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WWE 2K19

Rumor Roundup: Lesnar cash-in, Ziggler, Saudi card, Wild Card Rule, more!

The latest rumors, including Brock’s not unexpected next move, when the decision was made to bring Dolph back, another match for Super ShowDown, how Raw & SmackDown’s new roster flexibility is viewed backstage, and more!

Adapt or perish, that is evolution

WWE 2K19 reminds us to never say never, and that reminded us of the dream match between The Shield and Evolution which laid down the template for how it should be done.

WWE 2K19 Review: New year offers new hope for gamers

WWE 2K19 flashes new potential in a video game franchise that was in need of a reboot.

Daniel Bryan defeating Triple H was a really big deal at the time

WWE 2K19 reminds us to never say never, and that reminded us to look back on a great feud, and how WWE capitalized on their own somewhat negative image to make it so good.

So UFC and TNA guys walked into Survivor Series as WWE Champions...

WWE 2K19 reminds us to never say never, and that reminded us of a dream match that seemingly never should have happened - and yet Survivor Series 2017 delivered the goods. Let’s break down how we got there, what happened, and what a hypothetical rematch might look like together, folks.

Rousey’s Pit? Never say never

WWE 2K19’s latest excellent trailer invites you to dream big. We’ve seen crazier ideas come to life, after all.

Looks like Triple H wants to bury you in 2K19 MyCAREER trailer

What is going on? The first trailer for WWE 2K19 MyCAREER is here and it’s weird as ever.

You’ll be able to play as Ricochet in WWE 2K19, but still not...

Obviously, Tommy Entertainment’s ‘never lose’ clause prohibits them from even putting him in as a DLC.

New Day reveal your Superstar-selected WWE 2K19 soundtrack, BAY-BEE

With an assist from Wale and Elias.

New WWE 2K19 trailer features House of Horrors match & more surprises

There is a lot going on in this new WWE 2K19 trailer and we attempt to find all the easter eggs in it.

Ciampa has a perfect explanation for why he’s not in WWE 2K19

They don’t call him The Greatest Sports Entertainer of All Time for nothing, folks.

WOO! WWE 2K19’s legends roster is here

Rusev, Lana and The Bar return to announce the third part of the WWE 2K19 roster.

A very good trailer for WWE 2K19’s Daniel Bryan career mode

And his entire WWE career, really.

It’s not a Happy Lana Day thanks to WWE 2K19

The Ravishing Russian was happy she was playable for the first time in this year’s game. Then she saw her character...

Cruiserweights & current NJPW champion revealed for WWE 2K19 roster

Rusev, Lana and The Club return to announce the second part of the WWE 2K19 roster.

Rusev, Lana & The B-Team reveal first part of WWE 2K19 roster

2K Sports and the WWE just revealed part one of the massive roster they have planned for WWE 2K19.

WWE 2K19’s Showcase mode a sign Daniel Bryan plans to re-sign?

Right? Wonder along with us, and get all the details on the return of a gameplay mode 2K hasn’t given us in a few years, here.

All new gameplay mode announced for WWE 2K19

Towers mode will also give you a whole nother way to challenge AJ Styles

WWE 2K19 Collector’s Edition is styling & profiling toward your console

You get a lot of cool swag with this special version of the next WWE game, and it all centers around The Nature Boy (WOOOO).

WWE 2K19 releases first trailer for Ronda Rousey & it’s perfect

The WWE 2K19 Ronda Rousey pre-order trailer may give you chills.

This week’s sign a Rey Mysterio WWE return is imminent

Pre-ordering 2K19 will let you 6-1-9 your friends. Does it confirm it’s only a matter of time before the lucha legend is back in a WWE ring?

AJ Styles is officially the WWE 2K19 cover boy

And it’s not only cool for the gaming obsessed WWE Champ. There are a million reasons why it’s going to be cool for one fan.


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