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WrestleMania 36

Rumor Roundup: Saudi Arabia notes, NXT TakeOver, Riddle name change, more!

The latest rumors, including WWE’s internal reaction to Crown Jewel, when they will return to Saudi Arabia, NXT TakeOver schedule, why Matt Riddle lost his first name, and more!

Goldberg’s WWE contract is up soon, and he has two final victims in mind

Goldberg has a couple more spears to deliver in WWE before his contract runs out next year.

Khan says Double or Nothing was once again better than WrestleMania

Tony Khan loves talking about how much better Double or Nothing is than WrestleMania.

Cena wants his return to WWE to be about ‘correctly continuing a narrative’

In a new interview, he talks WrestleMania 36’s Firefly Fun House match, and how it could inform what he does next in the world of sports entertainment.

McIntyre was so fired up at WrestleMania 36 he thought he could take Lesnar for real

Love ya, Drew, but be careful not to to turn a work into a shoot.

This was impossible to see coming

Bobby Lashley was in a very different place on the card one year ago, which makes his current run as WWE champion seem extraordinary.

WWE actually ranks Gronk among the greatest title changes in WrestleMania history

Here is WWE’s list ranking the top 20 title changes in WrestleMania history.

Baszler was very confused by Vince McMahon

Shayna Baszler had a hard time figuring out what Vince McMahon wanted to see from her in a WWE ring.

Foley: WWE ‘dropped the ball’ with Flair and Ripley

WWE blew it when they had a chance to crown a new queen at WrestleMania 36, according to Mick Foley.

McIntyre can’t wait to have his true WrestleMania moment in front of live fans

Live fans are returning to WrestleMania this year, and WWE champion Drew McIntyre can’t hold back his excitement.

Goldberg is going to win the Royal Rumble, isn’t he?

The 2021 Royal Rumble field is wide open, and that means a part-timer like Goldberg is a decent bet to go all the way and main event WrestleMania.

Triple H reaches a new career milestone, sort of

Triple H’s wrestling career took an unthinkable turn this year, most likely because of a global pandemic.

Rollins dropped out of WWE’s main event scene this year

Seth Rollins is only a minor footnote on the list of WWE’s pay-per-view main events in 2020.

There’s been an awful lot of attempted murder in WWE this year

Bray Wyatt joins a long list of WWE wrestlers who were murdered this year, and most of them have returned with no explanation.

Rumor Roundup: Charlotte Flair booking, AEW injury, NXT reveal, more!

The latest rumors, including a backstage report on frustration surrounding The Queen’s WrestleMania 36 program, why one Dynamite match included a spot it did, where a mysterious NXT angle is headed, and more!

Triple H was completely wrong about Ripley’s loss to Flair

Rhea Ripley lost her confidence after losing the NXT women’s championship to Charlotte Flair at WrestleMania 36.

WWE’s Best Cinematic Matches list throws shade with a few omissions

You’d think they’d just include all of them. But they’ve made some debatable choices. And what is the internet but to argue about lists?

The Undertaker didn’t go out on his back

The Undertaker is always said to have done business the right way, but he didn’t go out on his back. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

Undertaker shoots down the idea of a match against Sting

The Undertaker closes the door on a match with Sting while revealing which gimmick he’ll use when he returns to WWE television.

Tony Khan: ‘I thought Double or Nothing kicked the crap out of WrestleMania’

AEW’s head honcho is really proud of what his wrestling promotion accomplished with their first pay-per-view of the pandemic.

Rumor Roundup: RETRIBUTION members, WWE Hall of Fame, Uso return, more!

The latest rumors, including which NXT stars were RETRIBUTION members on Raw, when WWE will induct the Hall of Fame Class of 2020, a return date for Jimmy Uso, and more!

McIntyre still has not headlined a pay-per-view as WWE champion

McIntyre’s match against Randy Orton at SummerSlam 2020 continued a pattern of no pay-per-view main events for the defending WWE champion.

Here’s 74 year old Vince McMahon jumping off a balcony

We’d heard about the Chairman demonstrating this WrestleMania 36 spot for Gronk. Now they’ve released video so we can all see it.

Ripley admits that her star has diminished since losing to Flair

Ripley acknowledges that it isn’t her time to be the top star right now, and she’s okay with that.

Rumor Roundup: WWE releases & Saudi issues, Anderson & Gallows, Purrazzo’s Impact deal, more!

The latest rumors, including how cuts were decided upon, what Doc & Machine Gun would have done in AEW & almost did in their Impact debut, the new Knockouts champ’s contract status, and more!

Montez Ford: ‘I owe Paul Heyman my freakin’ life’

Tez is a Heyman Guy.

Rumor Roundup: Eye for an Eye match, Mysterio situation, WWE tapings, more!

The latest rumors, including CGI at The Horror Show, Rey’s contract status, heat on a former 24/7 champ, and more!

Vote in the Bumpies, WWE’s latest awards!

They’re at least partially decided by you! Find out right here which ones you can vote on, and how.

Becky pitched losing the title even before she knew she was pregnant

The Man’s idea was to drop the Raw Women’s championship at WrestleMania 36. She doesn’t know why she didn’t, but it’s hard to see it as a vote of confidence in Shayna Baszler.

SmackDown will feature a tribute to the Undertaker

The Last Ride just ended on WWE Network, so it’s time to honor the Deadman by replaying one of his past matches.

Triple H doesn’t think the Boneyard match was Undertaker’s last ride

He acknowledges it’s at least possible it might be, but it’s clear he doesn’t believe it will be.

Rumor Roundup: Taping chaos, WWE releases, roster move, Asuka, more!

The latest rumors, including a messy scene at the Performance Center after this week’s COVID testing, when Vince McMahon decided to cut staff, who’s been brought back, good news for the Raw Women’s champ, a move for Mustafa, and more!


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