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WWE Hell in a Cell 2022

Report: Naomi walked out of WWE while negotiating a new contract

There’s a new wrinkle to consider in Naomi and Sasha Banks’ decision to walk out of WWE.

Seth Rollins rejects the false narrative about his feud with Cody Rhodes

In pushing Rhodes as self-made man & underdog, Booker T said Rollins had an easy path to the top. Seth didn’t want to hear it.

This time in Hell

Hey, why not a third?

Hell in a Cell match card & rumors

Here’s what WWE has planned for the next PPV on the schedule, Hell in a Cell, on June 5, 2022.

Cody Rhodes is much better off in WWE than AEW

Cody is already the number one babyface in WWE.

WWE tag team title unification match set for SmackDown next week

Let’s see if it actually happens this time.

Rumor Roundup: Blood & Guts, part-timer Reigns, AEW injury, Ibushi, more!

The latest rumors, including AEW bringing back Blood & Guts, why WWE doesn’t mind Roman Reigns holding two top titles on a part-time schedule, Kota Ibushi burning his bridges in Japan, Leyla Hirsch injury update, Jericho trademarks, and more!

Report: Reigns off Hell in a Cell, has new part-time schedule similar to Lesnar

Don’t expect to see much of WWE’s top two men’s championships over the next few months, and perhaps even longer than that.

Reigns not advertised for WWE TV or house shows in July or August

The case of Roman Reigns and the cryptic house show promo seemed closed after we got word of his new contract with fewer dates. But the plot thickens, as it looks like he’s taking most of the summer off...