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Batista walked alone onto Glass Onion set, gave Rian Johnson a Big Gold Belt

You can take the guy out of pro wrestling, but you can’t take the pro wrestling out of the guy.

Glass Onion, the Knives Out sequel starring (among many others) our guy Dave Bautista, premieres today (Dec. 23) on Netflix.

That’s why this clip is making the rounds. I spent some time trying to track down its origins — but not too much, because in addition to my love of Big Dave, I also really enjoyed the movie this one is a sequel to, am a big fan of writer/director Rian Johnson, lead actor Daniel Craig, and several others in the cast like Edward Norton and Kathryn Hahn... but I won’t have a chance to watch the flick until after SmackDown at the earliest and am trying to avoid major spoilers. Anyway... no luck so far, but please let us know if you’ve got an answer in the comments below.

Regardless of my lack of proper sourcing, the video is too good not to share. I don’t know that I agree with Jack/Captain Cup Kicks that its the best thing I’ve ever seen. But watching Batista entering what seems to be the final day of filming to the strains of his legendary WWE theme “I Walk Alone”, handing Johnson a replica World Heavyweight championship, coaching him on cutting a Hulk Hogan-esque promo, and delivering a few humble remarks?

Very, very good stuff.

Now if Netflix sprang for pyro and Dave did the machine guns gimmick? Then it would be have been the best thing I’ve ever seen.

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