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WWE Main Event

Rumor Roundup: Becky Lynch, Bray Wyatt, USA’s reaction to NXT changes, more!

The latest rumors, including if The Man will be at SummerSlam, a curious video playing in the arena during Raw, how the plans for NXT are playing with network execs, and more!

It sounds like WWE might break up Kross and Scarlett on the main roster

Karrion Kross debuted on Main Event without Scarlett, who will reportedly receive a separate tryout later this week.

Ali spoke to McMahon about WWE creative having nothing for him again

Mustafa Ali pitched his own creative to Vince McMahon because WWE doesn’t know what to do with him.

Mansoor didn’t want his long winning streak to end like that

WWE really dropped the ball with Mansoor’s debut on Raw.

Former WWE champs face off on (checks notes) Main Event

And one of them was aligned with two guys he lost to the last time we saw him!

Featured Fanshot

Ali is still giving his all, even on Main Event

There is zero quit in this man, and a relentless drive to make the most of everything he's given. You have to tip it.

Ali is back on Main Event having the best match of the week

There isn’t enough time on Raw to feature Mustafa Ali, even though there is time for Braun Strowman to wrestle three different matches in one night.

WWE hires new announcer, Raw Talk host

Meet Kevin Patrick (real name Kevin Egan), a face and voice we’ll be seeing on Monday nights - and shows taped Monday nights.

Ricochet made another very bad decision

Ricochet’s refusal to join a heel faction bites him in the ass again.

Another underutilized WWE wrestler cuts a great promo online

Nikki Cross is the latest Superstar to use Twitter to try and reignite her career - because its the one place she can show what she’s capable of.

Several wrestlers were backstage but not used on last night’s Raw

The chaos caused by re-writing the script after the afternoon’s COVID news left several champions and people with ongoing storyline sitting on the sidelines.

Jaxson Ryker walks with Elias

The controversial Forgotten Son showed up as an enforcer at this week’s Main Event taping. But it may not a permanent gig.

RETRIBUTION couldn’t even let us enjoy SLAPJACK’s big night

RECKONING lost her mask & her first match on Raw, and the group may be falling apart. As much as we love Slappy, it’s hard to care about any of it any more.

This is the best promo of Ricochet’s WWE career

It may be too late to change his fortunes in the company, but that he’s working on the hole in his game is still a good sign for his pro wrestling future.

Mustafa Ali is already back on Main Event

Mustafa Ali and RETRIBUTION show off their dangerous potential by...beating up the Gobbledy Gooker?

Rumor Roundup: Raw Undergound, Samoa Joe, Mustafa Ali, more!

The latest rumors, including who had the idea for Shane McMahon’s fight club, what the future holds for Joe, if Ali will ever get a push, and more!

Mustafa Ali can’t even win on Main Event

It’s a good thing that Ali cares more about telling stories than win-loss record, because his win-loss record stinks.

Bianca Belair’s back! Now what?

Sadly, there’s no reason to think The EST isn’t headed back to Main Event after a placeholder appearance on Raw.

Rumor Roundup: CM Punk/AEW, COVID at WWE PC, Mysterio, Baszler, more!

The latest rumors, including how much Phil wanted to work for Tony, new numbers from the Performance Center outbreak, more on Rey’s contract status, Shayna gets some work, and more!

WWE’s got a taping schedule all the way up to SummerSlam

It includes NXT TakeOver: Not Boston.

Why Ricochet reappeared on Raw last night, probably

After six weeks, the former U.S. champ showed up on the June 29 edition of the red show. There a few possible reasons why, and one big one coming to WWE Network this Sunday.

WWE rearranges taping schedule while awaiting COVID test results

Instead of filming eight shows today, they’ll only do seven.

Ricochet’s out here repping Main Event

Not many folks predicted 2017’s hottest free agent would be on a Hulu exclusive come 2020, but here we are. At least he has the right attitude.

Rumor Roundup: Lawler, more WWE announcer changes, 205 Live future, more!

The latest rumors, including how long The King will reign on Monday nights, additional plans for Raw & SmackDown commentary, what’s next for the WWE Cruiserweights, and more!

Dana Brooke is tough, and Sarah Logan is savage

It took some blood, but we’ve got a women’s feud brewing on the undercard!

Rumor Roundup: Backstage at WWE, low morale, Clash of Champions, more!

The latest rumors, including who was backstage at Raw this week, more talk of low morale in WWE, advertisements for upcoming shows, and more!

EC3 seems really committed to his new gimmick

Or not. Whatever. Who cares.

WWE teasing a character change for Nikki Cross

It sounds like she could be going the Mojo Rawley route.

Dana Brooke is mad at Sam Roberts for his commentary on Main Event

The broadcaster made his debut this week, and immediately pissed someone off.

Meet the latest stars WWE moved to 205 Live from another brand (spoilers)

The purple brand has added a pair who weren’t getting screen time on Raw, but could bring some character to Wednesday night’s cruiserweight showcase.

Zack Ryder is snakebit

The new Raw Superstar suffered another knee injury at Monday’s Main Event taping. He’s missing Greatest Royal Rumble for a MRI.

Bayley wants you to know that it’s actually a GOOD thing she was on Main Event this week

She’s putting a positive spin on it.


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