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WWE NXT: Results & Reactions

NXT recap & reactions: What’s up with Nikkita Lyons?

Nikkita Lyons seemed destined for superstardom. Now she seems stuck in limbo as NXT goes in other directions.

NXT recap & reactions: Wes Lee might not like being him

Wes Lee exorcises one demon only for another to appear out of nowhere.

NXT recap & reactions: Bron survives but for how long?

Bron Breakker moves from one challenger to the next, while an NXT UK transplant makes her debut.

NXT recap & reactions: Zoey Stark flips her wig

Zoey Stark and Nikkita Lyons come up short, so Zoey terminates their partnership on a very busy edition of NXT.

NXT recap & reactions: Bron & Wes Lee pay for their sins

The champs have eyes bigger than their stomachs.

NXT recap & reactions: Coming of age

Malik Blade & Edris Enofe let the world know they mean business and it was a lot of fun to watch.

NXT recap & reactions: The go home Theory

Austin Theory showed up with briefcase in hand and his sights set on the NXT championship days before Halloween Havoc.

NXT recap & reactions: JD’s revenge

Bron Breakker sends a message to Ilja Dragunov but it’s all part of JD McDonagh’s plan. Cue the maniacal laugh.

NXT recap & reactions: This is their brutality

The Brawling Brutes challenge Pretty Deadly, Melo rebounds, and a champion goes missing.

NXT recap & reactions: Steiner math

Bron Breakker gets a new challenger, Gallus goes away in cuffs, and Toxic Attraction fears Fyre.

NXT recap & reactions: Scaling the corporate ladder

A title is vacated, one wrestler says goodbye while another makes a triumphant return.

NXT recap & reactions: Melo finally missed

Solo Sikoa gives the Bloodline more gold in a surprise appearance as NXT celebrates its anniversary.

NXT recap & reactions: The Bron & Bate Connection

Picking up the pieces after Worlds Collide as a big anniversary approaches.

NXT recap & reactions: NXT’s family reunion

A bunch of former NXT champs graced Florida with their presence this week, while Carmelo Hayes got singular surprise.

NXT recap & reactions: The British are coming!

NXT sets up its version of a Crisis with two title unification matches set up for World’s Collide. Plus InDex!

NXT Heatwave recap & reactions: Hot Fuzz

Champions retained while challengers were kept strong, and a whole new crop of competitors arrived from the UK. Break down 2.0’s Aug. 16 themed episode with us here.

NXT recap & reactions: Apollo is cruising nowhere fast

NXT doesn’t put its best foot forward on the last leg to Heatwave.

NXT recap & reactions: Take a chance on the new champs

There are new tag champs in the women’s division, while a surprise return sets up a final clash.

NXT recap & reactions: Toxic avenger

Zoey Stark wants Mandy Rose, Cora Jade wants Zoey Stark, and the women’s tag titles want new owners.

NXT recap & reactions: A Stark reminder

Someone returns. Someone cements a heel turn. And Joe Gacy is still a thing for reasons.

NXT recap & reactions: Death by skateboard

Intrigue, betrayal, and a broken skateboard elevate NXT 2.0’s latest.

The Great American Bash recap & reactions: Bron gets broken

Championships on the line at NXT’s annual summer cookout. Who survives? Who doesn’t? Who brings the food?

NXT recap & reactions: Hustle, loyalty, & disrespect

Cameron Grimes has a point and that makes him very dangerous. Plus, Nikkita Lyons challenges Mandy Rose!

NXT recap & reactions: Let’s play the feud

Santos Escobar makes a choice, Toxic Attraction watches a fight, and NXT got crowded this week.

NXT recap & reactions: Toxic avengers

Bron’s new challenger. Tony’s new family. And Toxic Attraction’s new problem.

NXT recap & reactions: Apollo’s chariot returns

Carmelo Hayes has a lot on his plate while Bron Breakker and Mandy Rose get unexpected challengers.

NXT recap & reactions: Go home, Mandy!

NXT’s In Your House go home show puts the NXT champ in her place, while setting up a big final showdown for the North American championship.

NXT recap & reactions: Bron’s got character

The NXT championship picture is still a drag, but the rest of the show shines in spite of it.

NXT recap & reactions: One story to ruin them all

NXT’s Mens championship picture is someone coloring outside of the lines and nowhere close to making art.

NXT recap & reactions: The ladies breakout

Cora Jade is a made woman, Toxic Attraction are jerks, and the Women’s Breakout Tournament is on and poppin.

NXT recap & reactions: In with a roar, out with a whimper

Somebody call Bravo because NXT is messy as hell this week.

NXT recap & reactions: What is this, NXT?

An ending nobody saw coming is the question mark at the end of a very lackluster outing.


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