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WWE Hall of Fame

About Ric Flair and the 2023 Royal Rumble...

The Nature Boy is headed to Raw’s 30th Anniversary show, but blames ‘social media’ for twisting his words about what he’ll be doing Jan. 28 in San Antonio.

WWE is breaking out the big guns for NXT this week (UPDATED)

Four Hall of Famers are coming to help Shawn Michaels with his latest big announcement.

Briscoes want to retire Rock ‘N’ Roll Express at Return of The Dragon

At this weekend’s Steamboat comeback show, Mark Briscoe’s gonna toast marshmallows and retire Ricky & Robert, and he’s all out of marshmallows

‘The Iron Claw’ casts its Ric Flair

Stone Cold’s bottom line response to rumors he’s prepping for another match

The WWE Hall of Famer’s straight-forward explanation for why he’s been training so hard lately should silence talk of another WrestleMania appearance next year, right? Probably not, especially not after The Rock responded to his old rival.

Some great news from Jake The Snake

The WWE Hall of Famer and wrestling legend is with AEW, but he’s been away because he needed oxygen to treat his COPD. But he reports he doesn’t need the tank anymore, and he’s back to work!

Bret Hart worked a Goldberg jab into quote about making peace with HBK

The anniversary of the Montreal Screwjob gave the Hitman a chance to wonder what might have happened if he & Shawn Michaels never had a falling out, and that gave him another chance to remind us he blames Goldberg for ending his career in WCW.

A list of things we think Road Dogg is better at than Bret Hart

While discussing the Montreal Screwjob, Road Dogg said he thinks he’s a better sports entertainer than the Hitman. That’s just his opinion. Here’s ours.

WWE announces schedule for WrestleMania weekend, including HOF date and NXT special

Here’s WWE with details on the date, venue, and ticket information for several events during WrestleMania weekend.

Flair on how his new documentary will be different, returning to WWE

The Nature Boy hypes the new WWE-produced chronicle of his life by explaining what he thinks went wrong with ESPN’s version, and seems to be happy with his old employers after vowing to never work with Nick Khan after the Dark Side of the Ring/Plane Ride From Hell controversy.

Ric Flair’s next match might be against (checks notes) Joe Rogan

The popular comedian, podcaster & UFC commentator said the Figure-four Leglock ‘dumb’ and explained why it wouldn’t work in a real fight. The Nature Boy isn’t gonna let that stand... or let an opportunity to get his name trending go by.

Bret Hart says Goldberg should be removed from the WWE Hall of Fame

The Hitman never misses a chance to trash the man who ended his pro wrestling career.

Your latest sign Ric Flair’s Last Match wasn’t Ric Flair’s last match

The Nature Boy vows never to retire while celebrating 50 amazing years in the business.

Hold up, playas! Teddy Long explains why he was blocking everybody

A strange weekend saga comes to the conclusion most of us figured it would.

Rumor Roundup: Bray Wyatt, Vince McMahon HOF talk, AEW rankings, more!

The latest rumors, including potential Bray Wyatt teases, talk of Vince McMahon going into the WWE Hall of Fame, what’s up with AEW rankings, and more!

Trish Stratus undergoes emergency appendectomy

Surgery went well for the seven-time Women’s champion, as she explained in an Instagram post that also included some ‘lessons learned’ for others who might experience the same thing.

Rumor Roundup: Punk vs. The Elite, AEW investigation, McMahon HOF, more!

The latest rumors, including CM Punk’s sucker punch during the backstage fight at All Out, Omega’s controversial remark, AEW’s internal investigation ending soon, Vince McMahon in the WWE Hall of Fame, and more!

Ricky ‘The Dragon’ Steamboat is returning to the ring at 69 years old

The legend returns to in-ring action in two months.

Rumor Roundup: AEW investigation, Thunder Rosa, Velveteen Dream, more!

The latest rumors, including a key person present for the CM Punk/Elite brawl, how Tony Khan & company are looking into what happened, shooting down a report about the AEW Women’s champ, an old disturbing story from WWE NXT, and more!

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Wrestlehistory: Gorgeous George

Learn more about a man who's influence on pro wrestling and pop culture can not be overstated.

Nikki Bella got married, can’t wait to share it with us in E! special

She and Artem Chigvintsev tied the knot in Paris over the weekend, and a four part reality series about their ‘entire journey’ will premiere on the home of Total Divas & Total Bellas in early 2023.

Ric Flair’s already talking about ‘next time’ after Last Match

The 73 year old Nature Boy does promise to drink more water than beer when preparing for "something big again".

Undertaker is bringing his show to Clash at the Castle

Cardiff will get the latest 1 deadMAN SHOW the night before the big event.

Ric Flair: ‘I passed out twice’ during Last Match

The Nature Boy gives his account of his divisive main event tag bout, explaining away some troubling scenes from July 31 as the result of dehydration.

Let’s check in on Bret Hart’s feelings about Goldberg

The Hitman gives a brief, to the point update on his relationship with the man he blames for ending his career in WCW.

Rumor Roundup: MJF update, Booker T last match, AEW contracts, more!

The latest rumors, including Tony Khan’s disgruntled star’s gone radio silent, if Harlem Heat will do a Ric Flair-type show next year, how AEW’s deals are like WWE’s, a new wrestling couple, and more!

Hacksaw gets another W in his battle with cancer

HOO! Take that, tough guy.

Please let that have really been Ric Flair’s Last Match

Whether you loved or hated it, let’s hope the Nature Boy got what he wanted out of it. The 73 year old isn’t going to get any healthier, and future matches would only be scarier for his loved ones and everyone watching.

Flair’s Last Match cameos include Foley, Bret, DDP, Sting, Taker, more

The Nature Boy’s big night in Nashville featured a cavalcade of wrestling’s biggest stars.

Goldberg pats himself on the back over Bret Hart’s injury drama

What a human being this man is.

Great Khali comments after being accused of slapping a toll worker

A possible case of selfie blackmail on the roads of India.

Rumor Roundup: Vince allegation, reaction to Cena return, Mox injury, more!

The latest rumors, including how McMahon’s team views New York Magazine’s Rita Chatterton story, locker room reaction to John Cena being back, good news for AEW on the injury front for a change, and more!


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