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WWE NXT: Results & Reactions

NXT recap & reactions: Warmed over and not loving it

Of all the things I watched this week, this show is definitely one of them.

New Year’s Evil recap & reactions: Holla if you hear him

Bron Breakker made one mistake that cost him the NXT Championship last time around. No such issues at this year’s New Year’s Evil

NXT recap & reactions: Mandy Rose’s not so mastermind plan

The penultimate show before New Year’s Evil has a lot going on in two hours. Let’s talk about it, shall we?

NXT recap & reactions: Shark in the water

New Year’s Evil takes shape as the Tommaso Ciampa and Bron Breakker make it official.

NXT recap & reactions: Welcome to the deep end

Bron Breakker and Roderick Strong battle for legitimacy. But is this the type of attention either man wants? Come find out.

NXT recap & reactions: Breaking my heart

Johnny Gargano might be leaving NXT. Or maybe he isn’t? Real life meets wrestling on this week’s episode.

NXT recap & reactions: WarGames go home show is a battlefield

The WarGames go-home show had a lot to establish in two hours with two ladder matches, a tag team number one contender match and a whole lot more.

NXT recap & reactions: Attitude 2.0

WarGames is almost here and the rainbow brand needs to establish some matches. Read the recap to find out how that shook out

NXT recap & reactions: Old dog, new tricks

WarGames is afoot, while Tomasso Ciampa has a lot to get off his chest about Bron Breakker and the rest of NXT 2.0.

NXT recap & reactions: Who shot ya?

Toxic Attraction wants to dominate while Carmelo Hayes is obsessed with proving he’s the face that runs the 2.0 place.

NXT recap & reactions: Leaders of the new school

The fallout from Halloween Havoc is in full effect. How will NXT 2.0’s new status quo affect everyone on the roster? Come find out

NXT recap & reactions: The calm before the havoc

Did Bron Breakker adequately protect Tommaso Ciampa? Which women’s tag team spun the wheel? And what does NXT look like after Carmelo Hayes shot and didn’t miss? Come on inside for these answers and more.

NXT recap & reactions: Kidnaps, straps, and a new North American Champ

NXT 2.0 moved with the speed of a centipede this week with a title on the line, a spot at Halloween Havoc up for grabs, and a whole bunch of toxicity.

NXT recap & reactions: Die another day

MSK defends their title against three teams, Toxic Attraction has words and actions, and anarchy still reigns supreme on NXT 2.0

NXT recap & reactions: Checking the boxes

A draft on the horizon? Titles up for grabs? NXT had a lot to do this week but how successful were they?

NXT recap & reactions: Friends close, a lot of enemies closer

While 2.0 finds its footing, Tommaso Ciampa keeps his head on a swivel

NXT recap & reactions: I now pronounce you 2.0

NXT’s favorite couple starts their new journey on the same night the brand gets a fresh start.

NXT recap & reactions: The end of an era gets a party

Bachelor and bachelorette parties, tag team title matches, and beatdowns galore. Let’s talk about the end of NXT as we know it

NXT recap & reactions: Revenge is semisweet

Will Tommaso Ciampa avenge his fallen friend? Will Dexter Lumis win Johnny Gargano’s approval? NXT answers these questions and more on a standard Tuesday night

NXT recap & reactions: At odds until we’re even

The plot thickens around the entire CWC as NXT resets after TakeOver 36

TakeOver 36 recap & reactions: Meet the new era, same as the old era

NXT TakeOver 36 might be our last hurrah with the black and gold brand as we know it. Thankfully, they made it a good sendoff.

NXT recap & reactions: Joe’s gonna hate you

The TakeOver 36 go home show offers a lot of wrestling and a lot of stories stuck in neutral.

NXT recap & reactions: Prelude to the Undisputed Finale

NXT eases up on the wrestling and focuses more on stories as it etches the NXT TakeOver 36 card in stone.

NXT recap & reactions: The power of love

When was the last time someone fought for your heart?

NXT recap & reactions: A ‘Colossal’ mountain to climb

Here’s the how and the why in our latest NXT report.

NXT recap & reactions: Respect Joe’s authority!

Here’s the how and the why in our latest NXT report.

NXT recap & reactions: Kross chokes out Joe

Here’s the how and the why in our latest NXT report.

The Great American Bash recap & reactions: Rap N’ Wrestling

So NXT is really good at wrestling and rapping now? And on the same show? Their latest show truly delivered on all fronts.

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NXT UK Recap & Reactions: Happy Canada Day!

Hey, it's part of the Commonwealth. The Women's champ even dressed for the occasion. Come break down this sports entertainment show celebrated the holiday on July 1 with a Canucklehead!

NXT recap & reactions: Heading to a bash, but not at the beach

We’ve got a women’s tag team triple threat, a mixed tag match, and the Diamond Mine is open for business seven days before Great American Bash! Find out about all of this and more in our latest NXT report.

NXT recap & reactions: Diamond Mine get props like a cop

The Samoa Joe "enforcer" era of NXT has begun. Kyle O’Reilly challenged KUSHIDA. Adam Cole had a decision to make! Find out about all of this and more in our latest NXT report.

NXT recap & reactions: SoCal submissions and big decisions!

At the end of In Your House, William Regal teased it was "time for a change." Could that change be a submission specialist from Southern California? Find out in our latest NXT report.


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