits the rope-assisted DDT.

Viper is coiled. Crowd goes Orton hard.

Alberto Del Rio comes in and gets on the apron, but Orton chases him off. Ziggler goes for a Fame Asser, but Orton ducks under for a rollup.

Orton gets the pinfall victory.

Del Rio, Ricardo Rodriguez, and Ziggler attack Orton, but Kofi Kingston comes out for the save.

Teddy Long comes out and says that, since this is a super show, he is going to do something super.

Three guesses.



Randy Orton and Kofi Kingston vs. Alberto Del Rio and Dolph Ziggler

Kofi and Ziggler start.

Kofi immediately putting Ziggler down and working some ground offense. Dropkick lands by Kofi, sending Ziggler into the ropes.

Del Rio and Ziggler regrouping as we break.

Del Rio and Kofi Kingston in the ring as we get back. Del Rio with the chin lock in. Kofi with bodyshots and Del Rio is forced to tag out.

Ziggler with a neckbreaker attempt, but Kofi turns it into a backslide attempt for a nearfall.

Dropkick by Ziggler turns the tide for a nearfall.

Ziggler locks in the sleeper, then works on the headstand. Ziggler turns it into a bridge, then changes it back to the normal hold. Kofi about to fight out, so Ziggler forces him into the corner. He tries a splash, but Kofi moves.

Hot tags are made, bringing in Orton and Del Rio.

Orton with a few clotheslines, then knocks Ziggler off the apron. Del Rio with a sidekick, now looking for the Cross Armbreaker. Orton turns it around for a powerslam. Del Rio on the apron, but he gets out and plants Orton with a sidekick to the chin.

Kofi tags himself in and hits a crossbody for the nearfall.

SOS lands and Ziggler gets there with a millisecond left.

Orton sends Ziggler outside. Kofi wants the Trouble in Paradise, but Ricardo hooks the leg. Del Rio with the step-up enzuigiri that knocks Kofi out.

Del Rio gets the pinfall for his team.


Vickie Guerrero will be out next.


Vickie and Dolph in the ring.

Dolph says that there is a scandal in the WWE, then defines the word. He says that he just wrestled two matches and that he isn't here to hide behind his former manager, Vickie. Dolph just wants to give everyone the truth.

They roll the hotel footage and photos.

Vickie says that, last week, AJ said she'd give her the "beating of her life." She says she won't be threatened by any subordinates and she didn't suspend AJ because she isn't a vengeful person. She demands that AJ come out to explain herself.

Enter AJ.

AJ says that she has no idea what Vickie wants, since she cost her the job as Raw GM. Vickie just wants AJ to admit that Cena and her had an affair. AJ says that she will not admit anything just because she is Vickie Guerrero. Vickie says that she is ready to present some more evidence if AJ won't admit it.

AJ admits the truth that her and John Cena are just friends. AJ says that this is about Mr. McMahon giving her the GM job initially and the fact that AJ could physically beat Vickie down. AJ says Vickie is throwing her weight around...and there's a lot of weight to be thrown around.

Vickie says that she has some voicemails that will prove AJ's guilt.

Roll voicemail that has AJ saying last night was a mistake.

Roll another with AJ saying that her and Cena have to stop seeing each other because he makes her lose control.

Roll another with AJ saying Cena drives her crazy and they have to be together.

AJ says that Vickie hacked into Cena's phone and that she is a...

Ziggler cuts her off. She says AJ is just upset that "she can't see him..."


Ziggler then asks which was more disappointing, Cena can't see AJ anymore or their nights in the hotel room.

Cena enters. AJ holds him from attacking Ziggler, then turns around and smacks him herself. Cena then clocks him with a punch.

Vickie and Dolph leave while Cena and AJ stand tall in the ring.


Cena and AJ backstage.

Cena says AJ shouldn't be upset over something that never did happen and never will happen.

AJ wonders why he said "never will." Puppy dog eyes proceed.

Cena says that it just never did happen, then acts all goofy and walks off.


Big Show vs. William Regal

Show just muscling Regal from corner to corner. Unloading body shots and chops to the chest. Regal's chest is beet red. He tries to fight back against Big Show, but Show just clubs his back. Regal again tries to fight back with a hard forearm, but Show with a bodyslam. Big Show off the ropes for an elbow drop, but no one home. Regal starts unloading punches and kicks on Show.

