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WrestleMania 29 results and live match coverage TONIGHT (April 7) from New Jersey

Complete results and live match coverage of the entire WrestleMania 29 pay-per-view (PPV) event from East Rutherford, New Jersey, tonight (April 7, 2013) featuring The Rock vs. John Cena, Undertaker vs. CM Punk, Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar, and more!

It's finally here. WWE WrestleMania 29 is all set to pop off TONIGHT (Sun., April 7, 2013) from MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey, at 7 p.m. ET, live on pay-per-view. will provide LIVE blow-by-blow, match-by-match coverage of WrestleMania 29 below, beginning with the first match of the evening and right on through to the main event.

NOTE: This is the live blog for the show and comments are closed. The live discussion thread for the show can be found by clicking HERE.

Full results and match coverage below.



John Cena def. The Rock
Undertaker def. CM Punk
HHH def. Brock Lesnar
Alberto Del Rio def. Jack Swagger
Team Hell No def. Dolph Ziggler & Big E. Langston

The Shield def. Big Show & Randy Orton & Sheamus
Mark Henry def. Ryback
Fandango def. Chris Jericho
Miz def. Wade Barrett



Rex here, ready to mark out with my snark out.


Intercontinental Championship Match: Wade Barret (c) vs the Miz

Miz opens up with a headlock and a whip but Barrett counters with a clothesline.

Roll up by Miz gets a two count.

Miz taking it to Barrett in the corner but Barrett hits a drop.

Barrett with punches in the middle and the sets up Miz on the turnbuckle for some forearms and a huge knee.

Two count for Barrett.

Barrett delivers some knees to Miz tied up in the ropes.

A counter kick from knee allows him to take control.

Back breaker and neck breaker combo from Miz for a two count.

Both go for their finishers but counter each other.

Winds of Change from Barrett for a nearfall.

Miz locks in the Figure Four but Barrett is able to get to the ropes.

Barrett hits Wasteland for a nearfall.

Miz takes down Barrett and locks in the Figure Four.

Barrett taps!

Miz wins by submission to become the new Intercontinental Champion.


Shield vs Sheamus/Orton/Big Show

Chekhov's Spanish Announce Table gets an appearance.

Reigns and Sheamus start things off and they are brawling with some stiff shots.

They keep whipping each other back and forth with so punches and forearms.

Sheamus tags in Orton and they both toss Reigns to the mat.

Knees from Orton to a downed Reigns.

Reigns tags in Rollings but he eats a dropkick from Orton.

Orton with punches in the corner and a rope assisted suplex before tagging in Sheamus.

Rollins ducks a Sheamus clothesline and he tags in Ambrose

Sheamus fights out of the corner and hits a power slam.

Show tags himself in and gives some head butts to Ambrose.

Show with a big chop and Ambrose counters with his own.

Show delivers some more chops in retalitation and runs the ropes but Ambrose takes out his knees.

Ambrose with the tag to Rollins who hits a splash off the top rope.

Some strikes from Rollins who tags in Reigns.

Reigns does the same and tags in Ambrose who is now without his vest.

The ref has to pull Ambrose off of Show due to his assault.

Ambrose tags in Rollins who continues to work a downed Show with strikes and a big drop kick.

Rollins tags in Reigns who works in a chin lock on Show.

Show tries to fight out but Reigns gets a tag to Rollins.

Show hits a big drop on Rollins and then he gets the hot tag to Sheamus.

Sheamus gets Rollins tied up in the ropes and pulls up his vest for the forearm spot.

Ambrose with the blind tag but gets tied up in the forearm spot as well.

Sheamus with the rolling senton.

Rollins tries to get involved but Sheamus hits the rolling senton on him ontop of Ambrose.

Sheamus goes up to but gets knocked off by Reigns.

Ambrose and Reigns beating on Sheamus on the outside.

Orton gets involved but Rollins takes him out with a dive from the apron.

Shield tries for the triple powerbomb on Sheamus in the ring but Show hits a spear and takes them all out.

Sheamus tries to tag in Show but Orton steals the tag.

Orton with the scoop slam on Ambrose and then hits the draping DDT.

