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Eva Marie is snapping necks in the latest Bruce Willis movie

When I see a Bruce Willis movie trailer, I click the video. As I wondered how much of the movie budget was spent on his ability to sit and glare, a familiar face popped up.

Eva Marie!

Check out the trailer for Hard Kill. All you need to know is that Willis wears a giant scarf and Eva Marie is snapping necks. Oorah!

To be honest, I probably wouldn’t have put it together that she was WWE’s Eva Marie if not for bright purple hair. Gone are the days of all red everything.

Eva actually does a good job from what is shown in the trailer. It seems like a meaty enough role as second banana. Her action scenes look badass. The sound of crunching bones is music to my ears for an action flick.

Eva prepared hard for the role to honor those in uniform.

Hard Kill is scheduled for release August 28.

Who’s watching? Are you more excited for Eva’s purple hair or Willis’ large scarf?

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