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WWE Raw: Results & Reactions

Raw recap & reactions: It’s friend or foe for Bianca Belair

Alexa Bliss finally emerges while Damage CTRL wages war on Becky Lynch on the latest edition of Monday Night Raw.

Raw recap & reactions: Mami gets the advantage

The last Raw before Survivor Series sees Rhea Ripley victorious, Lashley still on a rampage, and Brutes ready to brawl.

Raw recap & reactions: A Town stomp

Austin Theory says he’s not a kid anymore while everyone else preps for WAR GAMES.

Raw recap & reactions: New Day & the Usos bring the heat

The two best tag teams in WWE show once again why there’s nobody better as they prove a tough act for anyone else to follow on Raw.

Raw recap & reactions: Tricks, treats, & Roman Reigns

We got new women’s tag team champs but the big story is Raw swimming to the Island of Relevancy this week.

Raw recap & reactions: Rhea Ripley is everyone’s daddy

There were a lot of shows on television Monday night. This was one of them.

Raw recap & reactions: Who wants a championship?

Seth Rollins is a marked man. The O.C. gets judged, and a surprise return on the latest episode of Monday Night Raw.

Raw recap & reactions: Never go against the family

DX celebrates, Brock returns, and the Bloodline has issues on Raw’s season premiere.

Raw recap & reactions: The extreme go home show

The final Raw before "Extreme Rules" features Damage CNTRL and somebody’s Papi.

Raw recap & reactions: Friends, how many of us have them

Edge makes another comeback. Candice LeRae debuts. And the Judgment Day have no friends.

Raw recap & reactions: Matt and Seth take it to the pit

Bayley calls her shot, Dom gets a new mami, and Riddle finally gets what he wants.

Raw recap & reactions: Pray for Miz & Maryse’s fam

Raw decides Dexter Lumis’ psychotic actions are the key to competing against the NFL.

Raw recap & reactions: The Strowman Express rides again

Braun Strowman returns. Papi makes her demands. Damage CNTRL’s revenge.

Raw recap & reactions: New champs, same daddy

WWE crowned new Women’s tag team champions while Dominik Mysterio was forced to make a choice.

Raw recap & reactions: Triple H and Vince McMahon’s proxy war

Johnny Gargano is back! So what does that mean for Triple H’s ultimate vision for WWE?

Raw recap & reactions: New fight forever partners

Who’s your daddy, Dominik? The answer to that question and more on this week’s Raw recap.

Raw recap & reactions: Beginnings and endings

The Haitch takeover begins in earnest as feuds end, begin, and Theory is still missing.

Raw recap & reactions: Control the game like Janet

Bayley, Dakota, and IYO run wild while Bobby Lashley has a new challenger. And what happened to Theory?

Raw recap & reactions: Daddy was a rolling stone

The first Monday Night Raw of the post-Vince McMahon era kicks off with a bang. But then what happened?

Raw recap & reactions: The one about balls

Woof. That opening. But thankfully, they righted the ship.

Raw recap & reactions: Raw is confusion

Of all the shows on television Monday night, this was definitely one of them.

Raw recap & reactions: Is Becky Lynch ready for this?

Becky Lynch. Asuka. No Holds Barred. ‘Nuff said.

Raw recap & reactions: 20 years of not seeing him

John Cena’s back. John Cena’s baaack. Everyone hums Cena’s theme while Money in the Bank takes its final form.

Raw recap & reactions: Empress of Carnage

Becky Lynch has a meltdown one week away from WWE’s other summer event.

Raw recap & reactions: For the love of the game

AJ Styles and Seth Rollins tear the house down in the name of Cody Rhodes.

Raw recap & reactions: Judgment is swerved

Cody says his brief goodbye, Judgment Day gets a new member, and Bianca Belair has a new challenger.

Raw recap & reactions: This is the go home show?

Monday Night Raw is uninspired, uneventful, and pretty damn undesirable going into Hell in a Cell.

Raw recap & reactions: The end is near

The latest edition of Monday Night Raw added a wrinkle to championship match, while Riddle let his feelings show.

Raw recap & reactions: Asuka’s ready for Hell in a Cell

Bianca Belair has a new challenger as backstage drama makes WWE call an audible.

Raw recap & reactions: Judge, jury, and executioner

The WrestleMania Backlash aftermath on a tepid episode of Monday Night Raw.

Raw recap & reactions: A 40 degree day

The WrestleMania Backlash go home show is rather tepid.

Raw recap & reactions: 20 years of Randy

Randy Orton celebrated a milestone in a big tag match involving Elias Ezekiel. What more do you need to know?


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