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WWE House Shows

WWE announces Sasha Banks is out 6-8 weeks with a foot injury

The Boss was hurt at last Sunday’s house show, and now it looks like she’ll miss Royal Rumble.

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A good update from Sasha Banks after injury scare at WWE house show

It looked like The Boss may have seriously hurt her leg while taking a move from Charlotte Flair, especially after officials carried her to the back. But Sasha tells us not to worry.

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Toni Storm returned to the SmackDown Women’s title scene at WWE Orlando

Wild week for our gal from Down Under.

Edge crossed an item off his bucket list on the way to Raw

The Rated R Superstar was called into emergency duty for WWE’s Madison Square Garden show, and wrestled Kevin Owens for the first time. He commented on that, and teased an appearance on the Day 1 go home show tonight in Detroit.

Toni Storm chased the 24/7 title at WWE’s Tampa house show

Lots of extenuating circumstances, but still a tough follow-up to a SmackDown Women’s title shot.

Lynch, Rollins, Reigns, Big E & Belair pulled from WWE house shows

While not confirmed to be due to the reported COVID outbreak, it certainly seems to be related to either positive tests or precautions to prevent the spread.

Acknowledge Roman Reigns as the best at house show banter

Two examples of why untelevised live events are great, and why Reigns is great at them. Co-starring Aquaman and, well, you’ll see.

WWE reportedly dealing with multiple COVID cases

Restrictions have impacted the Canadian leg of their Holiday Tour, and now they may be shorthanded due to positive tests and illness among talent and staff.

COVID-willing, Trish wants to chat with Becky at WWE Toronto

A fun pre-Day 1 angle or even a future match could be brewing, but Canada’s response to the omicron surge could mean none of it happens.

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Jeff Hardy reportedly sent home from WWE’s weekend house show circuit

He left a six-man tag on Saturday and was not backstage on Sunday.

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WWE postpones its Canada tour

Here is the latest information from WWE about upcoming changes to their touring schedule.

Trish Stratus is hosting WWE’s Toronto house show

Booking one of Canada’s favorite wrestling daughters is definitely a way to sell tickets. Could it also lead to another match for the Hall of Famer?

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Orton helps young fan being pushed into barricade at WWE live event

Randy’s attentiveness saved a child being squashed by the crowd behind at the company’s Birmingham, England show last week.

One WALTER dream match set up another

The Ring General and Cesaro are currently lighting each other up on the UK tour, and WWE used the moment to remind us about the Finn Bálor feud they were building to before the pandemic.

TIL Rhea Ripley & Damian Priest wear the same size pants

With The Nightmare’s gear missing along with her title, The Archer of Infamy came to the rescue.

Don’t trust Karrion Kross on your birthday

Poor John Morrison found out the hard way at a weekend house show. We think he had a happy one anyway, though.

WWE announces return to the UK for November tour

It’s a week long run starting in Brighton and ending in Manchester.

WWE announces John Cena for 15 dates

They’re going to use one of their biggest stars to sell as many tickets as they can before he departs for Hollywood again.

WWE announces Extreme Rules for Sept., makes Garden date a Supershow

More details about the schedule now that touring is back.

WWE announces return to the UK

WWE is returning to the United Kingdom in a matter of months.

WWE confirms SummerSlam date, announces remaining tour plans

The biggest party of the summer will be on Saturday, but we don’t officially know where yet. We do have a peek at what the house show schedule will look like now, though.

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WWE’s days of regular house show touring appear to be over

A new report says wrestlers are being told that even when the pandemic is over, the company won’t return to their old model. Let’s talk why that makes sense, the pros and cons for talent, and what it all might mean.


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