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Fan punched by CM Punk on WWE Raw now considering hiring an attorney for a lawsuit

Oh boy. It appeared this last chapter had been written on the book of CM Punk punching a fan during a live episode of Monday Night Raw but it appears we may have to reopen it.

Laura Cole on Twitter

Remember when I said the book was closed and we could all move on?

Not so fast.

Laura Cole, who has covered this story quite thoroughly from the ground in Sacramento, California, has spoken with Charles Schmidt, the fan who was punched by WWE Champion CM Punk twice during a live episode of Monday Night Raw this past Oct. 8, 2012. And after initially telling the Sheriff's Department that he didn't want to press any charges after the incident, Schmidt has now reconsidered his position and is reportedly considering hiring an attorney for a lawsuit against WWE.

Schmidt says he is a little upset with Punk, but really he's just shocked about how his night of entertainment ended with him getting smacked on live TV.

Schmidt said he is considering hiring an attorney for a possible lawsuit.

An investigation was never launched because Schmidt declined to press charges and was not injured, though there were reports that he later said he was dealing with knee pain.

This should come as no surprise, really, despite apologies from both WWE and CM Punk in statements released in the aftermath of the incident. Schmidt is likely being courted from all sides and after being made famous for a night, it seems likely there are plenty of people in the young man's ear telling him to go after the major corporation whose champion acted recklessly.

Let's face it, while Punk's actions were certainly understandable, he did end up punching the wrong man, an innocent bystander who was only there to enjoy the night's show.

We'll be sure to keep you updated on any further developments to this story. Make sure to check out our StoryStream for all you need to know on the incident right here.

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