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WWE NXT: Previews

NXT 2.0’s new stars need to walk before they run

A couple of the men already seem to be getting shots in the main event, but a more gradual introduction would probably serve talent & fans better. Plus, everything you need to get ready for the Sept. 21 show!

A new look, a new champ and a pair of newlyweds

Is it a dawn of a new era? Or will it be the same old show with a splash of obnoxiously colorful paint? Let’s kick it around while we get you ready for the Sept. 14 debut of WWE NXT 2.0.

It’s time for Io Shirai to move on from NXT

With the rebrand coming next week, WWE should move the uber-talented former Women’s champ to the main roster or cut or loose. That, and everything you need to get ready for Sept. 7’s show - the last episode before the rebrand.

Why there are no spoilers for tonight’s pre-taped NXT

More on WWE’s curious decision to crackdown on live reports from last week’s second taping, and lots more about what we do know about the Aug. 31 episode.

Samoa Joe’s third NXT title reign could be a long one

With the rebrand coming, the new champ could be holding the black-and-gold brand down for a while until younger stars that fit Vince McMahon’s vision are ready for the top. That, and everything you need to get ready for the Aug. 24 episode.

What’s going on with Mandy Rose in NXT?

It’s Title Tuesday and the final push to TakeOver 36, but most of our questions about the Aug. 17 NXT still involve the changes WWE’s making to the brand... including if Rose being moved there will ever be followed up on.

With its future in flux, NXT has to focus on the present

With only two shows until TakeOver 36, Triple H and team have to quickly get everyone’s minds off last week’s releases and reports of Vince McMahon’s plans. We’re talking that, and getting you ready for Aug. 10’s episode.

Cole’s free agency adds a new wrinkle to O’Reilly feud, and NXT in general

We’re talking that, and everything you need to get ready for TakeOver build and Indi Hartwell on a pole on the Aug. 3 episode of NXT!

NXT might be rushing Samoa Joe’s return to the ring

Not in a medical sense, but is there more they could have done with the former champ in his authority figure role? We wrestle with that and other questions while getting you ready for the pre-taped July 27 episode on SyFy.

Kross’ Raw loss leaves NXT looking more third rate than ever

WWE’s asking if anyone can stop the NXT champ... when we all watched Jeff Hardy pin him on Raw. We ask how Triple H will deal with this mess on a roster already in flux as we get you ready for the July 20 episode.

SmackDown call-ups might not be done on NXT

Will Shotzi Blackheart, Tegan Nox & Toni Stom pull double duty to finish up their stories on Tuesday nights? We talk that and get you ready for July 13’s big championship edition of NXT.

Call-ups loom larger than ever over Great American Bash

After last week’s North American title change, NXT looks to be entering one of a major transition period. The July 6 special episode should tell us a lot about how Triple H plans to manage the changes.

Add The Diamond Mine to Samoa Joe’s ‘to do’ list

As if he didn’t already have enough on his plate, now Roderick Strong’s new group is back to target the Cruiserweight champ! We talk that, and give you everything you need to get ready for the final push to the Great American Bash.

Adam Cole has a lot on his plate!

Adam Cole is awake and, presumably, mad! How much enforcing will Samoa Joe have to do this week and is this what William Regal meant by more order?

Regal’s change plan should involve the NXT champion

If it’s what reports say it is, he should be there for more than just enforcing order. That, and everything else you need to get ready for June 15’s TakeOver: In Your House fallout show!

Give us one last Io Shirai run in NXT

Poppy’s back for the TakeOver: In Your House go home episode, and we hope her presence heralds the return of her friend, the former Women’s champ. That and more to get you ready for June 8’s show.

NXT wasted the Undisputed ERA break-up angle

The black-and-gold brand desperately needs a big storyline, and the break-up of the most successful stable in its history only giving us one TakeOver match is a missed opportunity. That, and more to get you ready for the June 1 episode.

This could be the last time we see Bálor or Kross on NXT

At least for a while, as it’s hard to imagine what’s next on the brand for the loser of tonight’s title rematch. We ponder that while getting you ready for the May 25 episode.

How NXT can address their ratings woes

While getting ready for May 18’s episode and its Steel Cage main event, we kick around a few ideas that could help Triple H & company get some of their old buzz back.

The Way may not be done collecting gold

NXT’s set up a lot of potential challengers for Karrion Kross, but we’re especially intrigued by one of them. We sort through the many choices for top men’s and women’s contenders at next month’s TakeOver, and get you ready for tonight’s big matches - right here.

What the heck is the Diamond Mine?

Can Candice LeRae finally get some gold by breaking her partner’s heart? What’s next for Finn Bálor? We get you ready for the May 4 NXT with a little Q & A.

Finn Bálor’s next move might not be on NXT Prime

With Adam Cole’s return tonight, The Prince is the last big name we haven’t seen since TakeOver: Stand & Deliver. We hope that means they’re restarting his pre-pandemic program. We also do our best to get you ready for the April 27 show.

Sarray has big shoes to fill

The joshi star arrives while we wait to see what’s next for Io Shirai, and that’s just one of the questions we have. Jump in and get ready for the April 20 NXT... and of course, ship InDex.

Kross needs to stand out in an era of dominant champs

NXT looks to make its mark on a new night with a stacked line-up full of new champions. We preview the April 13 TakeOver fallout show, with a particular focus on the new NXT titleholder.

Roderick Strong faces an uncertain post-Undisputed ERA future

The final push toward next week’s two-night TakeOver: Stand & Deliver should give us a sign about what’s next for Roddy. We cover that, and everything you need to get ready for the Mar. 31 NXT.

Tonight could be one of the last times González & Kai team together

General Manager William Regal’s dealing with an Undisputed friendship turned blood feud, and Tag titles vacated by injury. We’re wondering about the future of another team... and getting you ready for Mar. 24’s big episode of NXT.

TakeOver: Stand & Deliver will be amazing... if everyone gets/stays healthy

There’s some uncertainty about the Mar. 17 episode as a result of reports about a COVID outbreak at the Performance Center. With only weeks until what could be an all-time great WrestleMania week show, that’s the last thing the black-and-gold brand needs.

Expect TakeOver build, not title changes, on tonight’s NXT

It’s a big episode, with two title matches and two ‘game-changing’ announcements. But when one of those is expected to be a two night event that’s just one month away, much of what happens could be prelude for those shows.

NXT needs the WWE Women’s Tag titles

Why we’re hoping Dakota Kai & Raquel González will win tonight, and why we think it might happen. That, and more to get you ready for the Mar. 3 edition of the black-and-gold brand.

What’s Santos Escobar’s next move?

The Cruiserweight champ keeps saying he’s playing chess, not checkers. He’s going to need a really good strategy to take down the undefeated Karrion Kross. We ponder what tricks he might have under his mask, and get you ready for the Feb. 24 NXT.

Adam Cole vs. Kyle O’Reilly doesn’t need to be an NXT title feud

But the black-and-gold brand will need to address the role of Finn Bálor (and others) in the Undisputed ERA civil war that started at TakeOver: Vengeance Day. That, and some other questions about the Feb. 17 fallout show.

NXT’s fighting an uphill battle trying to convince WWE fans that tag wrestling matters

The Dusty Classics have been great. But NXT’s audience has been programmed to think of tag teams as midcard acts. Is good wresting enough to change their minds? That, and everything you need to get ready for Feb. 10’s TakeOver go home show.


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