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WWE Raw: Video Playlists

WWE video packages remain their most effective form of promotion

This is better than any angle or match leading to a PPV.

Alexa Bliss is in therapy

We finally got an update on Alexa Bliss on Raw this week.

Bliss may finally be done grieving her doll

We’ve been promised an update on her journey back to "Raw" next week.

Eric Bischoff showed up for The Miz & Maryse’s wedding vow renewal

And left covered in gunk.

There were multiple Cool Moves on Raw this week

Courtesy of Bianca Belair and Randy Orton, with a special shout to Doudrop and Chad Gable.

This Vince McMahon/Austin Theory story is bad

The sooner it’s over the better off we’ll all be.

Liv Morgan makes it feel real

You can see how much it means to her, and you almost can’t help but get swept up in it.

Vince McMahon is out here slapping Austin Theory around

This is Raw.

Vince McMahon’s missing egg mystery solved

It was Austin all along.

Stone Cold Steve Austin is still the biggest star on Raw

And he hasn’t been an active wrestler on the show for almost 20 years.

Graves wins 24/7 title on Raw, immediately loses it to Saxton

There were six 24/7 title changes on "Raw" this week, two of which included commentators.

Raw established some new title feuds

We have an idea of new directions for multiple titles.

Austin Theory is out here using selfies as a threat

Another thing to love about professional wrestling.

‘Kill ya Thursday, Bobby’


Bobby Lashley is tired of Goldberg talking crazy

Goldberg has been talking crazy, and no one seems to care.

Goldberg is obsessed with killing Bobby Lashley

This seems troubling!

Champions solidified on the final Raw before the WWE Draft

Four challengers, no title changes. Next stop: the draft.

Baszler finally got back at Jax

She may have put her on the shelf in the process.

Let’s just watch Big E win the WWE championship over and over again

"Raw" was fun this week just for its main event.

Raw moves forward

In many ways, that’s what this week’s show was about.

Flair vs. Jax looked like it almost turned into a shoot on Raw

It started out well enough but quickly broke down into what sure looked like legitimate shots being thrown.

They’re gonna put the title on Lilly, aren’t they?

It’s time for Charlotte Flair vs. Alexa Bliss, which means there’s a very real chance Lilly becomes champion.

How not to build hype for a title match

WWE still doesn’t care much about wins and losses, and it’s not helping them build to big title matches.

Randy Orton just can’t help himself

Randy Orton can’t be anyone other than Randy Orton.

Raw is a show full of goofs

Too much goofy, not enough cool.

John Cena is already missed on Raw

It’s been one week. That says plenty about the show, and the way the company goes about its business these days.

That damn near felt like a Raw after WrestleMania show

There were highlights galore on "Raw" this week, from big returns to debuts, to title changes, and more.

Lashley & MVP were the highlight of Raw this week

These two knocked it out of the park.

There was nothing memorable about Raw this week

Still, you can see everything that went down in all its mediocrity right here.

Riddle was the highlight of Raw this week

This guy is really doing the absolute most with this storyline partnership with Randy Orton.

Watch all the highlights from a damn good episode of Raw

Hey, the show was pretty good this week! Enough so that pretty much all of it qualifies as the highlight!

Piper Niven’s debut with Eva Marie was the highlight of Raw this week

Eva Marie heat is back, and I sure did miss how fans react to anything involving her.


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