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CM Punk to smart marks: F*ck you

CM Punk has a message for smart marks who are upset over the angle WWE has done with William Moody, better known as Paul Bearer, and his death: F*ck you.

The manner in which WWE has handled the death of William Moody, better known as Paul Bearer, the longtime manager and supernatural caretaker of future Hall of Famer Undertaker, has been a hot topic of conversation in recent weeks. That's because WWE has undoubtedly exploited his death for their own gain in the form of providing storyline fodder for the feud between CM Punk and Undertaker heading into their match at WrestleMania 29 this Sun., April 7, 2013, at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey.

In short, Punk has gone as far as possible to generate as much heat as he can as the heel in the story by disrespecting the kayfabe memory of the Bearer character. But because of the connection between the Bearer character and the actual man, William Moody, it's caused a great deal of discomfort among a certain segment of the fan base.

Many of those fans being so-called "smart marks."

Well, Punk has a message for all of you (via HOT97NY):

"Fuck you."

He actually had a little more to say on the subject when asked how he feels about it and how he would feel if someone did something similar to him:

"Well, first of all no, I don't think I'm capable of feeling guilt or any sort of remorse. I think I am a legitimate sociopath and I think that helps my job. I didn't kill the guy so I got nothing to feel bad about, you know what I mean? And he's not around to say anything about it anyway but for everybody who knew him very, very well they say that he would have loved it."

He follows that up by saying "good" when told smart marks are upset about the angle.

Does this change anyone's mind on the angle? Or Punk? Or are you just shaking your head at the entire thing at this point?

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