Show lands a Chokeslam to end it all.

Show gets the pin.

Show wants a KO Punch after the bell, but out comes Sheamus. Single leg and he is stomping a mudhole into Big Show.

Sheamus is fired up, but Show escapes.


Layla vs. Kaitlyn

The winner will get a title shot at Survivor Series.

The ladies exchange nearfalls in the opening.

Layla goes for the head kick, but Kaitlyn shoves her into the corner. Layla goes for the springboard crossbody, but Kaitlyn is able to bring her down from the turnbuckle.

Kaitlyn hits her Scorpion Death Drop finisher to win.

Kaitlyn and Eve stare down at ringside.


Lawler video package rolls, showing footage of him being revived and having the heart attack.

Lawler will be back up next.


Cole and JR in the ring.

They introduce Jerry Lawler, who makes his way back to the ring.

Jerry Lawler says that he is touched and this means so much to him. He says this night is beyond words for him. He says that, around this season, they always play "It's A Wonderful Life." He says that he has lived that movie over the past couple of weeks. He says he loves all of the fans and friends who wished him well.

CM Punk enters.

Punk says that he is glad Lawler left the ring, because he would have beat him to death. Again. Punk says that Lawler died and came back to life, making him a real-life zombie. Punk says that Lawler is disrespectful and what he does is in bad taste. Punk says it is disrespectful that Lawler thinks he can in the ring with him. Punk says that the fans should not have blamed him for Lawler's heart attack, as it all falls on Lawler's shoulders.

Punk mentions his 358 day reign, tying with Diesel as the ninth-longest reigning WWE Champion. Punk says that in a week, he will have been champion for a full year.

Punk is glad Lawler is back so he can witness him winning at Survivor Series, but he needs him to not croak before the pay-per-view. Lawler says that the only thing that is on life support is Punk's championship reign.

And Heyman fakes a heart attack.

Punk revives him and he tells Paul not to scare him like that, as it will give him a heart attack.

Mick Foley enters.

Punk wonders why Foley is out here, since they don't have business anymore. Punk taunts him over the gaping hole left in his team.

Foley says the WWE Universe will be deciding the final member of Team Foley.

Punk says that is great, but the WWE Universe is irrelevant. He does not care what people think of him and that he is much better off without caring.

Foley goes off, saying Lawler was dead, but he was brought back by miracles. Foley says that he was overseas filling obligations with the troops and that the WWE Universe does matter.

Punk says that is fine, but he has nothing to do with it.

Foley says he does, as tonight, he will be the guest enforcer in the match between Cena and Punk tonight.


Punk with Heyman backstage.

He wants him to fix this Mick Foley situation, as well as this Brad Maddox situation.


Rey Mysterio, Sin Cara, Tyson Kidd, and Justin Gabriel vs. Primo & Epico and The Prime Time Players

Justin Gabriel and Titus O'Neil start.

Titus unloading with power offense and hits a pumphandle slam.

Young brought in and Titus suplexes him onto Gabriel for a nearfall.

Epico hits a suplex for a nearfall.

Epico locks in the sleeper on Gabriel.

And Ricardo Rodriguez comes out to give a slip of paper to Rosa Mendes.

In the mean time, Primo and Mysterio are in. Mysterio tries a 619, but he gets back bodydropped to the apron. He leaps over and hits Primo with a headscissors takeover to the outside. Springboard moonsault lands on Primo.

The teams all come down and square off as we break.

Back and Titus O'Neil and Rey Mysterio are legal. Titus O'Neil hits two backbreakers on Mysterio. He then locks in the bear hug in the center of the ring. O'Neil puts Mysterio down and tags in Primo.

Primo with a few stomps for a nearfall.

Primo locks in the front headlock. Mysterio with punches to the torso. Primo with a kick to the gut and goes for a sunset flip, but Mysterio rolls through for a kick to the head.

Young is brought in and prevents a Mysterio tag. Mysterio sends Young into the ring post with a headscissors.