Show does not look pleased.

Orton is getting ready for the RKO but Rollins springs boards at him and eats it himself!

Reigns hits the spear on Orton and Ambrose gets the pin!

Shield wins by pinfall.

After the match Show and Orton have words in the middle of the ring.

Show hits the WMD on a recovering Sheamus and then on Orton!


HOSS FIGHT: Mark Henry vs Ryback

Ryback and Henry with a big stare down after the bell rings.

They run into each other and pund their chests.

They start trading punches in the middle of the ring.

Ryback trying to clothesline Ryback but fails.

Ryback goes for it again but Henry counters with a huge clothesline of his own.

Henry with a running power slam.

Ryback with some kicks and an attempt at a suplex but Henry counters.

Henry runs Ryback into the ring post.

Henry knocks Ryback off the apron.

Ryback back in the ring and Henry with some blows to the ribs and then locks in a bear hug.

Henry drives Ryback into the corner and starts waving his finger alla Dikembe Mutombo.

Henry clothesline Ryback out of the ring.


Ryback gets back into the ring just before the count.

He tries to get some offense in but Henry locks in another bear hug.

Henry with a powerslam and then another bear hug.

Ryback breaks free and starts to get some offense in the corner.

Ryback hits a big clothesline on Henry.

Ryback gets Henry up for the Shell Shock but Henry grabs the rope to counter and comes down on Ryback.

It knocks Ryback out and Henry covers him for the pin. Weird finish.

Mark Henry wins by pinfall.

After the match Henry comes back to do some more damage but Ryback hits a spinebuster.

Ryback gets the Shell Shock! That was impressive.

Why not just have finish the match that way? Dumb booking.


WWE Tag Team Championship: Hell No (c) vs Dolph Ziggler and Big E Langston

Ziggler and Bryan starting things off.

Ziggler has AJ kiss him and he turns into a Bryan kick for the two count.

Ziggler scrambles out and Bryan hits a dive to the outside.

He tosses Ziggler back in and peppers him with more kicks.

Ziggler gets the tag into Big E. Bryan tags in Kane.

Kane with some punches and goes for a splash but Big E catches him.

Big E keeps Kane up and keeps dropping him onto his knee. Impressive.

Big E then slams Kane but Kane recovers and they start trading strikes.

Big E runs over Kane.

Tag in to Ziggler who hits a dropkick and then tags back in Langston.

Langston working some strikes and then whips Kane.

Kane hits a leg lariot.

Langston tags into Ziggler who runs and knocks Bryan off the apron.

Ziggler misses a splash in the corner and Kane hits him with a sidewalk slam for a two count.

Kane going up top but Ziggler dodges and hits the leg lariot.

Bryan breaks the covers and eats a dropkick for his trouble.

Ziggler up top but gets nailed with a Kane right hand.

Langston with a splash to break the cover.

Langston goes for his finisher but Kane pushes him out of the ring.

Bryan hits langston with a running knee.

Ziggler hits the zig zag but only gets a two count.

AJ distracts the ref so that Ziggler can use the briefcase but he misses.

Kane with a chokeslam and tags in Bryan who hits the flying headbutt for the win.

Hell No wins by pinfall to retain as WWE Tag Team Champions.

Huge YES chants from the crowd.


Fandango vs Chris Jericho

Fandango's entrance has involves many back up female dancers.

Fandango looking extra tan tonight.

Fandango with with dance moves to start things off but Jericho tackles him.

Jericho with some chops and Fandango rolls out for a moment.

Jericho with some strikes.

Jericho with a toss onto the ropes.

Jericho with a code breaker that causes Fandango to fall out of the ring.

As Fandango tries to get back in, Jericho with a baseball slide.

Jericho then goes up top and hits a splash to the outside.

Jericho drags Fandango back into the ring and continues his assault.

He sends Fandango out and when Fandango gets back on the apron he goes for a springboard dropkick but Fandango counters with a huge kick.

He goes for the cover and gets a two count before delivering punches to a down Jericho.

Fandango with some kicks to the head of Jericho and then works in a chin lock.

Jericho fights out and hits some shoulder blocks.

