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WWE Raw: Results & Reactions

Raw recap & reactions: Don’t boo education

You’re better than that, Cagesiders. Come inside to see if Raw was on your level this week

Raw recap & reactions: Bobby who?

Brock Lesnar isn’t impressed with his Royal Rumble opponent and Becky Lynch gets a new challenger.

Raw recap & reactions: Is it Friday yet?

Brock Lesnar showed up to Raw but the champ really wanted to be somewhere else and it showed.

Raw recap & reactions: Nice day for a white wedding

A wrestling wedding vow renewal ceremony? What could possibly go wrong?

Raw recap & reactions: Will the WWE Champion please stand up

Seth Rollins and Kevin Owens team up to fight Big E and...Bobby Lashley? It happened and we’re going to talk about it.

Raw recap & reactions: We don’t need no stinkin’ logic

The long, slow road to Day 1 continues and the WWE Championship picture gets cloudier for Big E.

Raw recap & reactions: The man stay the man

Liv Morgan’s first title shot was never really about her after all.

Raw recap & reactions: I’m a hustler, baby

Big E and Kevin Owens were all set to battle for giggles. Then Seth Rollins just couldn’t help but to be himself at the worst possible time.

Raw recap & reactions: Yolks on you

The fallout from Survivor Series is here and Raw shows us they’re not even going to try as we get close to the 2021 finish line.

Raw recap & reactions: Brand warfare is a joke

The Survivor Series go home edition of Raw lacked urgency and made curious decisions. But is it worth three hours of your life?

Raw recap & reaction: The devils you know

Big E doesn’t trust a soul as Seth Rollins and Kevin Owens square off, while Becky Lynch needs a new contender. How will it all shake out?

Raw recap & reactions: Fourth time is not the charm

Bianca Belair and Becky Lynch do battle again. Will the E-S-T get the w-i-n? You’ll find out if you come talk Raw.

Raw recap & reactions: Tricks, treats, and a new challenger for the champ

Who would step up to challenge Big E for his championship? How would Becky Lynch come around to Raw? And there’s a new Queen in town. We talk about it all

Raw recap & reactions: Nah, this ain’t it

Tournament semifinals, a championship on the line, and the last Raw before a big event should make for a good show. Right?

Raw recap & reactions: I hate you so much right now

Raw featured a lot of people who really don’t like each other this week. And two people who probably lost all respect for one another.

Raw recap & reactions: Draft part deux

How would WWE handle the second night of its draft? Come inside and find out.

Raw recap & reactions: The Hurt Business, New Day go to war

Big E and Bobby Lashley need a cage to contain them as the final Raw before the draft chooses violence

Raw recap & reactions: Raw is Reigns

The Universal Champion came to Monday night for some acknowledgement. Would the new WWE Champion bow down or throw hands?

Raw recap & reactions: Raw Goes B-I-G

Ladies and gentleman, a new WWE Champion is here.

Raw recap & reactions: Raw is (mostly) repetitive

RK-Bro gets a new challenge, Damian Priest gets an old one, and a doll is next in line for a championship.

Raw recap & reactions: Are you not entertained? Just a little bit

The United States Champion is defended in an all-timer. Then the rest of the show happened.

Raw recap & reactions: The dam has burst

A very inessential SummerSlam fallout show.

Raw recap & reactions: RK-Bro reunites

Just days away from "SummerSlam," the best story on "Raw" just gave us the ultimate set up for one hell of a payoff.

Raw recap & reactions: Respect earned

The long reunion of the best tag team on Raw happened, while hopefully foreshadowing the SummerSlam tag team match we all need.

Raw recap & reactions: This is boring

Raw is slowly crawling to the big show of the summer, and is actively making its top men’s title program the least interesting part of it.

Raw recap & reactions: This is not working

WWE have not only not built up the Nikki A.S.H. character, but they have already failed her before giving her a chance to get over.

Raw recap & reactions: Superwoman

One of our Money in the Bank winners cashed in and became a champion on the red brand. We also got a look into some SummerSlam opponents.

Raw recap & reactions: Goodbye, ThunderDome

It’s the finale of the ThunderDome and the red brand definitely got us pumped for the WWE Championship match at Money in the Bank.

Raw recap & reactions: What about Bob?

The red brand may be foreshadowing the mindset of the WWE Champion heading into Money in the Bank.

Raw recap & reactions: Power of positivity

For the second straight week, Monday Night Raw was an entertaining and fun show to watch. The WWE Championship is back in a compelling story.

Raw recap & reactions: Miracles happen

A miracle happened on this show - it was great! Matches mattered, storylines progressed, and I’m getting ready for Money in the Bank. Please let’s keep it going in this positive direction!

Raw recap & reactions: All red return

This week highlighted a big problem with how WWE treats talented wrestlers. Hell in a Cell is coming up, and you wouldn’t know it based off of this show.


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