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Briscoes flashback to local commercials and weather reports will make you laugh

The internet is a magical place. You can be minding your own business, then, bam, classic commercials with the Briscoes pop up out of nowhere. These are too good not to share. Enjoy this three-pack of local advertising.

The Briscoe brothers acted as spokesmen for Pools & Spas Unlimited. Of course, their cheeky sense of humor was on full display. This one is my favorite of the three with Mark Briscoe’s silly facial expressions.

The second commercial took the action to the wrestling ring with Mark Henderson.

The Briscoes worked on their catchphrase delivery for the third advertisement.

Doing a little more digging on the YouTube machine uncovered Mark Briscoe delivering local weather reports. He provided a smart tip to be careful in frozen rain. Don’t slip and bust your heinie. Mark also shared a story about a cat blowing away in the wind.

Mark is full of wisdom. He advised to wear rubber boots in storms. He was struck by lightning twice, and it was the boots that saved him.

Hopefully that Briscoe gold brought a chuckle to your day. Reach for the sky!

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