Kidd brought in. Springboard dropkick by Kidd. Kidd unleashing an air assault on Young. Kidd with an enzuigiri in the corner. Spinning back kick and running dropkick earn Kidd a nearfall.

Kidd on the ropes and Young charges into his boots. Pendulum kick lands for Kidd. He hits a diving neckbreaker on Young from the top. Primo prevents a pin with a Backstabber.

And all hell breaks lose. All members eliminate themselves and hits various finishers and flying attacks.

Young hits Kidd with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for a nearfall.

Young wants the Gut Check, but Kidd gets the headscissors take over. Tags in Mysterio for the 619. Mysterio tags in Gabriel for a 450 Splash.

Gabriel picks up the win for his team.


Brad Maddox warming up backstage.

Paul Heyman comes up and wants to take a walk with Maddox.



Fandango promo rolls.


The Miz on the phone backstage.

Ziggler comes up and he says that everyone knows Miz will be begging to rejoin Team Ziggler. Ziggler says that he lead Alberto Del Rio to victory tonight. Miz said all he saw was Ziggler getting slapped and losing to Orton.

Mick Foley comes up and proposes a challenge. Two members of Team Foley vs. two members of Team Ziggler.

Ziggler picks Rhodes Scholars, while Foley picks Kane and the winner of the poll tonight.

The ballot is Miz, Santino, or Zack Ryder.

Vote now, folks.


R-Truth vs. Tensai

Antonio Cesaro will defend his US title against R-Truth at Survivor Series.

Cesaro comes to ringside. He says that R-Truth is a joke who talks to an imaginary child, just like the USA is a joke of a country.

Money, folks.

We are joined in progress. Tensai has the sleeper in on Truth. Truth fighting out, but Tensai gets a shoulder block. Tensai with more shoulder blocks. Truth with forearms, but Tensai gets a few karate chops to put Truth down for a nearfall.

Tensai locks in the armbar. Truth fighting out with torso shots and a forearm. He hits a dropkick to put Tensai in the corner. Truth wobbles him and goes to the top for a missile dropkick for a nearfall.

Scissors kick and a kick, followed by the Little Jimmy.

Truth gets the victory.

Cesaro grabs a mic, saying there is no way...

Truth tells a knock-knock joke, saying that Europe in my face to Cesaro. He says he will knock Cesaro's throat and win the title Sunday.


Recap of all of tonight's action.


Brad Maddox vs. Ryback

Maddox enters and an ambulance backs in to the arena.

Ryback enters.

And a stretcher comes to ringside.

Match has started and Maddox scurries to ringside. He is killing time as the referee makes the count. He slides in and hurriedly slides out. Referee starts another count and Maddox gets back inside. He tries to leave again, but Ryback tosses him to the mat. Ryback pulls him from the ropes and slams him into the mat again. Bodyslam and Maddox getting his head slammed into the mat. Ryback again slamming the head of Maddox in the mat. Ryback tosses him into the corner on his back.

"You're dead!"

Running powerslam by Ryback. Meat Hook Clothesline by Ryback to Maddox, sending him outside. Ryback brings him back inside. Three powerbombs by Ryback on Maddox. Ryback with another Meat Hook Clothesline.

"Finish it!"

Shell Shocked by Ryback gets the win.

Maddox on the stretcher, but Ryback isn't through. He tosses Maddox hard into the barricade. Ryback with the Meat Hook Clothesline.

Ryback now carrying Maddox to the ambulance and shuts the doors.


Footage of the ambulance rolling out of the arena.


New Team Foley member will be decided after this match.


Sheamus vs. David Otunga

Sheamus muscles Otunga in the corner, but Otunga with some clubbing blows. Sheamus with a shoulder block. Otunga poses and Sheamus knocks him down. Sheamus muscles Otunga in the corner with shoulder rams. Sheamus with clotheslines and knee drops. White Noise lands.

We know what comes next.

Brogue Kick lands and Sheamus wins.

Sheamus on the mic and says that is what will be happening to Show on Sunday.

Show beating up on Regal backstage, who says this is what will happen on Sunday.

KO Punch and Sheamus runs backstage.


Josh Mathews states that Regal has suffered a broken jaw and a concussion.


Kane walking backstage.