Jericho up top and hits a double axe handle.

He misses the running bulldog but follows up with a thesz press.

Chop and enziguiri from Jericho.

Fandango recovers and sends Jericho into the post and follows up with a splash.

Leg sweep from Jericho and Fandango goes up top for the leg drop. Only gets a two count.

Jericho tries for the walls but Fandango escapes and hits a big clothesline.

Fandango goes up top again but gets his leg taken out by Jericho.

Jericho sets him up for a super plex but Fandango counters out with some headbutts.

Top rope leg drop from Fandango but Jericho dodges and hits the lionsault.

Fandango counters with a small package for the win!

Fandango wins by pinfall.


Diddy performance.


Video promo for ADR-Swagger while they clear the musical performance.

Colter and Swagger now in the ring and Colter is on the mic.

He is attacking New York and rocking a tie under the vest.

He is just going after every ethnicity that has ever existed in New York.

Colter finishes up and Ricardo does the intro.


Cool fireworks display for Del Rio's entrance.

World Heavyweight Championship: Alberto Del Rio (c) vs Jack Swagger

Swagger comes out like a bull and gets some early offense but Del Rio counters with some kicks.

Swagger rolls out and Del Rio hits a drop kick through the ropes.

He follows him out for some more beating and throws him back in.

Del Rio goes up top and Colter gets a distraction which allows Swagger to knock Del Rio off the turnbuckle and throws him into the ring post.

Swagger with a huge clothesline and a two count.

Del Rio with a roll up but he ends up eating a big boot.

Swagger Bomb for a nearfall.

Swagger tries to slam Del Rio's leg into the post but gets kicked for his trouble.

Tosses Del Rio into the corner but eats a big boot, clotheslines, and a tilt a whirl back breaker.


Swagger recovers and starts to work Del Rio's leg.

He goes for the Patriot Lock but Del Rio counters out.

Slam from Swagger but misses with the Swagger Bomb follow up.

Del Rio with a backstabber.

Del Rio with a German suplex.

Gut wrench powerbomb from Swagger gets a two count.

Swagger locks in the Patriot Lock but Del Rio is able to counter out after a minute into an arm bar.

We Want Ziggler chants from the crowd.

Swagger counters it himself and locks in the Patriot Lock. Del Rio gets to the ropes though.

Swagger with a gut wrench power bomb but it gets countered and Del Rio hits an enzigiuri.

Del Rio with a superkick and goes for the pin but Colter puts Swaggers foot on the rope.

Ricardo comes over and Colter kicks out his crutch.

Del Rio and Colter each have a crutch and are postering up.

Swagger recovers and hits Del Rio from behind into the barricade.

He throws Del Rio back into the ring but gets caught in the armbar and taps outs.

Del Rio wins by submission and reatins as World Heavyweight Championship.

Crowd with boos when it is apparent that Ziggler isn't coming out to cash in.


Living Colour playing out CM Punk with a live redention of Cult of Personality.

They still sound good after 25 years.


Taker's entrance has some nice pyro and a good little fireworks display at the end.

Punk and taker play around with the urn a bit before the bell sounds.

CM Punk vs the Undertaker

Punk with a slap to the Undertaker.

Punk with some punches in the corner and another slap.

Taker goes for the chokeslam but eats some kick.

Punk tries for a clothesline but eats a big boot.

Taker tosses him out of the ring and follows him out.

Taker unloading with strikes at the barrier and tosses Punk into the time keeper's area.

Taker slams Punk into the Spanish announcer's table and starts to dissemble it.

Taker rolls Punk back into the ring and works him over in the corner.

Dueling chants from the crowd.

Taker tries his Old School spot but Punk pulls him and sends him careening across the ring.

Punk with some stomps to the head of Taker.

Punk hits the Old School spot!

Side Russian leg sweep from Punk and then a shoulder lock.

Taker works his way out and start landing strikes in the corner.

He sends Punk into the other corner but misses with a follow up boot.

Punk with a baseball slide and heads up top and hits a double axe handle to the outside.

Back in the ring and Punk is working over Taker's shoulder.

Taker responds with a series out punches.

