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Video: CM Punk punches fan on Monday Night Raw

Watch a video of CM Punk punching a fan while he was in the crowd during Monday Night Raw last night in Sacramento, California.

Ed Webster


When CM Punk ran off into the crowd during tonight's (Oct. 8, 2012) episode of WWE Monday Night Raw, he was surrounded by fans, all eager to touch him in some way or another.

Apparently, he didn't like that so much and felt it necessary to retaliate.

Watch the video from YouTuber crexman:

It certainly looks like a fan off to Punk's right slaps him hard on the shoulder and he simply turns around and swings a wild haymaker on a man putting his glasses on casually. He follows it up by turning around and hitting the man again, at which point security comes rushing in and Vince McMahon, cutting a promo in the ring, tells Punk he's talking to him.

This doesn't appear to be a work, most notably because the cameras immediately cut away once it became clear what Punk was doing.

I'm not sure what the fallout from this will be but it looks pretty clear that Punk hit the wrong guy when he felt like he was touched unnecessarily. Either way, he has to know that if you're doing a spot like that, fans are going to want to touch you and that doesn't give you the right to haul off and blast them in the face when they do so.

Especially if you end up blasting the wrong guy.

Cagesiders, I would love your thoughts on this.

Update: According to a Cagesider who says he attended the show, Punk was pushed from behind and slapped by the man he turned around and punched, which is what he relayed to the security guard who comes up after the altercation. Upon repeated viewing of the video, it appears he's already moving to punch the man when he gets slapped on the shoulder by the man off to his right.

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