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WWE Extreme Rules 2020

At least no one will lose an eye this time...

Seth Rollins and Rey Mysterio will revisit their Extreme Rules 2020 rivalry on the Sept. 26 Raw, without that match’s stipulation. More on that, and the rest of the card for WWE’s Monday show, here.

I think Malakai Black tried to extract PAC’s eyeball

AEW’s eyeball angle with PAC and Malakai Black continued with a bloody eye gouging on Rampage.

Rollins dropped out of WWE’s main event scene this year

Seth Rollins is only a minor footnote on the list of WWE’s pay-per-view main events in 2020.

There’s been an awful lot of attempted murder in WWE this year

Bray Wyatt joins a long list of WWE wrestlers who were murdered this year, and most of them have returned with no explanation.

WWE’s Best Cinematic Matches list throws shade with a few omissions

You’d think they’d just include all of them. But they’ve made some debatable choices. And what is the internet but to argue about lists?

McIntyre still has not headlined a pay-per-view as WWE champion

McIntyre’s match against Randy Orton at SummerSlam 2020 continued a pattern of no pay-per-view main events for the defending WWE champion.

Rollins: Audiences ‘don’t have the patience for long-term storytelling’

The Monday Night Messiah says that’s why things like his Eye For An Eye match are designed to create ‘moments’ that will attract casual viewers.

It’s really hard to wrestle on two consecutive pay-per-views

Let’s check out which wrestlers have competed on the most consecutive WWE pay-per-view events.

Seth Rollins questions criticism of Eye For An Eye match

Although he admits he was initially skeptical about the stipulation for his Extreme Rules match with Rey Mysterio, Rollins is proud of the final product. And he wonders if folks who didn’t like it aren’t just haters or biased AEW fans.

Don’t worry, Rey Mysterio’s optic nerve is intact and back in its socket

He’s gonna make it!

WWE’s confusing finishes are out of control

Let’s break down the results of the Cageside Seats staff predictions for the latest WWE pay-per-view.

It makes all the sense in the world to push Mustafa Ali

Fortunes can change in a hurry in sports entertainment. Here are three acts who are rising, and three who are falling, after a busy week in WWE.

Rumor Roundup: Dunn upset with women’s match, Deadly Draw, Young Bucks injury, more!

The latest rumors, including Kevin Dunn upset with a women’s match, the Young Bucks banged up, Vince McMahon’s involvement in the Eye for an Eye match, and more!

Rumor Roundup: Rey Mysterio, Vince’s Extreme opinions, Kairi Sane, more

The latest rumors, including Rey’s contract negotiations, what Mr. McMahon liked & didn’t like last Sunday, plans for the Pirate Princess, and more!

Cageside Community Star Ratings: Kevin Owens vs. Murphy

What star rating does this match deserve?

I don’t know if a Swamp Fight counts as a wrestling match

Let’s check out how much total match time was included on the latest WWE pay-per-view.

Cageside Community Star Ratings: Bayley vs. Nikki Cross

What star rating does this match deserve?

Cageside Community Star Ratings: New Day vs. Cesaro & Nakamura

What star rating does this match deserve?

Cageside Community Star Ratings: Strowman vs. Wyatt

What star rating does this match deserve?

Rumor Roundup: Eye For An Eye finish, Ric Flair, WWE ratings, more!

The latest rumors, including what was cut from Seth Rollins & Rey Mysterio’s match at Extreme Rules, The Nature Boy & his wife dealing with COVID, how Vince McMahon is reacting to Raw & SmackDown’s TV numbers, and more!

Cageside Community Star Ratings: Mysterio vs. Rollins

What star rating does this match deserve?

Cageside Community Star Ratings: McIntyre vs. Ziggler

What star rating does this match deserve?

WWE told us Mysterio’s vision will be okay for exact reason you thought (Updated - Possible SPOILER)

Rey hasn’t re-signed yet, so he lost Extreme Rules’ Eye For An Eye match with Seth Rollins. But he probably will, and they don’t want him wrestling with an eye patch when he does.

Cageside Community Star Ratings: Asuka vs. Sasha Banks

What star rating does this match deserve?

Extreme Rules recap & reactions: Held hostage

The wrestling was good but some of the decisions made throughout the night were questionable to say the least.

Extreme Rules highlights: Sasha & Bayley’s getaway, Rollins after Mysterio’s eye, more!

WWE put together an interesting PPV with "Extreme Rules," some of which needs to be seen to be believed. So here you go.

What was ‘Match of the Night’ at Extreme Rules?

Come vote in our poll and tell us what you think!

Extreme Rules gave us the greatest photo in pro wrestling history

Rey Mysterio holding a fake eye against his head.

The Fiend emerged at the end of a meandering Swamp Fight

There were some interesting twists along the way, but this was mostly a long trip to where we all thought this feud was headed anyway - The Fiend vs. Braun Strowman for the Universal title at SummerSlam.

Ziggler’s mystery stipulation was good, but McIntyre is still champion

A heel actually made a smart decision here, but it was a nice setup for the champion to overcome.


Bayley’s a ref, Sasha’s a double champ (unofficially), and Asuka’s pissed.

Rollins wins Eye for an Eye match, vomits all over the place

Rey Mysterio’s career may once again be in jeopardy, apparently.


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