Punk with a swinging neck breaker for a two count.

Chin lock from Punk.

Taker fights out and hits a suplex.

Punk goes for another Old School but gets crotched by Taker who then sends him to the outside.

Taker goes for a suicide dive but Heyman blocks him and almost gets chokeslammed for his troubles.

Punk capitalizes off the distraction and hits a double axe handle off the top rope.

Running knee from Punk and an elbow drop from the top rope for a two count.

Punk goes for the GTS but gets countered into a chokeslam for a nearfall.

Punk and Taker trading punches which leads to Taker taking control and whipping Punk between the corners.

Punk counters the big boot follow up to snake eyes with a huge kick.

Punk with a clothesline that sends Taker to the outside.

Punk finishes cleaning off the Spanish Announcer's Table but eats a punch from Taker.

Taker tries for a powerslam onto the table but Punk escapes and hits him with a head kick.

Taker laid out on the table as Punk recovers.

Punk goes up top and hits the elbow drop on to Taker who is still on the table! Table didn't break. Wow.

Punk gets back into the ring to start the count after some recovery.

Taker makes its back in before the count gets to ten.

Punk crawls over to cover Taker up but gets caught in Hell's Gate.

Punk counters into a pin attempt for a two count.

Punk has the Anaconda Vice in.

Taker sits up through the submission!

Goes for a chokeslam but Punk escapes.

Punk hits the GTS! Taker bounced off the ropes and is still on his feet and hits the Tombstone! Only gets the Two Count!

Punk and Taker trading haymakers.

The reg gets knocked down in the scramble.

Punk goes for the high knee but Taker catches him for a powerbomb. Heyman hands off the urn to Punk who hits Taker with it.

Punk goes for the cover as the ref recovers and only gets a two count.

Punk does the throat slash with toung sticking out!

They keep countering each other's finishers.

Taker finally is able to hit the Tombstone! Three Count!

Undertaker wins by pinfall.

21-0. Great Match.

After the match, Take recovers the earn to an explosion of pyro.


No Holds Barred: HHH vs Brock Lesnar

HBK out to the ring first.

Lesnar makes his way out with Heyman.

HHH than makes his way to the ring.

Both of them look pretty good.

Bell rings and HHH opens up with a flurry of punches.

Lesnar with some knees and then they both go tumbling to the outside.

HHH sends Lesnar into the barrier and then the announce table.

Lesnar takes control and sends HHH over the barrier and grabs a chair.

Lesnar tries to follow out but eats a big clothesline from HHH.

Lesnar recovers and tosses HHH back into the ring.

HHH counters a Lesnar attempt to hit him with the chair with a high knee.

Heyman pulls away the chair so HHH can't use it.

Lesnar sent to the outside.

Lesnar hits the belly to belly suplex on the outside!

Lesnar drops HHH onto the announcer table.

Lesnar with a suplex onto the Spanish Announcer Table that smashes the table!

Lesnar follows up with a belly to belly onto the remains of the table!

Back in the ring and Lesnar continues his assault on HHH.

HHH tries to fight out of the corner but Lesnar hits another belly to belly.

Lesnar with a German suplex for a nearfall.

HHH getting some offense in with punches in the corner.

He tries to whip Lesnar out of the corner but Lesnar counters and sends him out.

Lesnar follows him out but HHH recovers and takes control.

HHH sends Lesnar into the timekeepers area and nails Lesnar with a chair.

HHH tosses Lesnar back in but as he gets back into the ring he eats a German suplex into a pin for the two count.

HBK and Heyman on the apron but Lesnar knocks off HBK.

Gives time to HHH to recover and hit a spinebuster.

He goes for Pedigree but Lesnar counters into an F5 attempt.

HBK tries to hit Sweet Chin Music but Lesnar F5's HBK!

HHH hits the Pedigree but only gets a two count.

HHH has retrieved the sledge hammer.

He goes to hit Lesnar with it but gets F5'd for a nearfall.

HHH rolls to the outside and Lesnar follows and hits him with a chair before tossing him into the steps.

Lesnar takes the top part of the steps and nails HHH with them as he recovers.