Daniel Bryan follows him while calling his name. He says that hopes he has fun tonight with his new tag team partner.

Kane says that they just have a new teammate on Team Foley.

Bryan says that he would have refused to team with anyone else and that they should go to Foley together to team up.

Kane has left and Bryan throws a fit.


Rhodes Scholars vs. Kane and The Miz

Daniel Bryan comes out and tries to control his temper, which he does as he shakes Miz's hand.

Match after the break.

Kane scores a nearfall as we come back from break.

Miz tagged in to go after Sandow. Knee lift earns him a nearfall.

Arm wrench by Miz, but Sandow elbows out. Miz beats him down in the corner, then lands his running clothesline in the corner for a nearfall.

Kane brought in and he lands the running dropkick for a nearfall.

Kane setting up for a slam, but Sandow scoots out to tag in Rhodes.

Miz tagged in. He takes the fight to Rhodes. He lands the back bodydrop to Rhodes on the outside. Flying axhandle from the apron. Miz pandering to the fans, but Bryan comes up to Miz. Rhodes uses this to hit the Disaster Kick.

Sandow in. He lands a Russian leg sweep and his Elbow of Disdain for a nearfall.

Rhodes in. He lands punches and then brings Sandow back in.

Sandow with a snapmare and locks in the sleeper. Miz fights back to his feet with shots to the body. Miz gets the backbreaker and the neckbreaker. Both men down and looking for tags.

Kane and Cody in.

Kane dropping Rhodes with punches. Kane sends Cody into the ropes. Kick to the knee by Cody and the drop-down slap. Kane with a shoulder bump and sends Cody into the corner. Follows with a clothesline. Repeat and add a sidewalk slam for a nearfall.

Kane goes up top for the flying clothesline. Nails it. Sandow sent outside and Bryan comes after Miz, but Miz tosses Bryan into Sandow.

Kane hits the Chokeslam for the win.

Kane and Miz celebrate, but Bryan wants in on the celebration. The group bickers.


CM Punk vs. John Cena

Cena in control. Hip toss. Arm drags. Cena puts in the armbar. Punk moves out to the ropes and gets the rope break. Punk goes outside to regroup as we break.

We return and CM Punk comes down from the top to give Cena a double axhandle on the outside. Cena's head is draped over the apron and Punk hits him with an elbow.

Back inside and Cena gets a backslide for a nearfall.

Punk clobbers him with a clothesline for a nearfall.

Punk locks in a neck crank over his shoulder on Cena. Cena fighting back up, but Punk still wrenching the neck. Cena working the hands and he turns it into an arm lock. Punk gets out and jumps on Cena's back for a sleeper. Cena back up and rams Punk into the corner. The two exchange blows in the middle of the ring. Punk ends it with a spinning back kick. Cena gets the shoulder blocks and the side slam. Five Knuckle Shuffle attempt turns into a rollup for Punk. Nearfall.

Swinging neckbreaker from Punk earns a nearfall.

Flying knee in the corner lands for Punk. He pulls Cena into a clothesline and goes up top. Punk misses the elbow drop. Five Knuckle Shuffle misses. Punk goes for a neckbreaker, but Cena with the side slam into a Five Knuckle Shuffle. Cena going for the AA, but Punk gets out. Back kick by Punk gets a nearfall.

Punk going for the GTS, but Cena reverses into an AA. Punk rolls through and gets a gogoplata of some sort. Cena struggles, but manages to get to the ropes. Punk on the apron. He jumps in, but misses. Cena puts in the STF, but Heyman gets in the ring with the belt. Foley drags him out and puts him on the floor. Inside, Punk nails the head kick. Nearfall.

Punk with the GTS, but Cena gets the STF in. Punk in big trouble here. Punk scooting towards the ropes and barely gets there.

Punk rolls out and is ready to leave.

Ryback comes down the ramp.

Cena comes in and throws Punk back in the ring.

Punk with a GTS attempt, but Cena counters into an AA.

Cena wins.

Ryback and Cena in a stare down in the middle of the ring. Both men try to pick up the title, but grab it at the same time. Punk on the apron reaching for it. He drops down and Cena and Ryback again holding the title. Punk distraught on the apron.

We fade to black on that.


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