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WWE calls audible, renames Heath Slater, Drew McIntrye, and Jinder Mahal stable '3MB'

After word got out that Heat Slater, Drew McIntyre and Jinder Mahal's stable was named "The Band," WWE called an audible and renamed the group.

It was just last week that Heath Slater, Drew McIntyre, and Jinder Mahal were being called "The Band" on Naturally, reports went out stating as much and calling out the obvious issues with as much.

After all, that was the name of the New World Order (nWo) retread TNA tried to pull off a couple years ago with Kevin Nash, Scott Hall and Sean Waltman.

So WWE apparently realized its mistake, called an audible, and came up with something new.

The "3MB." Presumably, that stands for "3 Man Band."

Here's their segment from Raw last night (and big props to McIntyre for the ring entrance):

This has to be a rib, right? All three guys are committing to it in a big way, maybe because they're just grateful to get the TV time and an actual story, but this has to be a rib, right?

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