Lesnar tosses the bottom part of the steps and HHH into the ring.

Lesnar uses the steps to hit HHH and gets a nearfall.

Lesnar yells at HHH to retire but HHH slaps him.

HHH starts to throw some punches and go for the Pedigree but gets countered into the Kimura.

Lesnar sits on the turnbuckle for leverage but after a minute or so until HHH is able to hit a slam to beak the hold.

Lesnar misses a spear into the post and gets low blowed by HHH.

HHH smashes Lesnar's arm into the post and then hits it with a chair into the post.

He hits it again with the chair and then locks in the Kimura himself!

Heyman goes for a chair but eats Sweet Chin Music from HBK.

Lesnar struggling hard not to tap and eventually powers his way up and slams HHH onto the stairs to break the hold!

HHH locks it in again but eats another slam!

HHH locks it in for a third time! Lesnar powers out again and but HHH hit a DDT onto the steps!

HHH takes hold of the sledgehammer and and lays out Lesnar with it.

HHH hits the Pedigree onto the steel steps for the pinfall.

HHH wins by pinfall.


They bring out the Hall of Fame Class to get their adulation from the fans.

Trump got major boos.


WWE Championship Match: The Rock vs John Cena

Cena out to a chorus of boos.

Rock comes out and is surprisingly quick with his entrance.

Bell rings and the to begin to circle each other.

Cena opens up with a headlock and then with a shoulder tackle.

They both take a second to react to the heat Cena is getting.

Rock with a shoulder tackle and they begin to circle again.

Rock with a headlock and hits a hip toss.

Cena rolls out of the ring to collect himself before heading back in.

They both are standing there and taking in the heat again.

Rock with a clothesline and some punches in the corner.

Rock whips Cena into the other corner.

Cena takes control with a chin lock and then hits a hip toss and continues the head lock.

Rock eventually fights out but Cena hits him with a knee and then slam for the nearfall.

Cena locks back in the chinlock but Rock fights out and locks in a sleeper hold.

Cena fights out with a slam and goes for the cover but only gets a one count.

He starts to kick Rock repeatedly to keep him down.

Goes for the elbow drop but Rock rolls away and hits a Somoan drop.

Rock and Cena start trading punches but Cena hits a fisherman's suplex.

Cena with a flying shoulder and goes again but Rock dodges the second.

Rock fights out of a STF attempt.

Cena tries for a slam but gets counter into a Sharpshooter.

Cena is able to roll through and kick Rock off him.

Cena with a side slam.

Cena is taking in the boos as he gets ready for the five knuckle shuffle but Rock dodges and hits a DDT.

Rock tries to lock up but Cena counters into a crossface!

Rock gets to the rope to break the hold and then Cena springboards him into the corner.

Follows up with a five knuckle shuffle.

Goes for the AA but Rock counters into the Spinebuster.

Rock getting the People's Elbow ready but Cena counters into an STF.

Rock eventually powers out and hits the Rock Bottom for a two count.

Rock tries for a hold but Cena hits the AA for a nearfall.

Cena goes up top but misses with the knee drop.

Rock hits the Spinebuster and People's Elbow but only gets a two count.

Cena rolls out of the ring.

Cena and Rock start trading punches in the middle of the ring.

Rock goes for a splash but gets caught by Cena. He goes for the AA but Rock counters into a Rock Bottom for the two count.

Rock mocks Cena with a you can't see me and goes for the People's Elbow but gets countered into an AA for the two count.

Both men are down in the ring for a bit.

They recover and start trading haymakers in the ring.

Rock goes for the Rock Bottom but Cena counters into a Rock Bottom of his own! Only gets the two count.

Cena taunts with the People's Elbow again but it stops himself with the rope when Rock gets up and goes for the AA. Rock counters into a Rock Bottom for the two count.

Rock with a DDT.

Rock goes for the Rock Bottom and gets countered into the AA for the pinfall.

John Cena wins by pinfall and is the new WWE Champion.

After the match they have a quick chat, shake hands, and hug it out.

After leaving the ring for Rock to take in his cheers. Cena gives him a solute at the top of the ramp and Rock returns it as he gets to the top of the ramp.


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