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WWE Raw: Previews

Randy Orton has a tough decision to make

The future of RK-Bro hangs in the balance.

Alexa’s return to WWE can’t get here fast enough

Alexa Bliss is on her way back to Raw, just when WWE’s women’s division desperately needs her.

Big E’s probably not getting a championship rematch, just like Kofi

Big E lost the WWE championship at Day 1, and he’s almost certainly not getting it back from Brock Lesnar.

COVID throws Raw into disarray

WWE will need to make significant changes to Raw if these top stars are unavailable to perform due to COVID.

Owens’ new WWE contract changes the equation

Kevin Owens has re-signed with WWE, which means he could very well be the WWE champion at the end of Day 1.

Vince McMahon needs to follow his own advice

The WWE product would be far better if Vince McMahon was more willing to expect the unexpected.

This is the most important night of Liv Morgan’s career

Liv Morgan has never had a bigger fight than tonight’s Raw women’s championship match against Becky Lynch.

Finn Bálor will never be a top star in WWE

It’s time for Finn Balor to put over another top star in WWE.

WWE actually wants you to watch Raw to find out who stole an egg from McMahon

Fans wanted The Rock, but WWE instead gave them The Egg.

This version of brand warfare sucks

Very few wrestlers on Raw or SmackDown seem to care about the battle for brand supremacy, and rightfully so.

If this is it for Kevin Owens, he’s going out with a bang

Kevin Owens’ latest main event run in WWE could be his last given his rumored expiring contract.

This needs to be it for Bianca Belair

WWE risks doing damage to Bianca Belair with so many failed attempts to win championship gold.

Becky Lynch might just go off on Charlotte Flair tonight

Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair reportedly had a backstage incident at SmackDown, so now it’s time to turn the shoot into a work.

WWE is running out of time to make a decision on Flair

WWE created a problem for itself with Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch during the recent draft shows, setting the table for two title changes this week.

Another New Day split might be coming

The King of the Ring Tournament could be the cause of another New Day split depending on how badly Xavier Woods wants to win.

Goldberg is back for another terrible match in Saudi Arabia

Night two of the WWE Draft includes an appearance from Goldberg, and maybe even free agent Brock Lesnar.

Big E’s reign as champ is already in jeopardy as WWE looks to shake things up

Big E puts the WWE championship on the line in the opening match of Raw, right before WWE is about to shake things up again in the draft.

Roman Reigns is here to save Raw

WWE is pulling out all the stops to keep Monday Night Football from wreaking havoc on Raw’s TV ratings.

Don’t be surprised if Orton wins the WWE championship tonight

There are plenty of reasons to think Randy Orton will defeat Bobby Lashley for the WWE title tonight on Raw.

There’s still hope for Alexa Bliss

Creative forgot about Alexa Bliss last week, but there’s still a chance for her to have a prominent role at Extreme Rules.

The new women’s evolution is here!

Charlotte Flair says the new women’s evolution is here, and it looks like that means more Lilly and Eva Marie.

Get ready for more Goldberg!

Goldberg’s angle with Bobby Lashley is clearly not over, and Saudi Arabia is calling for a rematch.

Omos isn’t ready for this

Omos isn’t ready for televised singles matches in WWE, so Randy Orton has his work cut out for him tonight.

Don’t blame this one on Goldberg

Goldberg isn’t supposed to be at Raw tonight, but it’s probably not his fault.

Orton’s return is far more interesting than Goldberg’s

Goldberg is returning to Raw tonight, but Randy Orton is the one we’re waiting to see.

Goldberg already needs a week off

The Summer of Goldberg isn’t quite as busy as the Summer of Cena.

The Goldberg rumor casts a shadow over Raw

Bobby Lashley needs a new challenger for the WWE championship now that Kofi Kingston has once again been squashed.

Where is Randy Orton?

Randy Orton is missing as the ThunderDome era comes to an end in WWE.

Charlotte Flair’s ‘condition’ is a big mystery

Charlotte Flair’s turbulent year continues tonight when she provides a medical update on her condition.

Drew McIntyre always gets another chance

No matter how many times Drew McIntyre fails, he remains a fixture in the chase for the WWE championship.

Yeah, Hell in a Cell really ended with a roll up

Bobby Lashley and Drew McIntyre need new opponents after settling their war with a roll up inside Hell in a Cell.

It’s up to Eva Marie to save women’s wrestling

Eva Marie is returning to Raw just in time to fix their mess of a women’s division.