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WrestleMania 35

Mick Foley defends Ronda Rousey’s WWE career

The Hall of Famer weighed in with a realistic appraisal of the MMA trailblazers two runs in WWE, an overall ‘what if’ about ‘a great worker with a love and respect for WWE that benefited everyone around her.’

Rumor Roundup: WWE name change, Roxanne Perez health, Batista HOF issue, more!

The latest rumors, including Triple H planning to undo another Vince name change, Roxanne Perez health update, why Batista might not be in the WWE HOF, McMahon laughing at fans, and more!

Former WWE writer reveals list of Vince McMahon’s banned words

Here are 25 words and phrases that Vince McMahon apparently didn’t want to see on his WWE product.

WWE actually remembered Alexa Bliss this time

And it’s shocking, to say the least.

Report: Lynch vs. Rousey is no longer planned for WrestleMania

Plans have changed.

Becky Lynch explains why WWE ended her heel run

Lynch might still be a heel if Vince McMahon was in charge of WWE.

Becky Lynch reacts to Ronda Rousey return rumor

And here... we... go!

Angle knew WWE was ‘gonna stick it to me’ during retirement run

Kurt Angle talks about why his retirement run in WWE was mired in questionable and bad booking decisions.

Becky Lynch’s latest milestone even puts Roman Reigns to shame

Becky Lynch is very proud to celebrate her Becky500 milestone.

Nobody talks trash like The Man

Here’s a reminder of what makes Becky Lynch so great.

WWE’s ‘Treatment’ Of Maria Kanellis’ Family Killed Her Spark

Maria Kanellis-Bennett, who now works for Ring of Honor (ROH), credits WWE’s treatment of her family for leading to her in-ring retirement.

Wolfe explains how Triple H feels when NXT talent is wasted on the main roster

Alexander Wolfe talks about his time spent in catering on the WWE main roster, and how Triple H felt about Sanity being wasted.

Bayley’s great take on being only NXT Horsewomen to not main event ‘Mania

She’s keeping it in perspective, but she’s also motivated to join the club with Becky, Sasha & Charlotte.

Rousey responds to rumors about her WWE return

Ronda Rousey wants to try something new in the ring when she eventually returns to WWE.

Batista wants nothing to do with AEW’s ‘biggest scoop ever’

Paul Wight slipped up and said the word "Evolution" on Dynamite, leading many fans to speculate that Batista will be the mystery person signing long-term with AEW at Revolution.

Flair knows why Ronda Rousey doesn’t want to wrestle anymore

Ronda Rousey hasn’t wrestled for WWE in a long time, and Charlotte Flair has a theory to explain Rousey’s absence.

Kurt Angle knows that Corbin was the wrong guy to retire him

Angle says that Baron Corbin wasn’t at the right level for his retirement match.

Angle knows how much money it would take for AEW to sign Lesnar

Your Olympic hero offers his thoughts on Brock Lesnar’s free agency.

It sounds like WWE always planned to have Brock squash Kofi

WWE never believed in Kofi Kingston as a top star, according to one former writer.

McMahon says women deserve the main event spot in WWE

Women have earned the main event spot in WWE, and it’s long overdue.

Bliss discusses the scary details of her concussion symptoms

Alexa Bliss wasn’t sure if she would ever wrestle again to due the uncertain nature of concussion recovery.

WrestleMania 35 on ESPN open thread

Get ready for Night Two of WrestleMania 36 by watching the cable network’s rebroadcast of Kofi & Becky’s big night from last April with your fellow Cagesiders!

Lesnar will be a full-time star on ESPN this Sunday

Eat. Sleep. Lesnar. Repeat.

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A Decade of Mania: A Ranking of WrestleManias from the 2010s

With a new decade of WrestleManias about to start with two shows unlike any before, this Cagesider looked back at the last ten years. See where they 26 - 35 fell, and vote for your favorite!

With no sports, ESPN to begin airing old WrestleManias

The Disney-owned network gets three Sundays of content while sports are shut down due to the pandemic. WWE gets big promotion heading into this year’s WrestleMania.

Becky would change the same thing about WrestleMania 35 that you would

A new clip from The Man’s exemplary appearance on WWE Backstage also features a challenge to Stephanie McMahon, and a good answer about joining fiance Seth Rollins’ new faction.

The WWE storyline of the year was #KofiMania

There’s no debate about Kofi Kingston’s impact in 2019.

WWE Backstage’s Year-End Awards: No surprises, but solid choices

A great night for The New Day, and pretty much who you’d expect in the four categories they didn’t win, too.

WWE’s bragging about how much money ‘Mania made for its host region again

New York/New Jersey gets a turn. The number is down from last year, but up since the last time The Grandaddy Of Them All was in East Rutherford.

Brock & Seth are now the answer to a trivia question

Nobody had ever cashed in on someone who once cashed in on them. Until Extreme Rules 2019.

Batista’s final run didn’t change his opinion of WWE’s creative process

‘It wasn’t a nightmare like the last time, but it was difficult.’

IIconics on reports Sasha & Bayley were upset after ‘Mania Tag match

Peyton Royce & Billie Kay don’t outright say the ‘laying on the floor complaining’ reports are false, but the champs didn’t see anything of the sort.

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