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Jim Ross confirmed as announcer next week for Jerry Lawler's return to Raw

When Jerry Lawler returns to the announce desk on Monday Night Raw next week, he'll do so alongside both Michael Cole and his longtime partner, Jim Ross.

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When Jerry Lawler returns to the announce desk on WWE Monday Night Raw next week at the Nationwide Arena in Columbus, Ohio, he'll have an old friend sitting right there next to him.

That's because it's been confirmed that Jim Ross will be back on commentary alongside both Lawler and Michael Cole for the show.

"Very happy that I'll be in Columbus, Ohio this Monday for WWE RAW to greet Jerry Lawler for his much anticipated return to TV," Ross tweeted. "Tune in."

The idea, I'm sure, is that WWE wants to play it safe and gradually break Lawler back in to his former role. The fact of the matter is it's remarkable "The King" is coming back from such a massive heart attack as soon as this. It will be almost two months to the day since his brush with death in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, and while his treatment has gone swimmingly and he's reportedly doing just as good as he was before his heart attack, there's still cause for concern.

If things go south and the transition back on screen isn't as smooth as the company is hoping, Cole and Ross will be right there to pick up whatever slack is left.

Sounds like a solid plan to me.

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