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WWE Raw: Results & Reactions

Raw recap & reactions: Is Becky Lynch ready for this?

Becky Lynch. Asuka. No Holds Barred. ‘Nuff said.

Raw recap & reactions: 20 years of not seeing him

John Cena’s back. John Cena’s baaack. Everyone hums Cena’s theme while Money in the Bank takes its final form.

Raw recap & reactions: Empress of Carnage

Becky Lynch has a meltdown one week away from WWE’s other summer event.

Raw recap & reactions: For the love of the game

AJ Styles and Seth Rollins tear the house down in the name of Cody Rhodes.

Raw recap & reactions: Judgment is swerved

Cody says his brief goodbye, Judgment Day gets a new member, and Bianca Belair has a new challenger.

Raw recap & reactions: This is the go home show?

Monday Night Raw is uninspired, uneventful, and pretty damn undesirable going into Hell in a Cell.

Raw recap & reactions: The end is near

The latest edition of Monday Night Raw added a wrinkle to championship match, while Riddle let his feelings show.

Raw recap & reactions: Asuka’s ready for Hell in a Cell

Bianca Belair has a new challenger as backstage drama makes WWE call an audible.

Raw recap & reactions: Judge, jury, and executioner

The WrestleMania Backlash aftermath on a tepid episode of Monday Night Raw.

Raw recap & reactions: A 40 degree day

The WrestleMania Backlash go home show is rather tepid.

Raw recap & reactions: 20 years of Randy

Randy Orton celebrated a milestone in a big tag match involving Elias Ezekiel. What more do you need to know?

Raw recap & reactions: Abusing my professionalism

The wedding of the century, a lie detector for the ages, and a main event match of the night.

Raw recap & reactions: AEW x WWE

The most interesting story on this very bland edition of Raw was quickly tossed aside, while The Uso’s obeyed their Tribal Chief.

Raw recap & reactions: The real season premiere

Cody Rhodes and Roman Reigns bookend the biggest Raw of the year. Did Bron Breakker get the call?

Raw recap & reactions: Raw is personal

The WWE champ finally shows up on his show, Bianca Belair cuts some hair, and the tag champs of both brands battle for supremacy.

Raw recap & reactions: Raw is a Rerun

WWE loved last week’s main event story so much, they did it twice. Oh, the humanity.

Raw recap & reactions: Take a look at the bad guys

Becky Lynch returns, Edge is turning blue, and Seth Rollins’ plan backfires big time on below average episode of Monday Night Raw.

Raw recap & reactions: Erroneous for dummies

RK-Bro are tag champs again, KO invites Steve Austin to the KO Show, and a lot of clips of Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns

Raw recap & reactions: Extra sturdy

AJ Styles steps to Edge, Finn Balor captures gold, and Bianca Belair leaves Becky Lynch with a lasting impression.

Raw recap & reactions: Property in the friend zone

Alpha Academy just can’t catch a break, and Becky Lynch is afraid of the EST.

Raw recap & reactions: Guess who’s back for the go home show

A very dope gauntlet match leads the way as WWE heads to Saudi Arabia for an unfortunately titled premium live event.

Raw recap & reactions: Friends, how many of us have them?

Lita showed she might still have it while Alpha Academy don’t want the smoke.

Raw recap & reactions: Don’t be rude to Rebecca

Lita made an unexpected visit up on Raw to challenge Becky Lynch. How would the champ respond?

Raw recap & reactions: No limit to what our love can do

A birthday party, a weigh-in, and a video game trailer highlighted the Royal Rumble go home edition of Monday Night Raw

Raw recap & reactions: Don’t boo education

You’re better than that, Cagesiders. Come inside to see if Raw was on your level this week

Raw recap & reactions: Bobby who?

Brock Lesnar isn’t impressed with his Royal Rumble opponent and Becky Lynch gets a new challenger.

Raw recap & reactions: Is it Friday yet?

Brock Lesnar showed up to Raw but the champ really wanted to be somewhere else and it showed.

Raw recap & reactions: Nice day for a white wedding

A wrestling wedding vow renewal ceremony? What could possibly go wrong?

Raw recap & reactions: Will the WWE Champion please stand up

Seth Rollins and Kevin Owens team up to fight Big E and...Bobby Lashley? It happened and we’re going to talk about it.

Raw recap & reactions: We don’t need no stinkin’ logic

The long, slow road to Day 1 continues and the WWE Championship picture gets cloudier for Big E.

Raw recap & reactions: The man stay the man

Liv Morgan’s first title shot was never really about her after all.

Raw recap & reactions: I’m a hustler, baby

Big E and Kevin Owens were all set to battle for giggles. Then Seth Rollins just couldn’t help but to be himself at the worst possible time.



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