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WrestleMania Backlash 2021

Every WWE pay-per-view of 2021, graded

Let’s look back at the best and worst WWE PPV events of the year.

Strowman’s WWE release sent him ‘into a pretty bad place’

Free agent Braun Strowman explains how WWE’s decision to fire him took its toll on him.

Khan says WWE is competing against sleep after McMahon dismisses AEW

Vince McMahon and Nick Khan explain how they view AEW’s position in the never-ending quest for eyeballs.

Roman’s streak is suddenly in jeopardy

Roman Reigns is no longer a lock to defend the Universal championship at Hell in a Cell 2021.

This is as predictable as it gets

How many more mid-card babyfaces can WWE find to feed to Roman Reigns?

Miz: Zombie match criticism was because ‘nobody wants to let things develop’

The A-Lister is the second high profile WWE person in as many days to blame the audience for not liking something about the company’s shows.

Lashley could really use a couple of friends right now

Bobby Lashley and MVP might have to add some new members to the Hurt Business in order to get through Hell in a Cell without losing the WWE championship.

Seth Rollins is no longer an afterthought

Fortunes can change in a hurry in sports entertainment. Here are three acts who are rising, and three who are falling, after a busy week in WWE.

We didn’t hate the zombies enough

At least according to certain wrestling observers. Check out our Community Star Ratings for all of WrestleMania Backlash’s matches, and how they compared to a couple other place’s scores.

Rumor Roundup: John Cena return, WWE making bank on zombies, more!

The latest rumors, including when John Cena could be returning to WWE television, how much the company was paid to have zombies at Backlash, and more!

Rumor Roundup: WWE releases, SummerSlam, PPV schedule, zombies, more!

The latest rumors, including the locations for SummerSlam and Money in the Bank 2021, why Hell in a Cell is scheduled so early, WWE releases, zombie identity, and more!

MVP calls fans hypocrites after negative reaction to zombies in WWE

MVP criticizes fans who love the Undertaker but also say that zombie lumberjacks are stupid.

Cageside Community Star Ratings: Sheamus vs. Ricochet

What star rating does this match deserve?

Backlash was more like TakeOver, less like WrestleMania

Let’s check out how much total match time was included on the latest WWE pay-per-view.

Cageside Community Star Ratings: Roode & Ziggler vs. The Mysterios

What star rating does this match deserve?

Rumor Roundup: SummerSlam plans, who WWE wants cheered, live fans, more!

The latest rumors, including what’s going on with SummerSlam, WWE directives at the ThunderDome, live fans returning to shows, and more!

Cageside Community Star Ratings: Belair vs. Bayley

What star rating does this match deserve?

Cageside Community Star Ratings: Reigns vs. Cesaro

What star rating does this match deserve?

Report: The Miz suffered a torn ACL in zombie lumberjack match

Injury to insult for the A-Lister.

Rumor Roundup: Raw chaos, WWE changes, Miz injury, more!

The latest rumors, including the return of last minute rewrites, possible new sets for Raw & SmackDown, what else happened to Miz while he was being eaten by zombies at WrestleMania Backlash, and more!

Cageside Community Star Ratings: Priest vs. Miz

What star rating does this match deserve?

A very good moment between WWE’s first father/son Tag champs

There’s nothing more heartwarming that talking trash to your dad.

Cageside Community Star Ratings: Ripley vs. Asuka vs. Flair

What star rating does this match deserve?

Roman sends a chilling message to the hater in his bloodline

Jimmy, it’s not paranoia you’re feeling this week. It’s that your Tribal Chief is gonna have words with you on Friday’s SmackDown.

Zombies weren’t the problem with WrestleMania Backlash lumberjack match

The beef isn’t with the zombies, but with the presentation as a whole

Cageside Community Star Ratings: Lashley vs. McIntyre vs. Strowman

What star rating does this match deserve?

Of course Jericho has a joke about WrestleMania Backlash’s zombie attack

Which unsurprisingly ties in to a rumor about WWE’s reaction to AEW’s Blood & Guts match.

The women’s title story can finally focus on Flair

WrestleMania Backlash made it clear that Asuka isn’t ready for any more Raw women’s championship matches, which means a bigger focus can be put on Charlotte Flair.

Rumor Roundup: Money in the Bank with fans, Keith Lee update, zombies, more!

The latest rumors, including big news about what comes after Hell in a Cell on WWE’s PPV schedule, new talk about a missing Raw star, who played some of WrestleMania Backlash’s controversial guest stars, and more!

WrestleMania Backlash recap & reactions: All on his own

WWE’s May 16 PPV mostly delivered a really good show, even looking past the rise of the undead. Yes. Really.

WrestleMania Backlash highlights & fallout: Mysterios celebrate, Army of the Dead, more!

Check out clips from the action on WWE’s May 16 PPV, along with reaction and interviews from Paul Heyman, Charlotte Flair, Bianca Belair, and more!

Hell in a Cell comes early this year

For the first time in its history, the event will take place in a month other than September or October.


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