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WWE NXT: Results & Reactions

NXT recap & reactions: Becky takes it to the extreme

Becky gets her first challenger, Melo misses, and the Heritage Cup Invitational Finals solidify on this week’s NXT.

NXT recap & reactions: The Man is the new champ

The Man came around and got herself a championship on this week’s NXT.

NXT recap & reactions: The Man is coming around

Carmelo Hayes books a match, tag team turmoil, and Bron does something so awful that the cameras didn’t even show it on this week’s NXT.

NXT recap & reactions: The challenger is here

Tiffany Stratton knows who’s got next, Carmelo Hayes hears footsteps, and the Creeds are officially reinstated on this week’s NXT.

Heatwave recap & reactions: Lukewarm at best

Carmelo Hayes defends his championship, Tiffany Stratton gets four new challengers, and the worst kept secret finally comes to light at NXT Heatwave.

NXT recap & reactions: Carmelo & Wes don’t miss

Thea Hail snaps, the Creed Bros. strike, and Wes Lee gives the promo of his life on this week’s NXT.

NXT recap & reactions: Mami does daddy dirty

The Family gets new challengers, Trick puts his money where his mouth is, and Dirty Dom finds his courage on this week’s NXT.

NXT recap & reactions: It’s so hard to say goodbye

Carmelo Hayes & Trick Williams do the unthinkable, Thea Hail walks, and Tony D’Angelo’s big surprise doesn’t disappoint on this week’s NXT.

Great American Bash recap & reactions: Carmelo lives the dream

The champ stays the champ. Gable Steveson makes a very weird debut, and Roxanne conquers her own beast in a mediocre NXT Great American Bash.

NXT recap & reactions: Carmelo gets tricked

Dirty Dom gets new challengers, Lyra takes Rhea the distance, and Carmelo Hayes lays it all on the line on the last NXT before The Great American Bash.

NXT recap & reactions: The Dirty North American champ

Dirty Dom gets gold, Thea Hail gets her rematch, and Carmelo Hayes & Ilja Dragunov get acquainted with one another on this week’s NXT.

NXT recap & reactions: Judgment Day runs Tuesdays too?

Tony D’Angelo’s freedom. Ivy Nile’s temptation, and Trick Melo Gang’s fight with Judgment Day all on this week’s NXT.

NXT recap & reactions: Ilja chooses violence

The Creed Bros. say goodbye, Carmelo Hayes challenges the Judgment Day, and Ilja Dragunov gives Bron Breakker a very rude awakening on this week’s NXT.

NXT Gold Rush Night 2 recap & reactions: Melo’s golden ticket

Carmelo Hayes survives, Rhea Ripley surprises, Tiffany Stratton skates, and Gallus Boys get lucky on NXT Gold Rush Night 2.

NXT Gold Rush recap & reactions: Bron breaks through

Seth Rollins defends his championship, a Gallus boy gets kidnapped, and Finn Balor gets the last word at NXT Gold Rush.

NXT recap & reactions (June 13, 2023): Should Bron get his wish?

A champion gets a new challenger, two teammates hug it out, and Shawn Michaels makes a huge announcement on this week’s NXT.

NXT recap & reactions: All hail the queen

Thea Hail survives the battle, Baron Corbin explains himself, and Bron Breakker surprises everyone on this week’s NXT.

NXT recap & reactions: A bum ass walks into NXT

Carmelo Hayes finds a new challenger, Tiffany Stratton lays down the gauntlet, and a fan favorite makes a surprise appearance on this week’s NXT.

Battleground recap & reactions: The Melo dynasty has emerged

Carmelo Hayes gets a hometown welcome, Tiffany Stratton makes history, and Ilja & Dijak barely survive NXT’s latest big event.

NXT recap & reactions: End of the road for Melo & Bron

NXT’s Battleground go home show solidifies the NXT Women’s championship match, and gives us one last shot at an interesting story for Carmelo Hayes and Bron Breakker.

NXT recap & reactions: This doesn’t feel right

The main event angle is all over the place, one of many problems on this week’s NXT.

NXT recap & reactions: Whoop that, Trick

Trick Williams gets his big test, two women advance in the championship tournament, and someone loses a tooth. Just another day in NXT.

NXT recap & reactions: Bron’s heel run already needs help

Bron Breakker confuses, JD McDonagh & Dragon Lee amaze, and Indi Heartwell gets real on her last episode of NXT.

NXT recap & reactions: Keeping it real goes wrong

Grayson Waller Effect featuring Carmelo Hayes, Jacy Jayne gets personal, Indi Hartwell gets two new challengers, and Brooks Jensen goes shopping on this week’s NXT.

NXT recap & reactions: Melo doesn’t get what he wants

One team gets new challengers, another possibly breaks up, the women’s division is at war, and Carmelo Hayes gets his first challenger.

NXT recap & reactions: Let’s do the double turn

Indi Hartwell and Carmelo Hayes get their first challengers, Wes Lee defends his title again, and a couple surprise returns cap a fun Tuesday night.

NXT recap & reactions: These two might steal the show

Johnny Gargano surprises, Roxanne Perez shocks, and Kiana James finally gives Jensen some news in the last NXT before Stand & Deliver.

NXT recap & reactions: Carmelo keeps his enemy closer

Carmelo Hayes & Bron Breakker don’t want to co-exist, Gallus sets up a triple threat tag match, and more on this week’s NXT.

NXT recap & reactions: Is Bron ready for Melo?

Bron Breakker and Carmelo Hayes make it official, the NXT Women’s championship is in limbo, and Grayson Waller crosses yet another line.

Roadblock recap & reactions: All roads still entirely clear

Roxanne Perez wins at a cost, Bron Breakker and Carmelo Hayes finally make it official, and a surprise return stuns NXT

NXT recap & reactions: Carmelo Hayes’ last roadblock

Carmelo and Tyler Bate have a big strong fight, Gigi Dolin gets real, and the NXT parking lot continues its reign of terror in the last show before Roadblock.

NXT recap & reactions: Go home, Grayson Waller

Grayson Waller crashes the party we all want to attend, Pretty Deadly crash into Gallus, and Roxanne Perez trains with her next challenger.


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